Postgame Quotes
Release: 02/13/2014
Postgame Quotes • February 13, 2014
North Carolina 86, Pittsburgh 50

Associate Head Coach Andrew Calder

Opening Statement
"Again I want to thank Coach [Sylvia] Hatchell for continuing to help us. Pittsburgh will get it turned around. Coach [Suzie] McConnell is an excellent coach and we wish them the best of luck the rest of the year. As far as the Tar Heels, I thought defensively we could've done a couple things a little bit better but overall I thought I was impressed defensively and offensively I thought we continued to move the ball and continued to find open players. I think we had 23 assists but only 13 turnovers, which is really impressive. A lot of good ball movement and a lot of finding the open players. Could have done a little better job with our spacing, could have done a little better job with that. We're getting better and better and we're going to continue to improve."

On the mentality of the team
"I think we have a championship mentality. We have a championship mentality and we're trying to build off that Duke game [last Monday] to the next game and trying to build off this game to the next game."

On what area the team would like to improve in
"We're continuing to work on defense. We just want to continue to get better defensively and continue rebounding and then continue to have better spacing on offense. I think when we have good spacing on offence the ball movement is there and they're looking to find the open play and get open shots."

Diamond DeShields, Fr., G.

On the improving chemistry of the team
"We already had a chemistry but I feel like as we progress throughout the season and get a feel for college basketball as a whole and individually I know the game is slowing down for me and I'm pretty sure it's slowing down for Allisha [Gray] too. So it's helping us help each other. You know being able to see the floor and get a better feel for the game. I know today when I got trapped in the corner, I didn't see anybody but [Allisha Gray]. She was all the way on the other side of the court but I mean that's who I saw and I guess it's just growth and patience."

Allisha Gray, Fr., G.

On the consistency of her shots
"My shots are falling pretty well, I'm feeling it. I'm just in the right place at the right time. Well I've learned to stand to my shot too, because normally when I shoot I try to go ahead and run down the court but I try to watch the shot go in before I leave to get back on defense."

Pittsburgh Head Coach Suzie McConnell-Serio

On the why her game plan didn't work
"Well we didn't hit shots first of all. That's a big thing: being able to knock down shots. We knew coming in that they would be able to switch screens, so we were trying to execute some continuity where we could create mismatches, where a guard could have an opportunity to drive or a post player could have an opportunity to post up on the block. Though we don't have a great inside post presence, they played four guards with a face-up four. We're a team that needs movement and we became very stagnant. We've been working two days on trying to attack that defense and switching screens and getting ready for that, but we didn't knock down shots. We started the game 1-10 and it was a snowball effect where I felt we were as cold as the [winter] storm here in North Carolina. We wanted to slow them down defensively. We knew that they are a team that wanted to come out and run in transition and take quick shots, but we needed to make sure that we challenged shots. We have to stay in plays and not give up easy lay-ups. I thought North Carolina shot the ball extremely well. We tried to switch up our defense by playing zone and pressing a little bit. They just found ways to pick apart our defense."

On why Norte Dame, Duke, and North Carolina are really good right now
"I think it's just the level of talent. They are so deep and have multiple scorers. We're a team that our point guard is our leading scorer and we have two players averaging double figures. You look at North Carolina and you put their players on other teams, there's eight or nine players averaging double figures on another team. They are just so deep. You look at Duke with the talent level and size. We lost our 6'10" center. When she got hurt, we became very small right off the bat. It's the size, the strength, the speed, and the athleticism across the board. We're just not at that level right now. Right now we're just trying to compete with those teams; see what works, see how we play against them. Obviously we're playing for the future when we bring in our recruiting classes the next couple of years against these teams. We have closed the gap from where we started and where our team needs to be. We've already won two conference games - something this team hasn't done in the past two years. We look at that as an accomplishment, but not that we're settling for that. These players are tired of losing and they're hungry and they're motivated. We're just trying to take small steps from one year to the next and trying to close the gap between us and the top three teams in the conference."


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