Disability Access Feedback Form
The University of North Carolina strives to maintain an accessible and welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities. Your feedback is critical to helping the university achieve its goal of seamless access.

If you have comments, concerns, or complaints about your experience with any of the university's employees, services, programs, or facilities, please inform our Ticket Office by completing and submitting the form below.

You will receive an initial response within five business days. If your concern is time sensitive, you have difficulty with the form, or simply prefer to contact the Ticket Office directly, e-mail adatickets@unc.edu or call (919) 962-2296.

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Disability Access Feedback Form

Please describe any accommodations or solutions that you feel would ensure and improve access.
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What is your relationship to the university?
What does the issue involve? (Please provide a description of your experience, including facilitators to access, barriers to access or disability-related discrimination that you experienced or observed. If possible, include specific dates, locations, names and offices.)
Please describe any contacts made with University of North Carolina representatives regarding this issue.
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