Xylina McDaniel
Xylina McDaniel
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Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/09/2014
Postgame Quotes • January 9, 2014
North Carolina 79, NC State 70

North Carolina Head Coach Andrew Calder

Opening statement
"Again, I want to thank Coach [Sylvia] Hatchell for her help with the game plan and some motivation she gave me to pass along to the players. In the rivalry game of NC State, NC State played extremely hard, they are very talented, and super well-coached. They are going to have a big year, a big year. As far as the Tar Heels, I could see it in practice on Tuesday and in practice on Wednesday, we are starting to get back to where we were before we went home for break; we're still not there yet. I saw some mistakes at the end of the game that we have to do better with, and I have to be able to get the ball to [Stephanie] Mavunga, Xylina [McDaniel] a few more touches down inside, and be able to post up some of our bigger perimeter players down inside. I didn't do a good enough job with that part of it. We'll continue to work on that, and continue to get better. That's our goal, to get better every game."

Diamond DeShields, Fr., G
On the scoring run at the end of the first half

"I think it was just effort and our willingness to execute whatever coach told us to do. We just came off a loss to Maryland at home and it really hurt us. So this game we just really wanted to not allow those little things that hurt us in that game to hurt us again. And so we just let our defense create our offense. We had a ton of energy, we made a ton of great decisions and great passes and it showed."

On playing in a rivalry game
"I'm still growing into the rivalry, I think that's going to come with time, but for my teammates it was a big win for them so it was good to see them fill with a sign of relief on their face and coach too. Just to know that Coach Hatchell is at home watching and I know she wanted that win for us. So it was good and I think it's going to come as I continue to play in this conference and I continue to get big wins. "

Xylina McDaniel, So., F
On advice the upperclassmen gave the freshmen

"I just really tell them to keep their heads up because that comes with playing basketball. You may not start off strong but you just keep pushing through. That's what us upperclassmen are here for, to reassure them that it's okay. This happens to the best of us, so just to keep pushing through it."

NC State Head Coach Wes Moore

Opening Statement
"Well, we just dug too big a hole, when you're playing a talented team and you're on the road, you just can't afford to have a stretch like we had there in the first half. There's a lot of things, looking back, that I wish I had done differently. I called one timeout, I think, during the run, but I probably should have called another one. But I'm proud of the way they fought back. It would have been real easy just to say, ‘That's it. Let it go.' But instead, they really competed and cut it from, I think, 17 at one time to five, and we had some opportunities. So we've just got to learn from it. We obviously struggled at times in our transition defense, and some of that was caused by our turnovers. I think we had 14 turnovers in the first half, and that's what they feed off of like sharks in the water. We turned it over and let them get in a happy mood, get some transition, and we've got to cut those out."

On Diamond DeShields
"It's very difficult. She's long, she's athletic, and so she hits a three well enough to keep you honest some. We've got to do a better job as a team. We understand that there's some matchup problems there, some issues. And one-on-one, they're going to be hard to guard. But we've got to do a better job of getting some help on the weak side, rotating, somebody stopping the ball instead of giving up layups. We can't leave each other on an island because they're too athletic to do that. We've got to make them go against five instead of one-on-one. Hopefully we can be better at that."


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