Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/18/2014

Postgame Quotes • January 18, 2014
North Carolina 82, Boston College 71

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement
"Well there's a better feeling in that locker room, there's no question. Boston College is really a hard team to play, they're very well coached. They're kids do the things that Steve [Donahue] asks them to do and make those threes, they're hard to guard like that. They're good ball-handlers, they put the ball on the floor and break you down. And yet, at times we were really good. Kennedy [Meeks] gave us a huge lift, it's a hard match up for Kennedy and Joel [James], all of our big guys like that because they have to play so much defense out on the course but he does give us an ability to score a little more inside. When I put him in, I think I took James Michael [McAdoo] out because James Michael had the guy posted up and ends up shooting a turnaround fall-away jumper from 33 feet instead of trying to get fouled. On the other end they're driving the ball to the basket and getting fouled. When I put James Michael back in, I thought he was sensational on both ends of the court, blocking shots and doing everything. Five guys in double figures, you like to have that. We shot over 50-percent in both halves. We are very, very pleased, relieved, you can put any adjective that you want to in there, but it's a much better feeling in the locker room."

On the change in the starting lineup
"We lost three in a row, you've got to try to do something. And I told them, I'm very open about it. I don't know that Leslie [McDonald] done enough to deserve it, but I wanted to do something. Jackson [Simmons] plays harder than everybody else, and that's the reason that he got the chance and I may stick with it in Charlottesville, but I may not. I just don't want to sit back and not do anything so we tried to change it up. I was really disturbed that Jackson got the cut so early, because I think he would've helped set the tempo defensively. He's undersized to play that spot because he does some really good things for us, but again, Kennedy [Meeks] gave us a huge lift off the bench. Brice [Johnson] did some really good things for us as well."

On shooting 50-percent both halves this game
"The ball went in the basket, the stars and the moon were aligned properly. We've worked on our shooting the same way, but today the ball went in. And I do think Marcus [Paige] making a couple in the first half, I think he missed three shot in the first half. He was six for nine, got to get him to start being a little more offensive minded in the second half. Four for 12, I'd like to make more. I don't care if we shoot more than 12 three's, but I'd like to make more than four. "

On defending against Boston College on the perimeter
"I think James Michael [McAdoo] can defend on the perimeter, I'm not too worried about that, and J.P. [Tokoto] can as well. I even went one time with Luke [Davis], because Luke really is good defensively, as long as he doesn't reach and go flying in there and over helping to the point where they throw it to the corner and hit a three. We've been working awfully hard on everything, guys. We've been working hard defensively, we've been working hard trying to run it and everything. We had a couple of really good practices this week, and I think it helped up tonight.

UNC Player Quotes

J.P. Tokoto, So., F

On the change in the line up offensively
"We had Leslie [McDonald] in there for more shooting, more three-pointers. So we spread the floor to make it easier to penetrate, to kick, and post guys."

On the change in the line up defensively
"Defensively, Nate [Britt] is a little quicker so we lost a little bit there, but I feel like Leslie [McDonald] did a great job defensively tonight."

On his contributions on defense
"I was denying them the ball, trying to take them off their offense, and kind of make it hard for them to make those buckets. A few times I let them drive past me, but you know its part of the game. Tonight, everyone did a solid defensive job."

On working on his dunks with Coach Williams
"Yeah, he told me we were going to have to get in the gym and start working on some dunks, it's the next thing about my game I have to improve. You know, Coach possesses a 46-inch vertical [sic], so I am hoping to learn a couple things from in the next few days and apply them in the Virginia game."

Marcus Paige, So., G

On changing something defensively
"That was our main focus all week, defensively, can we get better defensively? Six of their 11 field goals in the first half were three's and we didn't want them to get that many and that was the part that we needed to harp on. I don't know how many they ended up making, but we really wanted to make sure we took away the three point look, but we thought that if they could beat us from two, then they deserve to win. They shoot a lot of threes and that is what they rely on."

On going back to the point position
"I mean I like it. I came here to play point guard, the shooting guard thing, I am the guy that is going to do what ever I need to do to help the team, but at the same time that's my natural position, where I'm most comfortable and probably most effective. So its good to get extended minutes there for the first time."

On being more aggressive in the second half
"I do need to stay aggressive I mean I did kind of float in the second half today, I was aggressive in the first half, took the right shots, didn't force anything. Second half I got a little complacent, but you know other guys were taking shots, which always helps. I just need to keep remembering, push the ball and attack. If I was playing point guard more often I probably wouldn't have to reminding myself of that it would be more natural."

James Michael McAdoo, Jr., F

On the new lineup
"Coach just put the guys out there that he wanted to start the game, first and second half. We just had to go out there and just try to start both of those halves with a lot of energy."

b"I'm not really sure, definitely seems like that getting off to a quick start in the first half we really got things in our momentum and when we do that it builds a lot of confidence, especially throughout the rest of the game."

On what's getting him quick starts the past few games
"Just coming in and trying to work. God is good, and I was able to start off quick today and I think that just helps me get the rest of my teammates involved and just it just takes the pressure off everyone as a whole and we are all out there clicking and I don't know how many guys, but a bunch of guys scored in double figures."

Boston College Head Coach Steve Donahue

Opening Statement
"They played a very solid game. I thought we played well. I told our guys I thought we fought [and] competed on the glass, which obviously against Carolina is a huge thing. I guess the thing I'm disappointed in is our execution in the last six minutes; similar to [when we played] Syracuse, it's what gets us. We give up, just don't execute on the offensive side, and are not really strong with the ball. And a couple of those to win in this league on the road against a team like Carolina, you've got to execute for 40 minutes. I'm proud of our effort. I thought we fought and did a great job. "

On Carolina vs. the zone
"My feeling about the zone is that we switch a lot of things anyway. I thought we kept them in front of us and made them shoot jump shots. If you saw them, they made a couple of mid-range shots and going deep four out of 12. My biggest concern when we go zone is the rebounding. I'm proud of us that we out-rebounded them. I thought that would be very difficult. I think they wouldn't have taken shots from the outside, they would have drove it, threw it up on the glass. I think that would have played into their strengths."

On Marcus Paige
"We switched so many things in the first half. I thought Marcus [Paige] took advantage of that match up. He drove it against our wings and our big's when we switched. I just didn't like that feeling of doing it, so any time he was involved in a ball-screen we stayed with him, so for the most part he wasn't getting a read of an advantage. [Olivier] Hanlan stayed with him. [Joe] Rahon stayed with him. We tried to make somebody else beat us. I thought they made some open shots, which they hadn't been doing the last couple games, and they made them."

On Kennedy Meeks
"Well he's a horse. What I was disappointed in more than that was we allowed the pass to get in there easily. There wasn't pressure up on the ball. They threw it up top one time, and they dunked it in there, without pressure on the ball. We were going to come with help, but it was so fast and so quick. But that's their strength. If we don't turn the ball over and execute, we do our thing, we come out of here with a win. They did their thing. They executed when they had to, got the ball down low to their side and scored."

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