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Syracuse vs North Carolina (Nov 16, 2012)

Syracuse vs North Carolina (Nov 16, 2012)


Field Hockey Box Score

Field Hockey Box Score (Final)
The Automated ScoreBook For Field Hockey
#5 Syracuse vs #1 North Carolina (Nov 16, 2012 at Norfolk, Va.)

Syracuse (19-3) vs.
North Carolina (23-1)
Date: Nov 16, 2012 Attendance:
Weather: Sunny, 60 deg

Goals by period   Total 
North Carolina 

Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A  DS 
GK   22  STIVER, Leann  
M   3   PAGE, Jordan  
F   6   MILLMAN, Kelsey  
B   8   HOLLOWAY, Iona  
B   9   HAHNEFELDT, Laura  
F   10  BROOKS, Lauren  
M   12  RUSSELL, Emma  
M   13  GEYER, Leonie  
B   14  CRUMB, Anna  
M   15  PINDER, Gillian  
M   24  McINERNEY, Liz  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  5   MANLEY, Alyssa  
  11  BOMBOY, Haley  
  17  HUSSEY, Stephanie  

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
22  STIVER, Leann   62:45 
TM  TEAM   7:15 

North Carolina
Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A  DS 
GK   00  Sassi Ammer  
F   2   Loren Shealy  
F   4   Samantha Travers  
F   5   Charlotte Craddock  
B   6   Meghan Drake  
M   9   Emily Wold  
M   11  Katie Ardrey  
M   14  Kelsey Kolojejchick  
B   20  Caitlin Van Sickle  
M   25  Abby Frey  
F   30  Sinead Loughran  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  1   Emma Bozek  
  8   Rachel Magerman  
  12  Katie Plyler  
  19  Emily Kole  
  21  Casey DiNardo  
  24  Marta Malmberg  
  28  Katie Price  
  31  J Gaudioso Radvany  
    Totals.........  18  10 

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
00  Sassi Ammer   70:00 

Shots by period   Total 
North Carolina  11  18 
Penalty corners   Total 
North Carolina 
Saves by period   Total 
North Carolina 

Goal  Time  Team  Goal Scorer  Assists  Description 
1.  7:40  SU   BROOKS, Lauren  (unassisted)  rebound off initial direct corner shot, Brooks on left post 
2.  8:43  NC   J Gaudioso Radvany  Charlotte Craddock  fast break off restart, aerial into circle led to goal 
3.  31:58  NC   Charlotte Craddock  Katie Ardrey  direct insert to striker on left side 
4.  32:22  NC   Sinead Loughran  (unassisted)  brought down left side, cross to center, picked up off goalie 
5.  33:00  NC   Charlotte Craddock  Emily Wold  circle possession, cross from left to right to CC alone on right elbow 
6.  43:57  NC   J Gaudioso Radvany  (unassisted)  cross by Craddock into center; JGR shoves loose ball in cage 
7.  55:34  NC   Charlotte Craddock  (unassisted)  loose ball off blocked shot goes to Craddock who buries it from left 


SU   #8  HOLLOWAY, Iona   Yellow card  6:40 
NC   #31  J Gaudioso Radvany   Green card  34:46 
NC   #20  Caitlin Van Sickle   Yellow card  47:17 

Officials: Amy Hassick; Jade Carvalho; Lynn Carrino; Timekeeper: Vanessa Scales; Scorer: Chip Rogers;

UNC advances to fourth consecutive NCAA Final Six goals ranks second all-time in goals scored in semifinal Craddock's three goals is third-most in SF/F (2 w/4) Craddock's seven points ranks fourth in SF/F history