UNC-Notre Dame Quotes
Release: 02/05/2017
Postgame Quotes
North Carolina 83, Notre Dame 76- February 5, 2017


North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement

“Well, feel better than Mike [Brey]’s club feels right now, but it was a heck of a game. They’re hard to guard. They put so much pressure on you. During the course of the game, I thought they were shooting about 70 percent from three, and I look down and they shot about the same thing we did.  They’re really hard to guard. We were hard for them to guard inside, but it’s a battle. We tried to get it inside, tried to play to our advantage there and they can spread us, and drive us, and shoot threes and play to the advantage they have because our big guys have got to come out on the court. It was decided not by us because Kennedy [Meeks] got in foul trouble, so we couldn’t really do that. The last two or three minutes, we just started switching everything to see if we could stay with them. You know we had it at [a] 13, 14, 15 [point lead] or whatever it was, and in about five or six calls in a row it seemed went against us, and they were calls. It’s part of the game, and then all of sudden they made a couple of big plays, made a couple of big threes. We fouled a guy needlessly on a four-foot jumper, and then at the same time we missed a couple shots, missed a couple lay-ups and all of sudden now it’s a one-possession game. When it got to be the one-possession game is when Joel [Berry II] made the shot out front that we thought was a three, but was really two, and then we get a shot on the other end. I think that’s when we get Justin [Jackson] down on the break, and he scores at that point and it made it go to I think six at that point. They’re really hard to guard, goodness gracious, and we’ve had some big tome battles with them. That’s the fourth time we’ve played the, and it seems like the last three weeks, but I guess it’s about a year.”

On Joel Berry II’s shot after Notre Dame made it a one-possession game

“Well it’s always important. There’s no question about that. Making it a one-possession game with them having the ball, but we had the ball, and I don’t think it ever got a one-possession game where they had the basketball. So that’s always important. Joel [Berry II] hadn’t shot it very well. Justin [Jackson] didn’t shoot it very well. I was dumb enough to call Joel’s play from out-of-bounds underneath, and it went it. I told him it should give him some confidence anyway, but yah it was a big shot, but getting a stop on the other end may have been just as big or even bigger, especially when we turned it into a basket by Justin.”

On playing in Greensboro with games being taken out of the state due to HB2

“I’m glad that some people in Greensboro got to see us play. I’m glad that we were able to take a game here because of the stupid rule that we have in our state [HB2] that took a lot of great opportunities for people in our state and great athletes that like to do things in our state, and I think I shouldn’t say rule. I guess it’s a law. A law’s more important that a rule I guess, but I just think that’s ridiculous and what it’s doing to our state and reputation of our state.”

On the game being relocated to Greensboro from Chapel Hill

“Playing here in Greensboro, I was really mad, period, the end. I wanted to play in the [Dean E.] Smith Center. The bottom line is that we have people in our position at the university and in the administration that made the best decision they could possibly make with the best information they had. I didn’t want to do this. I like playing in the Smith Center, but I trust our people and they made a great decision and yet right now everything’s cool in Chapel Hill again. Restaurants are open. People can go to the bathroom [and] all kinds of stuff. You can go to any bathroom you want to in Chapel Hill. But I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. Never will like it. But it was not good for Michael [Brey] either. I mean he would have loved to play on Saturday. He didn’t really care where we played, but he would have loved to play on Saturday because that was better for him with the close change over from here to his next game. And I told him it wasn’t good for any one of us. It’s been weird this year because we’ve had Hurricane Matthew, and the junk that it put on us and the feelings that our administration had about that decision and the way we [UNC Football] played that night. We had the [N.C.] State game and the problems that we had getting everybody to understand what we’re trying to do, and we played great. And this one here is the most weird thing I’ve ever been involved in in my life. Best friend in Kansas came to see us play thinking he’s going to see a big time North Carolina-Notre Dame game in the Smith Center, spent two nights in a hotel, no meals at home [and] had to leave at halftime to get back to Raleigh to catch his flight. So it wasn’t very good for anybody.”

On the crowd today

“But the people here today, I’m thrilled. Those people were into it. I love them. I wish I could say thank you to every single one of them because they were important to us winning the game.”

Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey

Opening Statement

“We hung in there and gave ourselves a chance. They’re really good. We knew we were going to have to absorb some pounding in the paint, because we played small. We did that and it helped us get back into things, we just couldn’t get over the hump. And certainly some of their stuff in the paint, down the stretch kind of broke our spirits. We don’t have much time; we have to play Tuesday night. So we got to turn this thing around really quick.”

On traveling and rescheduling game

“Our travel was no problem. We ended up coming down yesterday instead of leaving Friday night. We had practice at UNC Greensboro yesterday. Got a workout in. What a great atmosphere and a heck of a game. We have good memories of this building, obviously we needed more of the karma but it wasn’t that hard, it’s just unfortunate that it pushes that game to Sunday and we have to turn around and play Tuesday. That’s kind of unfortunate and quite frankly I’m disappointed that the game Tuesday wasn’t moved to Wednesday. But I signed up for the ACC so I’m a good soldier. “

On starting the second half

“We scored it. We opened the floor up. Playing small was the only way we were going to have a chance. We didn’t play too big. Certainly VJ [Beachem] got going and we rode it as long as we could. We got it to 2 but eventually their size playing against a smaller lineup got us.”

On last time playing in the Coliseum (ACC Championship vs. UNC)

“Yeah, we were talking about it. I said ‘fellas, this is the same feeling. We’ve been here before.” I thought we were going to have a chance. And we did. We made a run at it. But [Joel] Berry’s 15-footer was the shot of a big time veteran guard, who has had a great year, to kind of stop any belief for us. 


North Carolina Player Quotes

Joel Berry II, Senior Guard

On taking a step forward after today’s game

“I think we did. We were more active today. I know they knocked down some big time shots and made a couple wide open three’s, but I think we did a great job overall, being active. Whether it was rotating or playing on the ball, I mean I know we got some crappy fouls, but we just have to continue to play. Overall, we did a great job of sitting down and guarding today.”

On defensive performance

“That is always our focus. On the defensive end, we wanted to get better. I think we did a great job of that. I mean we held them under 45 percent shooting and that’s what we want.”


Isaiah Hicks, Senior Forward 

On how dangerous the team is when everyone is scoring

“I think it makes us very dangerous, because now we don’t have to rely on one or two people. If they don’t show up, that would be a tough night, but if everyone is out there scoring, even people coming off the bench, it really helps out.”

On moving location

“Some of us are kind of use to playing here because of the ACC tourney. I would say the only difference is after the game we can’t just go back to our rooms. I mean the crowd was great, everything, it felt like a home game.”


Kenny Williams, Sophomore Guard

On rolling his ankle and coming back into the game

“I just rolled it. It’s really a nagging ankle. I just have to continue to do some rehab on it and try to get stronger… It’s just based on how I feel. I just rolled it, it wasn’t too severe. I was able to walk it off and that’s what I did. That’s what I went back to do. Just did some jogging and jumping and then I told them I felt good and I was able to come back out.”

On Coach [Williams] pulling him aside

“He was just telling me that he believed in me and as a result of that I should believe in myself. I think it was very helpful, confidence wise. He gave me a little confidence boost and I think it showed tonight. It helped, it definitely did. It was good to hear. Especially with the stretch of games I’ve had lately. Not being able to knock down shots the way that I want to. So I think it was good for me to hear him say that he still believes in me.”

On what he was thinking when he made his three-pointer

“’There it goes.’ It was just a relief in my self being able to knock down that shot. I think it got me in a rhythm to go throughout the game.

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