UNC-UT Postgame Quotes
Release: 12/02/2012
North Carolina Head Coach Sylvia Hatchell

"I'm disappointed we didn't make a better showing tonight, but it's early. I saw some good things. This young lady's (Xylina) going to be quite a player as you can tell, a lot like her dad. She's only a freshman. We didn't start well. I think four of our first five possessions we had turnovers, and we didn't start out good. It's early; we're not going to slow down. We're just going to get better. As we move along, we'll be a much better team as we keep playing. Tennessee played a great game. They couldn't have shot probably much better than they did."

(On Meighan Simmons' 33 points, career-high scoring)
"That was her career high wasn't it? Good shooting cures a multitude of sins, and they were shooting the lights out. Of course we weren't defending them very well. Believe it or not our defense was first or second in the ACC until tonight because we had held some really good teams to really, really low percentages in our previous games, but of course we didn't do that tonight. We usually play a whole, whole lot better defense."

(On how different it was not seeing Pat Summitt on the sideline)
"Well, it was. I saw her right when we were having the National Anthem. I went over that way and blew her a kiss. It's very different to not see Pat there, but Holly's doing a great job. She's got a great staff."

(On Tennessee's rebounding success in the first half)
"I'll tell you what it was. We were in a lot of traps and rotation situations, and so we didn't have a box-out assignment, and they were crashing the boards. We didn't have a designated person. Second half we weren't gambling, and the rotations weren't as bad, so that's why it was better in the second half."

North Carolina Freshman F Xylina McDaniel

(On if the up-and-down fast tempo of this game is the style North Carolina likes)
"It is. So far we haven't played a team that plays like us that likes to play fast. It just opened our eyes. We need to work on it a little more."

(On if this was a fun game for her to play against another freshman Bashaara Graves)
"I had a good time because I like the physical play."

(On Tennessee's rebounding success in the first half)
"They were just crashing the boards. They send four in to rebound and one back, and we're really not used to teams doing that, but that's no excuse."

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