Roy Williams
Roy Williams
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UNC-Radford Quotes
Release: 12/04/2016

Postgame Quotes

UNC 95, Radford 50 · December 4, 2016

Head Coach Roy Williams


Opening Statement

“We got off to a great start. The first eight or nine minutes of the game I thought we were really active, not just Kenny’s [Williams] three-point shots going in. I thought we were really active defensively, keeping them off the boards and after that, we sort of meandered around the rest of the game. Really happy for Kenny. He’s worked extremely hard. I did recruit him, as we’ve all talked about, because I saw that he shot the ball, and he didn’t show that last season, but he’s worked extremely hard and he was a defensive player in the game against Indiana, so if he can keep doing those kind of things, he’s got a chance to have a big time player. It was an unusual game. It’s unusual when Joel Berry only plays 13 minutes. It’s a sprained left ankle and that’s all they are calling. That’s all they think it is, but we will take x-rays to make sure, but I just told them to keep him back in the locker room. Look down, you still got four guys in double figures; we out rebounded them badly. I mean they were a team that came in getting 38 percent of their misses. We held them to eight offensive rebounds, so that part’s good. We shot a good percentage, they didn’t, but I’m not trying to cut anyone down. We’re more gifted, but I did like some of the things that we did early in the game. Other than that, we need to have a couple great practices, because now it starts to really be basketball. Not saying it wasn’t against Indiana for sure, and it was against today, but you look at our schedule – we have Davidson, Tennessee, Monmouth, Northern Iowa, Kentucky – I guess that’s all the non-conference games. I have no idea if that’s the order. But all those teams are very good basketball teams, so we hope Joel will be able to practice between now and Wednesday, but we will have to wait and see what they say tomorrow, but I’m encouraged about it right now.

On Kenny Williams growing

“I think just getting confidence in himself, because I think last year I had a great deal of confidence in him. If I’m not mistaken, and some of you guys might know, I think it was in ACC Tournament, against Pittsburgh, his first [shot], you would have thought it was the shot that won the national championship with the way that our bench reacted. It was just a confidence thing with him, and he has put in a lot of time and I’ve said even last year when he wasn’t putting the ball in the basket that he was going to be a good defensive player, and I’m not sure he’s not our best perimeter defender right now, he and Joel Berry. But it’s fun to watch it go in the basket for him and have those kind of feelings too.

On being able to practice despite traveling so much

“That’s been hard. I mean it’s steep, because as you said all the travel, New Orleans and Hawaii, in a 13 day period, with seven games in 13 days. A trip to New Orleans, out and back, and a trip to Honolulu in those 13 days, and over to Maui. But practice time, we got back from the Indiana game and I got back home at three o’clock in the morning. So I think we gave them Thursday off, they had to be in class that morning, and everyone made it to class. And then Friday we tried to do some things, and then yesterday all of a sudden you think a little bit about helping your team get better, but you also have to start talking about another opponent. So for us, Monday and Tuesday we will have two good days of practice, hopefully getting ready for Wednesday night.” 


Radford Head Coach Mike Jones

Opening statement

Tough team man. They’re so big and physical, we played some good defense inside and they made the shot over us and that’s going to happen. Definitely saw some good things that we can learn from and build on for the future, but obviously a tough place to come into and play and a tough team to play.”

On defense

“It’s difficult to run them out of the stuff that they run. I thought our guys played pretty hard, but having to get around some of those big guys inside we didn’t do a good job of. Initially, they were able to get it inside a little bit too easily. The ball went inside the paint far too much, especially early on in the game and that gave them a chance to establish the way they wanted to play offensively.”

On today’s performance

“Kenny Williams had some good looks early, he knocked down 3 or 4 (shots). I thought we executed pretty good, but our shots didn’t go down early and they were able to stretch the lead. But I liked the way our guys responded, they came back and fought back in the first half and got it down to a respectable lead where we had a chance if we get a few stops we could be right back in the ball game.”

On Kenny Williams’ shooting performance

“He and my son played AAU ball together, so I knew he was going to take it out on me when we stepped on the court, so that’s the way it goes.”

On Justin Cousins

“For a minute he got in a little bit of a rhythm, we were able to find him a couple times. He had 2 or 3 (shots) that went in and out, and that didn’t fall for him, but he had great looks. He’s one of our better scorers so we need him to score. I’m glad he was able to knock a couple down.”


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