Postgame Quotes
Release: 11/21/2013

North Carolina 106, Coastal Carolina 52

November 21, 2013

North Carolina Head Coach Andrew Calder


Opening Statement

“I want to wish Coastal Carolina the best of luck the rest of the year.  As far as North Carolina, I thought we did a lot of very good things out there.  I’m disappointed in our rebounding.  We have to continue to work on that.  To have 30 assists with just 14 turnovers; I thought [that] was very impressive.  Diamond [DeShields] had her best overall game where she played outside and inside.  [She] did a lot of great things defensively.  [She] made a lot of things happen.  [I liked] Stephanie Mavunga’s 13 rebounds, 10 for 10 from the floor, five blocks.  I liked Brittany [Rountree]’s eight assists and five steals.  I had a lot of individuals play well, but one of the best things that I really liked – I thought we got a lot of open looks that we didn’t make – is I thought we had very good ball movement.  Only but a couple times I thought we over dribbled the ball or didn’t make the quick pass.  We did a really good job in our spacing and overall we’re very happy.”


Stephanie Mavunga

On how comfortable she is with passing the ball around

“I like getting assists because in high school I was kind of like the black hole.  If you passed it in, it really wouldn’t come out.  So I started learning over the years that I have to incorporate my teammates into the game as well.  Diamond and I talked about this before: when you kick the ball out you have a better chance of getting it back in because your teammates will start shooting shots and you become a lot more open.  I have confidence in my teammates to shoot the ball so if they’re on fire, of course I’m going to want to kick it to them.  Coach Calder also told me that was one of the best passes he’s seen and that helped bring my confidence up.”


Diamond DeShields

On finding leadership on the team

“I wouldn’t say ‘the leaders of the team are.’  I wouldn’t make that concrete statement because we are a young team; we have no seniors.  As far as leadership goes we have to find leadership within ourselves.  But with the caliber of talent that came in this freshman year, I would say that we are being held to a much higher standard than any freshman has in a long time.  So the adjustment to finding the leadership aspect of ourselves has probably been tougher, but as far as picking a leader or captain I feel like we are all trying to trust each other and it’s going to be a team effort this year as far as leadership goes.  Like I said we have no seniors and usually you look to the seniors [for leadership].”

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