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Release: 02/16/2017

Mark Gottfried Quotes
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Carolina 97, N.C. State 73

Opening Statement:
“Well, my first thought would be, I thought North Carolina tonight looked like an experienced veteran basketball team tonight and that’s what good teams, experienced teams do. I thought right at the first half we got it down to six, and Dennis might have hit a shot, I don’t remember exactly but we got it down to six. Then I don’t remember the exact run but Berry made a three, Jackson made a three, bang-bang, and they seemed to have an answer for everything we did. You know, we have struggled at times this year, most of the time to guard people off the dribble. It’s just been a real struggle for our group, keeping someone in front of us was an issue. I thought our transition defense was better, but then I think we gave up too many rebounds. I think our bigs, the four bigs we had, I think Omer, Malik, Ted, and BeeJay only combined to get two defensive rebounds (they combined for three), and I thought they just rebounded the ball and that was a difference in the game, too. We like to beat ourselves up, we certainly didn’t do things well, but that was a good team. They played really well tonight and had an answer for everything we did. Just like the first half, we get it to six, they answer. You have to give those guys credit. They answered everything and played better, and you have to give those guys credit, so that was the story.”

(on if this is as good as NC State could play against a team of UNC's caliber)

“No, I think at the beginning of the game, if you think about it, even the start of the game, I think we had four wide open threes, great looks, and when you’re playing against a team like North Carolina you got to make them, you got to make some of them. You’re not going to make every shot, and I understand that, but those are the opportunities and then all of a sudden you’re down six, down eight, instead of two or three if those wide-open threes go down. The next thing you know now it is a different type of game, so we got to play better. We’ve got to make some shots. I think in the first half we had great looks we just couldn’t seem to make them again. Then we got down right before the half, I think that the last couple minutes of the half was in their favor, they just did a great job. We cut it to six and then bang next thing you know they stretch it out to 12 or 14.”

(on a different starting lineup for NC State tonight)

“Honestly we change sometimes just to see if it will give us a little spark. Now it is difficult because they’re big and we weren’t sure if Hicks would play and how well he would play because he’s had the groin injury. So, that kind of makes that one tougher. But I thought Torin had played really well the past couple of games, and I thought he deserved to play and start in there. He had a couple baskets early because we were small and they were big. We were hoping to take advantage of that and bring Hicks away from the basket and get some things where we could get Torin penetrating and get him off the dribble, those types of things. That was really more of why that decision was made.”

(on if the team lacked energy starting the second half)

“I was hoping we’d have a better start to the half, just didn’t seem to do that, I’m not sure why. I don’t know what the right analogy is. You can put two guys out there golfing sometimes and one guy might be a little better than the other and the other guy can try all he wants, but that other guy is probably going to beat him. I can go play against Jordan Spieth and I don’t have a chance, I am not saying it is that kind of margin, but you have to give those guys credit. They did a good job. They did a great job of answering the things we tried to do and they played really well. Their rebounding was the biggest factor to me more than anything, our inability to guard guys off the dribble, that’s been the story, how many times have we talked about that this year? It’s been a struggle. One-on-one, I’ve got to be able to guard you and that’s been a struggle for us. I thought we had some great shots early in the game and didn’t make them. I thought that probably affected us a little bit mentally, too.”

(on if UNC’s rebounding prowess was lack of focus and technique)
“No, they are pretty good at it.”

(on the team’s defense)
“It has been an issue all year long, it has. There’s a number of times tonight we got beat right off of the dribble. That hurts you”

(on how much of tonight is his responsibility)

“Everything that happens is my responsibility. That’s part of the turf as a head coach. Just like if you beat Villanova in the NCAA Tournament or go to the Sweet 16, you get a lot of praise a lot of times as a coach, other times you take the hits. That’s part of what we do. I know people are tired of hearing it, but it is the truth, we have a lot of young players playing in a league that is really, really good this year. It’s probably the best I’ve ever seen the league. You just get caught in a vulnerable spot where you are relying on a bunch of young guys when you’re playing really good teams every night. I was telling somebody the other day that we are near the bottom, but we are good enough to win at Duke. Boston College beat Syracuse by 20. Georgia Tech beat North Carolina by 15. I watched Pittsburgh go into North Carolina and go into Duke and really play them toe-to-toe, almost to the wire. Those are the teams that are at the bottom of our league right now. When it falls the way it does, we’ve had some guys enter the draft and Lennard not playing as a senior, you’re a little vulnerable and boy, you’re playing in a league that is really, really good. If North Carolina is really playing well, making shots like tonight, we all know that is a team that we just watched that can potentially go on a deep run and make the Final Four. Most of those guys played in the National Championship game last year. We like to look at ourselves sometimes and say, ‘boy, we are the crappiest thing of all time.’ Sometimes the other team is pretty good, too. They were really good tonight. A good basketball team and they had an answer for everything we tried to do.”

Roy Williams Quotes
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Carolina 97, N.C. State 73


Opening Statement

“Well, we feel very good right now to say the least. It was one of those kind of things where we thought we would have an advantage inside, and we wanted to make than an important part of the game like we’ve tried to do all season. We’ve done it sometimes, but points in the paint, 60-22, was huge and 41 rebounds to 25, 27 second chance points to their 13, but we got off to a good start. They cut it back to six. We made a nice run and got the three right before the half and then got a stop. Came out in the second half, and we scored three of our first four possessions and by then the margin was pretty difficult for them. I feel for them, they are going through some tough times right now, but my job is to try to win and to do what is best for North Carolina and I got to feel good about that. I thought Dennis was a key in the first half, we had a difficult time with him. Second half, we were a little better or he just didn’t play as well. But again, five guys in double figures and shooting 56% for the game, and that rebound margin, and not turning the ball over. In the first half, we had 4 turnovers and every one of them was a silly turnover. There was no need to turn the ball over like that. In the second half, we had a few more but I like 19-11 for us, I liked 11-17 for them. But, look at the stats and you can pick anything, but I think us being able to get the ball inside and score and rebound inside was the biggest factor.”

(on Luke Maye’s play)

“I think Luke was big, didn’t really intend to play Isaiah as limited minutes as I did, but he called that shot by getting in foul trouble. The fourth one was just a silly foul, the first two fouls he partially blocked a shot and then followed through and got the fouls, but the fourth one was a silly foul. Maybe he needed some more rest, he just didn’t tell me that before the game. I like to have Isaiah in the game more, but Luke did some good things for us. I think he made one three, the last one he shot, I didn’t want him shooting it at all because I didn’t think it was intelligent, but still 13 points, 6-for-11, played 23 minutes - yes, he did some good things for us.”

(on NC State’s effort)

I never make up my mind what the other team is going to do. I’m just trying to play as hard as we can play. You guys asked me every question the other day at the press conference about them. I just try to control our team. I thought the crowd would be really excited, I thought their team would be excited.  We played well early and took the crowd out of it, I think that was a key part of it also. We made some shots early. We shot 52 (percent) in the first half, and 60 (percent) in the second. I think that little run right before the half was good for us, too, because they had gotten it down to six at one time and it was 14.”

(on Kenny Williams)

“He’s got a right knee injury. He’ll have surgery early next week and he is probably out for the season. Unless we find some we to play until June, he’ll probably be back.”

(on Kenny Williams’ injury)

“He hurt his knee. It’s a crazy thing, but it’s not an ACL or anything like that. It’s four to six weeks, but when you look at four to six weeks at this point in the year, it’s basically the end of the season.”

(on Luke Maye’s defense)

“It was a little bit of a difficult matchup. They went small and when Isaiah had some early foul trouble they were still small when Luke went in. I thought he did a good job. I thought he could’ve come up with a couple of loose balls. He kept trying to dribble it out of the crowd instead of just picking it up. I think he did some nice thing for us. I loved his offensive rebound. He had seven rebounds with four of them on the offensive end and I really liked that.”

(on Luke Maye’s dunk)

“Well you’re lucky when you pump fake. You teach them to pump fake when a guy is running at you, but to be able to have a clear path to the basket and dunk it. I’ve seen him dunk it before, so I don’t get that excited about dunks.”

(on UNC’s defense)

“You know, in the first half, well, both halves, they shot 42 and 46 percent, but I’d like it to be better. We did force 17 turnovers tonight, but to be where we want to be, we’ve still got to get a lot better defensively. I’m not going to get excited about one game because last game someone shot 50-something percent, but I do think we’re getting better.”

(on the effect of losing Kenny Williams on the defense)

“I’ve said all year long that Kenny is our best perimeter defender. Then the Notre Dame game when he makes three threes like that, he’s a really high level player. Some guys have to step up—Theo and Nate. I thought Nate did a good job defensively tonight. I didn’t want to play Theo—24 minutes that’s about as much as I wanted to get out of him. I think that we got to get better defensively because that is our best perimeter defender.”

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