UNC-Davidson Quotes
Release: 12/07/2016

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement

“It’s been fun watching this basketball team at certain times this year, but it was not fun tonight. It was as frustrating as I can ever remember to be honest with you, but we won. Made some free throws down the stretch, made some shots, but I really think they executed their stuff better than we executed our stuff on both ends of the court. We’ve given them some time off, made practices shorter so we could get a lot of studying done and some work done here for exams, and that’s no excuse because now we’re going to make all A’s, because we certainly didn’t do much preparation for the game. So I’m excited about what our grade point average is going to be.”

On frustrations compared to against Indiana

“I think up there they [Indiana] just manhandled us, more aggressiveness. We just did some not very intelligent things [tonight]. I’ve loved coaching this team. Sometimes we’ve been really sharp, really into it. I think we thought it was going to be easy. We played them here last year and we got off to a great start, beat them pretty easily. In my opinion, we weren’t ready to play.  They doubled us in the post. We’ve practiced on that. We’ve seen it from Virginia every year. We’ve seen it from a couple of other teams. We had five turnovers in the first four minutes.”

On Stilman White’s performance

“I told Stilman the other day he’s done some nice things for us in practice. He really has done a great job of running the scout team. I think he gave us a big lift, stepped to the free throw line and made free throws.”

On Davidson’s Jack Gibbs and Peyton Aldridge

“Gibbs, we know, just because he’s such a great shooter and he’s hard to guard because he’ll step at you as hard as he can, you think he’s driving and then he steps back, makes that shot. Aldridge is a tough match-up for us because he can go out and make the three and he did some nice things against us inside. He got Isaiah [Hicks] with four fouls, he got Luke [Maye] with four fouls, scored over Justin [Jackson] one time at the end. They’re the highest-scoring duo in the country, and we helped their average.”

On playing without Joel Berry II

“You know who had to play tonight? North Carolina, regardless of who’s available. If we use that as an excuse, we’re not being tough enough mentally or physically of what we should be.”



Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop

Opening Statement

“Well I’m really proud of our guys. They performed for 40 minutes against a terrific team. Incredible performance by Justin Jackson. The game is made up of so many plays. When you challenge a jump shooter and turn around and hope it doesn’t go in and the ball bounces right to the elbow where you should have been, that’s five points. You see Justin’s (Jackson) three-point shooting and you think that’s it. It’s not. It’s those little details.”

Thoughts on the game

“I am very proud of our guys. I thought Peyton Aldridge and Jack Gibbs were tremendous. Congratulations to North Carolina and I’m proud of our guys. I loved the way they fought.”

On the keys to keeping it close:

“I think the fight that our guys had, the attack mode that they play in, the versatility of our players kept it close. I thought Jack was particularly an orchestrate leader tonight. That was very pleasing to me.”


UNC Players

Justin Jackson Junior Forward

On the team’s early performance tonight

“The guys just didn’t come out to play. For me coming into the game, I knew that I was going to have to step up even more because [Joel Berry] was out, as a big chunk of our offense, defense, everything. But I feel like some guys just didn’t come out to play. I made my mistakes, for sure.  But some guys just came out, lollygagged and went through the motions. So we have to get better at that.”

On Coach Williams’ postgame message to the team

“We have to figure out if we want to be a good basketball team, and to let them know. Glad we came out with a win, that was a really good Davidson team. They hit some really tough shots and made some really good plays. Hats off to them, but we really have to figure out something, and figure out if we want to do this whole thing.”

On Luke Maye and Stilman White’s energy early in the game

“That was huge. Luke [Maye] came out in the first half and was battling. He got into foul trouble in the second half, but first half, he brought all the energy for us. Stilman [White] had something in him. He just never really had his chance, so to see him come out there today and contribute what he contributed was good.”


Luke Maye, Sophomore Forward

On the substitutes early performance

“We just brought energy. It gave us a spark off of the bench. Coach [Roy Williams] always preaches play hard and do what he says and that is what we were trying to do and just movement, getting people open shots.”

On his performance

“Every time I get in the game, I just try to play hard and play to my strengths and just get people open shots. Me and Tony [Bradley] work the court together a lot and try to get each other open. I think that the second group did a good job bringing energy, and it really helped our team out.”

On what Coach Williams’ said in the locker room

“He said we just have to be ready to play from the jump. We can’t come out slow. Second half we came out and just let them stay in it and didn’t really step on the gas. So we just need to work to prepare a little bit better and get better as the season goes on.”


Isaiah Hicks, Senior Forward

On Roy Williams’ post-game locker room talk

“It was simple. You can’t win big games like that going out and playing the way we played. The thing he really talked about was the loose balls. He said if we want to be a great team, we have to get them instead of watching them.”

On Luke Maye

[Luke Maye] brings energy and effort off the bench, and aggressiveness. That’s something Tony [Bradley] also brings, and the whole second squad really provided us with a big lift off the bench with all their energy. It really showed us we have to play like that from the jump.”

On strong substitute play

“It felt good. Being out there and missing lay-ups right at the rim when I could have dunked it was really frustrating for me because I can do way better. To have them come in there and pick up our slack is really good. The way we played didn’t have an effect on them in a negative way. They just lifted up everything positively.”

On takeaway from not-so-good game

“I would say not every game is going to be easy. Of course you’re going to have games where you’re going to have to grind it out, but just to have that fight at the end shows some people can really step up at the free throw line and knock it down, big plays like that, and really stop when we need it. I think they got it down to five, but we got a few good stops and knocked down free throws. There’s some good signs in that.”

On his free throws

“Just my mindset. A lot of people say free throws are more mental, and I take a different approach than I did over the years. I think previously I always used to think, ‘I have to make it. I have to make it,’ but now I’m just focusing on the process. Just think process, process. Don’t worry about make or miss, just process. With that mindset, if I miss it I know why I missed it because I’m focused on what I’m doing.”

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