Q&A With Patrick Schellberg
Release: 10/02/2012

Despite only a few weeks of training under his belt this season, Patrick Schellberg led the Tar Heels with his 21st-place finish at the 2012 Notre Dame Invitational last Friday. He ran a new personal best 24:12 in the cross 8K and tells GoHeels.com what he's excited for most after a phenomenal race.

Congratulations on your PR at the Notre Dame Invitational! What was your game plan going into the race?
Schellberg: My game plan going into the race was to pack it up with the rest of the team. I've only been running for four weeks, so I was nervous about whether I would be able to help the team out. I ran with Jack Driggs for the first mile and a half and just kept moving up to try to get as low of a place as possible. I probably went from around 90th at the start to 21st at the end of the race. I was surprised with how strong I felt throughout the race and was definitely able to take some positives out of my race build on and some negatives to work on.

The Notre Dame race has typically been the kick-off to the meaty part of Carolina's cross country schedule and you saw a lot of ranked competition on Friday. What was that like?
Schellberg: It was pretty exciting to be able to run with a lot of fast guys and teams. Our team was pumped to be able to mix it up with some ranked teams and try to get some at-large points. This was the first time most of our top guys were able to let loose. Unfortunately, a couple of guys didn't run as fast as they should have, which cost us a lot of places in the final score. However, our team took a lot more positives out of the race than negatives.

What can you take away from South Bend that can help in tough races like Wisconsin in a couple of weeks and ACCs at the end of October?
Schellberg: I can take away that I am pretty fit and I can mix it up with most of the top guys in the country once I get more than four weeks of training in. Coach keeps telling me that once I get some consistent training in, I'm going to run really fast and surprise myself. I left South Bend with a lot of confidence not only in myself, but in my team that we'll be really good in a lot of these tough races like ACCs and regionals.

What part of a training week do you look forward to most? (i.e. conditioning runs, morning workouts, rest day before competition, etc.)
Schellberg: I look forward to the workouts the most throughout the training week because that is what really makes you fit. This part of the week is the time when you learn the most about yourself and can see if what you are doing is working or not.

What is the most interesting thing you could tell us about Coach Mark VanAlstyne and/or Coach Angela Reckart?
Schellberg: Coach VanAlstyne is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about coaching at UNC. He lives for watching the progress all of us make as athletes and people. The most interesting thing about Coach Reckart is that she is from New Jersey. New Jersey is well represented on the team and it is nice to see that this won't change in the future.

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