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Allisha Gray
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Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/16/2014
Postgame Quotes • January 16, 2014
North Carolina 78, Clemson 55

UNC Associate Head Coach Andrew Calder

Opening Statement
"First I'd like to again thank Coach [Sylvia] Hatchell. She got back in the hospital today to get more treatment, and our prayers are continuing to be with her. And hopefully we can get her out here on the court as soon as possible. As far as the basketball game goes, we did a lot of very good things with the basketball. I think we shared the ball. I thought we had a couple unforced turnovers that we've got to improve on, but did have more assists than turnovers and that's our goal. We did shoot 55-percent from the floor and we out-rebound them 40-25. I thought Clemson competed and played very hard and Nikki Dixon is an All-ACC player and I wish them the best of luck the rest of the season unless we play them in the tournament."

On slow starts in ACC play
"We did talk about this. The three previous ACC games I did call the first TV time out, again tonight too, and the first one in the second half. We've got to get a little better starting, and I've got to get my speech a little better, my motivational speech to start the game or to start the second half to get them fired up and going. I guess of those eight chances to call the first time out, I called seven of those so I'll do a little better."

Diamond DeShields • G • Fr.
On how her hand injury has changed her game

"Well, it's actually helped me. I've been in a shooting slump, and when I broke my hand I started shooting better because this is my guiding hand. I guess before I broke it I was incorporating this hand into my shot, which was not allowing the ball to go in the right path. So now it's not even touching the ball barely and it's just pure right hand, pure shooting. So it was a blessing and a curse, I guess you can say. Nobody wants a broken hand, but it really helped me out. I'm glad it happened. "

Allisha Gray • G • Fr.
On what she has been working on with Coach Ivory Latta

"Quicker release because when I first got here I had a slower release shot. She was telling me Division I basketball is a lot faster and this is a much faster game. And also working on pull up because usually I run somebody over but now I have to pull up because I got away with that stuff in high school."

Clemson Head Coach Audra Smith

Opening Statement
"First, I'd like to definitely congratulate North Carolina. They played an exceptional game. They are a very talented, well-balanced team, from the inside out. Diamond DeShields is a special, special player, and I feel like [Stephanie] Mavunga is already a pro. I mean, she's just very, very hard to defend, big kid that can run the floor and very versatile. So they played a very, very good game tonight, and Coach [Andrew Calder] did a good job of preparing them. For us, I felt like we started off the game, you know, playing really well, playing solid, staying within the game plan, attacking the basket, making shots and we jumped out to an early lead. I felt like when North Carolina started to make that run and come back, we kind of folded a little bit, we kind of took a step back versus continuing to do the things that had gotten us the lead. And still being down 12 at half, we still had a lot of life and opportunities. But it got away from us in the second half. You know, we took some ill-advised shots, we turned the ball over, and they turned those missed shots into layups on the opposite end. They got the transition going and started knocking down threes, and therein lies the game."

On Nikki Dixon getting into foul trouble
"You know, I tell Nikki-Nikki's like my son. My son is a 9th grader and plays varsity, and when he gets that first foul, within a minute and a half, he's going to get that second one. It's just almost like ‘Just keep your hands off of people.' So that was the thing I tell her all the time. But, you know, that hurts us. Because what it does is we have to take her out, then she kind of gets out of sync, we get out of sync as a team, that takes a lot away from us offensively because she's so good at attacking the basket. And then finishing and also opening things up for other people, so that definitely hurt us there in terms of our offensive execution."

On the difficulty re-syncing because of Dixon sitting
"It was, it was. And obviously, that's when Carolina kind of went on their run because we didn't have that go-to player that could get in there and get fouled and get to the free-throw line, or knock down a shot or knock down a mid-ranger and get to the basket and get a layup, so we struggled offensively when she went out."


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