James Michael McAdoo
James Michael McAdoo
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Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/26/2014
Postgame Quotes • January 26, 2014
North Carolina 80, Clemson 61

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement
"Well playing with that sense of urgency that we had today certainly makes you feel better in the locker room. I told them when they got in there it doesn't feel a heck of a lot better than when you invest more. I think in the first half, early in the game, they killed us the first few minutes on the offensive rebounds, Steve [Kirschner]'s got all the stats for you there, but we knew they were there. The second part of the first half, we did a great job on the boards. What hurt us the second part of the first half was that we put them on the free-throw line too much. But I really liked what we did; we did have a much greater sense of urgency. J.P. [Tokoto] dove on the floor and got us an extra possession, James Michael [McAdoo] dove on the floor and got us an extra possession, and we did a better job of getting the offensive rebounds ourselves, and I think that was a key for us, as they had us 8-0 or 6-0 at one time on the second chance points, and at the end of the half, it was 10-8. First half, they had some shots that they would normally make that they just missed, and you just feel very fortunate, feel lucky, but I thought James Michael was really active, really effective, I thought he had more than seven rebounds, but I'll take nine for 13 out of him every time. His free throws are going to start going in, I really believe that, he's not shooting them very well right now, but I thought Marcus [Paige] gave us a big lift in the second half. I think Marcus had two at halftime, one for six or something like that, and he had 13 in the second half, but it was a good basketball game for us. You need to have that sense of urgency every time we play. If we do have it, we've got a better chance. If we don't have that sense of urgency, it's really difficult for us."

On the change in offensive rebounds after the second media timeout
"I screamed at them, but I don't know if it really does anything. I scream at them several times in every game, probably. I told them we were killing ourselves because we weren't doing a good job of boxing out. You've got to go get somebody, you've got to go put a body on somebody, and then you've got to go out to the rebound line if you really want them. But it was, it was a story the first eight or 10 minutes of the game. And then I thought the story for the next eight or 10 minutes was the offensive rebounding."

On the shot selection
"Except for one that Brice [Johnson] shot in the second half where he just barely let the ball go and it looked like it might have even been a pass to some people, that was probably only the shot I didn't like. We got sloppy there-Nate [Britt] turned it over, Kennedy [Meeks] turned it over, and Brice took that bad shot, and I think that was three out of four possessions, but other than that, I was pleased with what we did offensively. And they are good defensively, but shots were going in for us tonight."

UNC Player Quotes

James Michael McAdoo, Jr., F

On his recent consistency
"Definitely just my teammates, I feel like, you know, finding me and really getting me open and also just allowing me to get in positions where it's easy for me to score the basketball."

On how to keep the sense of urgency going
"Just realizing what our record is and what our team's aspirations are. At the end of the day, no one's going to go out there and lay down, so we have to go out there and, I guess, take it from other teams. I think a lot of guys are starting to buy in, everyone's starting to realize that every night, every day we have to come ready to play."

On the now 57-0 streak against Clemson in Chapel Hill
"People were saying [this might be the year that the streak ended], but at the end of the day we just had to have pride and realize that every time we're not only representing ourselves, but also the school and the guys that came before us."

Marcus Paige, So., G

On James Michael McAdoo's recent play
"I think he's one of the guys that even in our losses brought the heart and the energy, the sense of urgency Coach always talks about - and it was obvious tonight. He was diving on the floor, getting extra possessions; he was really just a monster tonight. I think he was one of the few guys on the team doing those things even in the games when we struggled, so he was our consistent effort guy and that's shown in his production."

On how to keep the sense of urgency going
"Hopefully it's an easy thing for us to do, is just to look at how well we played when we do play that hard. We didn't change anything, X's and O's. When you watch the game, we just played harder. We got 50/50 balls, we valued the basketball a little bit better and we just played hard. You've got to look at that and see it's a positive feeling around the locker room right now, why wouldn't you want to do that every game instead of having to let up?"

On the now 57-0 streak against Clemson in Chapel Hill
"We didn't talk about it too much, I know we were all aware of it, but we didn't talk about it - now I guess we can talk about it because it gets put off another year. I was happy to not be apart of the streak ending team. It was a good little motivation for us, I guess."

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Opening Statement
"I congratulate North Carolina, I thought they played great tonight. You know they've played with much more competitive spirit than I've seen on them in some other games. They were really ready to compete tonight. Physically, we knew that [James Michael] McAdoo would be a problem for us, and he was terrific. When he plays at that level, there's not many guys playing that well. We've played a lot of good teams, and there's not a lot of guys playing at that level he played with tonight, driving it, moving it. He and [Marcus] Paige are really good players, and their size was a problem for us. I didn't think we matched our intensity at the beginning, disappointed in our guys for that. You know, again, I just thought they played a very good game today."

On turning around the game in the second half
"I felt okay today. I felt like we would play better. I felt like we played better in the first half even though we were down 16. I was disappointed that we didn't make a few more shots, and I was really disappointed that the competitive spirit defensively was not there. I thought we would rally defensively and we just never did, and some of that's credit to North Carolina. They played well tonight. They moved the ball, their guys got into a rhythm, and they're a talented team when they're moving it like they did tonight."

On his team's response to their losses this week
"Our players need to understand that there's a point here where the players from within have to have some spirit and fight on their own. And the coaches can talk about things, and we can practice things, but they've got to invest and they've got to make sure that they're hurting over this. But it's not the end of the world; we've had a bad week. You're going to have bad weeks when you play at Pittsburgh and at North Carolina. You know, that's part of this. We've got to rally and rebound from it. We're in a brutal stretch of five out of six on the road, so we've got to figure out a way here in the next three weeks to keep hanging in there, grind, and get better, and work ourselves out of the hole. It's also for the last week, we've been 4-1 and 4-2 in the ACC and we're ahead of everybody we're playing or tied and so these guys are coming after you. We haven't had that at Clemson in a couple of years so that's a new thing for us to deal with."


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