UNC In Action At Knecht Cup
Release: 04/18/2012

April 18, 2012


The North Carolina rowing team put in a long weekend of racing at the Knecht Cup Regatta Saturday and Sunday in Camden, N.J., earning finals spots for three boats and picking up plenty of racing experience in the process. On Sunday, the novice eight finished sixth in the grand final, the varsity four was third in the petite final and the second varsity eight was third in the third final.

UNC lineups for the weekend were:

Varsity 8+
Allie Davis (coxswain), Josephine Kooijman, Morgan Koder, Jasmine Dennis. Blair Meiggs, Lindsay Newman, Emily Leidolf, Maria Santoyo and Alex McClelland

Second Varsity 8+
Carie Mastrianni (coxswain), Sarah Giles, Erin Berg, Katie Burger, Abby Lantz, Steph Henrich, Chelsea Boorman, Claire Wardius

Varsity Four
Emma Shaw (coxswain), Sarah Priest, Caroline Campbell, Sarabeth Ritch, Nina Simonini

Novice Eight
Kendall Karson (coxswain), Julie Peterson, Georgia Campbell, Corinne Schreiber, Shannon Kirchmer, Karen Sherrier, Amanda Stewart, Sofia Gonzalez, Kat Summerton

Second Varsity Four
Elizabeth Ayers (coxswain), Caitlin Buttner, Kathleen Reynolds, Shannon O'Neil, Moriah Glenn

Novice Four
Sarah Eastley (coxswain), Laura Cartwright, Flannery Bowman, Kerry Walsh, Jessie Nerkowski

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