Patrick Myers won the 200-yard backstroke as UNC swept South Carolina and Texas A&M.
Patrick Myers won the 200-yard backstroke as UNC swept South Carolina and Texas A&M.
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Men Sweep, Women Split In Season Opener
Release: 10/13/2012
COLUMBIA, S.C. -  The UNC swimming and diving squads opened their 2012-13 seasons in solid fashion as the men swept and the women split in tri-meets at Columbia Natatorium at the University of South Carolina.  The Tar Heel men defeated host South Carolina 168-132 as well as prevailing against Texas A&M 178.5-121.5.  The UNC women split as they fell to Texas A&M 174.5-123.5 while scoring a resounding 198-99 win over the host Gamecocks.


The North Carolina men prevailed with balance for comfortable wins in both meets.  Overall, South Carolina won six events and the Tar Heels and the Aggies each won five events.  The Tar Heel men loaded up on second and third place finishes against both opponents to emerge with the victory.


Individual event winners for Coach Rich DeSelm's men included senior captain Brett Nagle in the 1000-yard freestyle, freshman Nic Graesser in the 100-yard backstroke, sophomore transfer David Speese in the 100-yard breaststroke and sophomore Patrick Myers in the 200-yard backstroke.


The most exciting victory of the day for the UNC men came in the 400-yard freestyle relay where freshmen Logan Heck, Sean Sullivan and Sam Lewis and an anchor leg by junior J.T. Stilley won in a time of 3:02.04, just one one-hundredth of a second ahead of second-place South Carolina.


Carolina has four individual event winners on the women's side as junior NCAA champion Stephanie Peacock swept the two distance events - the 500-yard and 1000-yard freestyles - and sophomore standout Danielle Siverling took another two freestyle events at 100 and 200 yards.  Texas A&M won 11 of the 16 events with South Carolina winning in one-meter diving.


The UNC women will return to action next weekend in the prestigious Dallas Classic at Southern Methodist University. The meet will be held Friday and Saturday nights.  After their impressive opening meet, the Tar Heel men will resume dual meet action against Virginia Tech on Friday, October 26 at Koury Natatorium in a coed meet and the Tar Heels' home opener.  That meet begins at 5 p.m.



"In our first dual meet of the season we traveled to South Carolina and swam South Carolina and Texas A&M and it was overall a very good day.  We have been eager to start the season officially.  We have a lot of freshmen and did not know fully what to expect coming in and we walk away from this meet very pleased.


"On the men's, we had 11 freshmen and transfers score in the overall top five of the meet in at least one event.  That is almost half of the travel squad, a group which had never competed for UNC prior to today.  It's nice to see them be able to step up against two SEC schools.  At the same time, it shows how young we are.  We feel fortunate to get two victories on the men's side today.  Most importantly, we learned a whole lot on what we need to focus on in practice.  We've had training for a long time and a couple of scrimmages.  A dual meet helps us identify what we are doing well and what we need to work on.


"On the women's side we had six new people in top five scoring positions.  We had four overall winners as Stephanie Peacock and Danielle Siverling both won a pair of events.  Stephanie is coming off a great year.  She managed herself very well in this meet and those are very good preseason times.  Some of our most impressive swims were in the 200-yard freestyle with Siverling putting up a really good time for this time of the year.  Lauren Earp's first swim was very fine as well.


"We had three Canadian in their first college meets and that was an exciting experience for them.  We had a lot of parents in the stands and a great Carolina fanbase cheering us on. Also, we want to congratulate freshman Ozzie Moyer earned his zone qualifying score on the three-meter board in his first college meet."


Men's Scores

North Carolina 168, South Carolina 132

North Carolina 178.5, Texas A&M 121.5

South Carolina 160, Texas A&M 140

Women's Scores

North Carolina 198, South Carolina 99

Texas A&M 190, South Carolina 102

Texas A&M 174.5, North Carolina 123.5

Individual Event Winners


One-Meter Diving:  Hayden Jones (TAMU), 385.70

Three-Meter Diving:  Hayden Jones (TAMU), 418.20

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  Texas A&M (Alexandros Theocharidis, William Wagner, Henrik Lindau, Kyle Troskot), 1:32.01

1000-Yd. Freestyle:  Brett Nagle (UNC), 9:14.82

200-Yd. Freestyle:  Michael Flach (USC), 1:38.56

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Nic Graesser (UNC), 50.09

100-Yd. Breaststroke:  David Speese (UNC), 57.13

200-Yd. Butterfly:  Michael Flach (USC), 1:48.69

50-Yd. Freestyle: Kyle Troskot (TAMU), 20.43

100-Yd. Freestyle:  John F. Dalton (TAMU), 45.03

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Patrick Myers (UNC), 1:48.16

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  Matt Navata (USC), 2:03.13

500-Yd. Freestyle:  Marwan El Kamash (USC), 4:31.27

100-Yd. Butterfly: Collin Kaden (USC), 49.68

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Michael Flach (USC), 1:50.95

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay: North Carolina (Logan Heck, Sean Sullivan, Sam Lewis, J.T. Stilley), 3:02.04


One-Meter Diving:  Patricia Kranz (USC), 285.95

Three-Meter Diving:  Becca St. Germain (TAMU), 302.40

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  Texas A&M (Tess Simpson, Breeja Larson, Paige Miller, Caroline McElhany), 1:40.84

1000-Yd. Freestyle:  Stephanie Peacock (UNC), 9:40.96

200-Yd. Freestyle:  Danielle Siverling (UNC), 1:47.67

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Tess Simpson (TAMU), 55.32

100-Yd. Breaststroke:  Breeja Larson (TAMU), 59.88

200-Yd. Butterfly:  Cammile Adams (TAMU), 1:59.55

50-Yd. Freestyle:  Erica Dittmer (TAMU), 23.56

100-Yd. Freestyle:  Danielle Siverling (UNC), 50.57

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Tess Simpson (TAMU), 1:58.47

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  Breeja Larson (TAMU), 2:10.90

500-Yd. Freestyle:  Stephanie Peacock (UNC), 4:46.01

100-Yd. Butterfly:  Caroline McElhany (TAMU), 54.53

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Sarah Henry (TAMU), 2:02.26

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay:  Texas A&M (Kelli Benjamin, Meredith Oliver, Christne Regone, Liliana Ibanez), 3:23.87

Top UNC Finishers (If Not Individual Event Winner)


One-Meter Diving:  Ryland Jones, 5th, 279.20

Three-Meter Diving:  Ozzie Moyer, 5th, 326.10

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  North Carolina (Nic Graesser, David Speese, Logan Heck, Sean Sullivan), 2nd, 1:32.32

200-Yd. Freestyle:  J.T. Stilley, 3rd, 1:39.02

200-Yd. Butterfly:  Ben Colley, 2nd, 1:49.96

50-Yd. Freestyle: Logan Heck, 3rd, 20.97

100-Yd. Freestyle:  Logan Heck, 3rd, 45.72

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  David Speese, 2nd, 2:03.76

500-Yd. Freestyle:  J.T. Stilley, 2nd, 4:31.56

100-Yd. Butterfly:  Ben Colley, 2nd, 50.21

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Matt Kwatyra, 3rd, 1:51.94


One-Meter Diving:  Natalie Ritter, 5th, 233.20

Three-Meter Diving:  Natalie Ritter, 5th, 262.45

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  North Carolina (Carly Smith, Katie Rechsteiner, Katie Nolan, Nikki Barczak), 3rd, 1:44.18

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Katie Nolan, 2nd, 55.75

100-Yd. Breaststroke:  Katie Rechsteiner, 3rd, 1:04.17

200-Yd. Butterfly:  Emma Nunn, 2nd, 2:00.74

50-Yd. Freestyle:  Hannah Lincoln, 4th, 23.80

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Carly Smith, 2nd, 2:01.67

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  Katie Rechsteiner, 5th, 2:19.06

100-Yd. Butterfly:  Katie Nolan, 2nd, 54.80

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Madison Burns, 3rd, 2:04.58

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay:  Stephanie Peacock, Lauren Earp, Ally Hardesty, Danielle Siverling, 2nd, 3:24.26

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