Xylina McDaniel
Xylina McDaniel
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Postgame Quotes
Release: 02/02/2014

Postgame Quotes • February 2, 2014
Miami 83, North Carolina 80

UNC Head Coach Andrew Calder

Opening Statement
"First, I want to congratulate Miami. I think Coach [Katie] Meier has done a tremendous job with their basketball team. Again, putting players in a position on the floor where they can be successful. She's done a really good job, a really good job. As you saw the other night, they took Duke to the wire, so congratulations to them and best of luck to them the rest of the year. As far as the Tar Heels, we did cut our turnovers down, from last game to this game. We only had 10 this game. I'm proud of the players making a good effort to make sure we were making nice simple passes. Our defense was not good. Give some credit to Miami. They tried to get a sense of disadvantages and they did. They took advantage of it with some switching, and we've just got to do a better job defensively. And this all starts with defense. If we had made our foul shots, it would have been different, too. Nobody went up there and missed them on purpose. As a team, we'll work on them. We work on them all the time. Work on our form shooting, and we'll continue to work."

On the lack of communication
"Well, I think our communication was not good. We were down in the hole too deep on some switches, and we should have done better, and they beat us on the dribble. We had to be in our defensive stance the whole time, the whole time, and we just have to do a better job of that. Got to do a better job."

Xylina McDaniel, So., F

On her second half offensively
"I don't know; my teammates really got me pumped up the second half. I mean, the second half is our half. We wear teams down, and we just continue to run, so I mean the energy from my teammates and coaches just gave me life."

On the team's second half
"We started the second half a lot better than we have been doing, so I will say that. I mean, we didn't hit some of the shots that we usually would have hit, but I don't think it was that bad. Just the foul shots and the other shots that we usually make just would have made the difference in the game."

Danielle Butts, Jr., G

On the takeaways from the game
"We see the potential, we forced 21 turnovers. We see it's there. If we can capitalize on communication like the small things, and if we didn't do that and we forced 21 turnovers, just imagine if we can communicate and be on target, be in the right position, at the right time, weak side at the right time, hands up at the right time, then who knows how many turnovers they could have had if we had been on par on defense. It shows how good of a defensive team we can be, but it's just the little things we have to capitalize on to get back there."

Miami Head Coach Katie Meier

Opening Statement
"Well first of all I just want to say it was really nice to see Coach [Sylvia] Hatchell in the stands. She means to much to me, she means to much to the conference, she means so much to the game so that was worth the trip alone. That really was, just to see her. I didn't get to talk to her in person and wave at her a little bit, that's a really big deal for us. My kids wanted to do something for her, and so we got her some roses just because we think about her and we pray for her and we're wishing her the best so I wanted to say that first of all. Second of all, I just wanted to say I knew this would be an up and down athletic game. I thought we had to be a team that could handle runs and I really talked to my team about shot selection and answering. You know when I was doing it in the locker room I was really talking to my seniors, but [Adrienne Motley] is the one who answered I think. Just did a great job on answering like an 8-0 run and she'd step up and hit a shot, then a back and forth back and forth and for a while there we were just going back and forth and we had a four point lead to I just kept calling for her. I was like, ‘Keep the ball in her hands.' We didn't even want to pass anymore, they were stealing so many of our passes so she didn't even pass. She just dribbled out dribbled out, gave her a couple of ball screens, and I just told her to pull it. Coaching is an idea but executing comes down to the kid and I thought it was just a very composed wonderful performance by a very talented young lady who needs to be on the all-rookie team in this conference and all the great freshmen that are in the conference. I've got a great one who is so composed and so mature and I think she showed that tonight."

On how to defend Diamond DeShields
"I thought we gave her a lot of attention, that obviously meant [Xylina] McDaniel was just killing us but you've got to pick your poison with this extremely talented team. I'll tell you who was on my mind the most was Allisha Gray. I just thought she was killing us. She was getting to the free throw line, she was offensive rebounding, she was getting steals. Her perimeter defense is so intimidating because she's so strong. So she was on my mind a lot at half time. I said, ‘Jeez, she's just killing us with her strength and her athleticism.' But McDaniel had a heck of a game and we kind of had to pick our poison so I think our attention that we gave to Diamond [DeShields] let Xylina have a good game."

Adrienne Motley, Fr., G.

On finishing the game
"We just have to work on finishing and I think today we definitely worked on finishing. We had our mind set on we're going to come and we're going to win the game. So it was never in the back of our head that we were going to lose at all. We had planned on finishing the free throws, everything we just had to seal the deal."

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