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Roy Williams
Roy Williams
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UNC-Florida State Quotes
Release: 01/14/2017

North Carolina 96, Florida State 83 • January 14, 2017

Postgame Quotes

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams


Opening Statement

“It was a big-time game. It was the kind of game that you like to be involved in. You like it a lot more at the end if your team has more points. I really love Florida State’s club. We got a big lift from Theo [Pinson], made his first field goals of the year, three for five. The dunk was a big play. Mentally, the three pointer was a big play for us. They cut it to four, and we scored three straight times and took it back to ten. Some weird lineups out there – first time in 29 years as a coach I’ve ever had five guys out there with no post player, but we had Kennedy [Meeks] with two [fouls], Luke [Maye] with two, Isaiah [Hicks] with two and trying to get them cause I wanted to have them at the end of the game as opposed to the last two minutes of the first half. I thought our guys that were in our line up at that point, other than going one for four from the free-throw line, I thought they really did a nice job. We made some shots, and I think that everything is, I said a hundred times, everything looks better when the ball goes in the basket. We were eight for 18 from three and 26 of 37 from the [free-throw] line. When it got down to four, I think Isaiah made two of those baskets – trying to milk some time out of him and Kennedy and Luke. Luke was 15 rebounds, and that was huge for us. We need to work on tipping the ball. We do that every other day, but we didn’t get the ball in the basket, but feel really good about a win over a really, really good team.”

On the edge that Theo Pinson gives the team

“Well he does so many different things. He can drive the ball to the basket. He can rebound. He can defend. He can make plays on the drive. He made a couple of nice passes. We said that from the beginning that he really does some good things, and then today he got his three-point shot. I like that one as opposed to three-point shot at the end of the first half, which wasn’t a good shot.”

On if he thought Theo Pinson would make it to the basket on his big dunk

“Yeah, I did. I thought it maybe reminded me of myself. No, I really did. I thought this is going to be good. Only thing I was mad about, all the daggum waving, get your butt back and down in a defensive stance and get back.”

On Luke Maye’s game

“He was huge for us, and he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever coached. I need him to use that intelligence on the basketball court too, and a couple of those easy chippers he can make, but he has a feel for rebounding the basketball and he was huge for us today.”

On Isaiah Hicks' aggressiveness

“Well, the first half we were in the game because of our offensive rebounding, and that was really about it, and that’s what we were getting. Isaiah made a couple of those that were really good, but Isaiah’s a really good player, he’s just got to relax a little bit more and be Isaiah.”


Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton


Opening Statement

“I thought North Carolina came out extremely energized and that Isaiah Hicks was very aggressive early in the game which put us back on our heels a little bit. I thought we did a poor job of responding to the level of energy that North Carolina played with early. We settled down a little bit and made a run. But obviously anytime you shoot as poorly as we did from the foul line against a team that is really energized, it makes it very challenging. That is a team that is a very aggressive team and you have to give them a lot of credit. They deserved the victory.”

On turnovers role in the game

“I think you have to give them credit, they did a really good job of getting in the passing lane and creating indecision on our part. That is what they have always done and we didn’t adjust to that.”

On free throw percentage being an issue

“Yes very much so. Today it was. We shot 46 percent, which isn’t very good on anybody’s part. But we are a pretty good free throw shooting team. Just one of those days things don’t go your way, against a really good team at home.”

On Carolina playing small

“I’m not really sure it was Carolina’s line up. Luke Maye getting 15 rebounds, he was very effective doing that. They did a very good job of drawing fouls, getting to the free throw line, and finishing plays. Their offense wasn’t that much different than what they normally run. They just had guys at different spots.”

On the transformation of the ACC

“There is no question that Carolina is a very good basketball team. They are one of the top two or three teams in our league. But what is happening is that this is an ACC race this year where when the ball goes up, rank doesn’t really seem to matter. You are going to have hard fought games regardless of who you play and that is just the nature of this league. It is a new ACC. There are no longer just two or three dominant teams.”


North Carolina Player Quotes

Justin Jackson, Junior, F

On thoughts about Florida State’s size

“Just go for their legs. You just have to figure out a way to get them far enough away from the basket so they can’t get a rebound. I think Theo (Pinson) did a great job on the window a couple times, so that was good.”

On Theo Pinson’s performance

“Yeah, there is a different edge. For him, he just comes out and competes and does as much as he possibly can, whether it’s scoring or doing other things. Today he came out there and gave us some baskets and rebounded the mess out of the ball and gave us some big things defensively.”

On change to smaller lineup

“It was alright. [Michael] Ojo is probably one of the biggest guys we will probably play all year. The fact that Theo [Pinson] had to guard him for three minutes, that shows kind of the toughness Theo has because that is a big boy. But with coach doing that and just saying go out there and be a basketball player, that’s what we are. We try to do everything they tell us to do every day and just compete. For those three minutes, I think we did a really good job on that.”


Theo Pinson, Senior, G

On his energy

“I just try to bring that passion every time I come onto the court and play hard. Me and Sean (Maye) talk about it before I go out for the game every day, just make plays, and I try to do it and that’s not just scoring. I am going to try to do everything. The first half I had three points and then I was guarding (Michael) Ojo, which is the biggest human being I have ever seen.”

On his dunk

“I got my whole body by him and the middle paint opened like the Red Sea. I was like take off, don’t lay it up, take off.”

On first time playing five

“That was the first time we have ever done that, but it was fun. I actually liked it, just battling down there. I knew I was going to get an over the back call at some point, but it was fun.”



Isaiah Hicks, Senior, F

On change in lineup with more guards and smaller lineups

“I would say you know how we are able to adjust to whatever situation. Props off to them because they never practiced that. All five of them in at the same time. Even Brandon [Robinson] the freshman was in there. I would say that they really did a good job. Florida State is not a small team. They really did their job attacking, getting what they can get.”

On if this performance makes UNC the team to beat in ACC

“I would say definitely. We are just trying to get back to the way we play. Just get out, get in transition, gets stops on defense, stuff like that. Playing against a team like this, really shows us that we are capable of being a great team.”

On the team play trending upwards

“Now it’s just 40 minutes. Do it all 40 minutes. We can’t have lapses. Where we start off good and have that lapse, they come back, and we pick it back up. We just have to cut that out.”

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