Tar Heels Fifth At ACC Championships
Release: 04/21/2012

April 21, 2012

The varsity four turned in North Carolina's best finish of the day as the Tar Heels competed in the 2012 Atlantic Coast Conference Rowing Championships Saturday morning at Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C. UNC was fourth in the varsity four, fifth in both the novice eight and second varsity eight and sixth in the varsity eight for an overall finish of fifth.

Top-ranked Virginia took the title, the Cavaliers' 12th in the 13 years of the event. UVa won the novice eight, second varsity eight and varsity eight races and amassed 56 points. Clemson, which won the varsity four, finished second with 52 points. Duke finished with 39, Boston College with 27, UNC with 18 and Miami with 17.

Tar Heel senior Blair Meiggs was named to the All-ACC team.


Team Results: 1. Virginia, 56; 2. Clemson, 52; 3. Duke, 39; 4. Boston College,, 27; 5. North Carolina, 18; 6. Miami, 17.

First Varsity Four: 1. Clemson, 7:37.9; 2. Duke, 7:46.6; 3. Virginia, 7:47.1; 4. North Carolina, 7:56.8; 5. Boston College, 7:59.6; 6. Miami, 8:31.0.

Novice Eight: 1. Virginia, 6:53.8; 2. Clemson, 7:05.4; 3. Duke, 7:10.4; 4. Boston College, 7:10.7; 5. North Carolina, 7:25.6.

Second Varsity Eight: 1. Virginia, 6:43.3; 2. Clemson, 6:51.6; 3. Boston College, 7:04.4; 4. Duke, 7:05.1; 5. North Carolina, 7:16.0; 6. Miami, 7:25.4.

First Varsity Eight: 1. Virginia, 6:27.9; 2. Clemson, 6:38.6; 3. Duke, 6:44.1; 4. Miami, 6:49.6; 5. Boston College, 7:02.8; 6. North Carolina, 7:04.6.

ACC Crew of the Year: Virginia First Varsity Eight
ACC Freshman of the Year: Hannah Hawks, Miami (Mooresville, N.C.)
ACC Coach of the Year: Kevin Sauer, Virginia

All-ACC Rowing Team: Breanna Hayton (Victoria, British Columbia) of Miami; Blair Meigs (Camden, N.C.) of UNC; Erin Roche (Niskayuna, N.Y.) and Elllen Burr (Cazenovia, N.Y.) of Boston College; Emily Theys (Stoughton, Wis.) and Kathy Smithwick (Louisville, Ky.) of Duke; Becca Brown (Greenville, S.C.), Heather Cummings (Virginia Beach, Va.) and Kate Biladeau (Lutz, Fla) of Clemson; and Sidney Thorsten (Atlanta, Ga,), Keziah Beall (Bainbridge, Island, Wash.), Martha Kuzzy (Minneapolis, Minn.), Kristine O'Brien (Massapequa Park, N.Y.) and Sarah Cowburn (Redditch, Worcester, England) of Virginia.

UNC Lineups

Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Allie Davis, So. (Dublin, Ohio)
Stroke: Josephine Kooijman, So. (Marietta, Ga.)
7-seat: Morgan Koder, Jr. (Shelby, N.C.)
6-seat: Jasmine Dennis, Jr. (Charlotte, N.C.)
5-seat: Blair Meiggs, Sr. (Camden, N.C.)
4-seat: Lindsay Newman, Jr. (Winnetka, Ill.)
3-seat: Emily Leidolf, Fr. (Alexandria, Va.)
2-seat: Maria Santoyo, So. (Raleigh, N.C.)
ow: Alex McClelland, Jr. (Winter Park, Fla.)

Coxswain: Carie Mastrianni, Jr. (Hillsborough, N.C.)
Stroke: Sarah Giles, Jr. (Raleigh, N.C.)
7-seat: Erin Berg, Jr. (Springfield, Va.)
6-seat: Ali Margherio, Fr. (Manhasset, N.Y.)
5-seat: Katie Burger, So. (Cary, N.C.)
4-seat: Abby Lantz, Fr. (Oak Park, Ill.)
3-seat: Steph Henrich, Fr. (Wyndmoor, Pa.)
2-seat: Chelsea Boorman, So. (Chicago, Ill.)
ow: Claire Wardius, Jr. (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Coxswain: Emma Shaw, Sr. (Chapel Hill, N.C.)
Stroke: Sarah Priest, Fr. (Chapel Hill, N.C. )
3-seat: Caroline Campbell, Fr. (Cary, N.C.)
2-seat: Sarabeth Ritch, So. (Asheboro, N.C)
ow: Nina Simonini, Fr. (Cornelius, N.C.)

Coxswain: Kendall Karson, Fr. (Fairfield, Conn.)
Stroke: Julie Peterson, So. (Seaside Park, N.J.)
7-seat: Georgia Campbell, So. (Durham, N.C.)
6-seat: Corinne Schreiber, Fr. (Pleasant Garden, N.C.)
5-seat: Shannon Kirchmer, Fr. (Charlotte, N.C.)
4-seat: Karen Sherrier, Fr. (Hillsborough, N.C.)
3-seat: Amanda Stewart, Fr. (Sunset Beach, N.C.)
2-seat: Sofia Gonzalez, Fr. (New Orleans, La.)
ow: Kat Summerton, Fr. (Englewood, Colo.)

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