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Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/08/2014

Postgame Quotes • January 8, 2013
Miami 63, North Carolina 57

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement
"Well it was not a good night for us to say the least. We had a very disappointing night Sunday night, and this is exactly like it. Very disappointing. We did not do a very good job, and when I say ‘we' I mean everybody, including the head coach. First three or four minutes it was easy because we were running up and down the court. We didn't get stops after that and all of the sudden our running game stopped, and then it got much harder. They did a nice job in their zone. We did not do a good job in our movement. That's all we worked on the last couple of days, but I've got to do a better job. When you go to school here and you coach here as an assistant and you come back and coach here, it's a feeling of ownership, and it's a feeling of pride. And right now I'm not doing a very good job with this basketball team, and that's the hardest thing there is that I've ever had to say. We have wonderful kids in that locker room. We're not playing very well right now. We're not doing the little things that help us out a great deal. Even down the stretch when it was a two-possession game to have two turnovers in a row. We had a couple of silly turnovers, and you can't do those kind of things. You could look at a thousand things and point out a thousand reasons why it came like it did, but the bottom line is Miami played better than we did. Their coach coached better than I did. I have, as I said, great kids in that locker room, and we're going to keep going to work every day, and we're going to try and practice as hard as we can and try to do a better job. Miami came in 0-2, and it was a great win for them. That's what I told some of the kids. That's a great win because you don't want to be 0-3. The bottom line is that we've got to do something better the next game or we're going to be faced with the same thing. I do feel mentally probably worse than I've ever felt as a head coach right now. And that also shows what a blessed life I've had, but I've got good kids. I've got to do a better job with them."

On Miami's zone
"It's a lot of things. I think our movement wasn't very consistent, wasn't very intelligent movement. Then we'd sort of pass and stand still for a second instead of moving immediately. We had some good looks and didn't make them. They had seven blocked shots. We had some things around the rim, and they made it tough for us. So I think it was really a little of everything. We're limited in the number of people who can make three-point shots, so I still want to get the ball inside and then if it comes back out that's fine. But it wasn't a very good game for us offensively."

On Marcus Paige's performance the past two games
"He's such a wonderful kid. I asked him the other day in practice, yesterday or the day before, I said, ‘Sunday night, am I playing you too many minutes? Is it stamina? Were you hurt? Or is it just a bad game?' He said, ‘no, Coach, it wasn't that. It was a terrible game. I just played terribly.' He's one of the most responsible kids. He has more accountability than just about any kid I've ever coached. If I were to go in there to him right now and say it, he'd say the same thing. But maybe I have played him too many minutes. As a coach right now, the last two games, you start to question everything you do from silly stuff like what coat you wear to what kind of defense you're playing. I don't know the answer to this. The best thing is if I knew the answer I'd have already changed it."

UNC Player Quotes

Marcus Paige, So., G

On what has gone wrong in the last two games
"There're quite a few things that we need to tighten up. Taking care of the ball is probably the number one thing, getting good shots. We're alright on defense sometimes - we have a couple breakdowns - but at the end of the day, we've just got to play better overall."

On what needs to change to beat Syracuse
"A lot of things have to change. They're undefeated for a reason; they're a good team. We just have to go up there - and we know we're capable of doing it, we've shown it earlier in the season. We just have to - efforts like this can't happen - we've just got to play better."

On what's wrong with his shooting
"I honestly don't know. I've got to do better. I've got to make shots. I can't be 1-11 or 2-11 or whatever I shot - I didn't get the box score - I can't do that if we're going to be successful. That's two games in a row, so I've got to change what I'm doing."

Leslie McDonald, Sr., G

On the morale in the locker room
"Very quiet. It hurts. I mean losing hurts. You don't want to lose. Like I said, it's very quiet. I am assuming that everyone is hurt deep down inside, because I am."

On what was the biggest challenge on the zone
"Just figuring out the open spots, the sweet spots. We got it down packed a couple of times, but we just had to bring mishaps, with turnovers. And I take fault with that, I had a couple of turnovers and it just let down for a minute, but for that zone we've got to attack those sweet spots. "

On who had the biggest issue
"The biggest issue is just got to have the aggressive mentality. Just come in the game. If we up keep pushing the ball, we keep forward. Because teams are going to fight back regardless. We know that. But we have to be ready to take that hit and punch back. We have to have that aggressiveness on offense and defense."

Nate Britt, Fr., G

On what did Miami did offensively to keep the traps from forming
"The guards did a good job, they were able to make some passes to the middle, around the top of the key, free throw line area. That kind of broke down our defense when we were trying to trap. They were able to get dunks and lay-ups and we just didn't do a good job of rotating and communicating."

On the pace of the game and Miami playing half court
"It was different. A whole lot different. Coach talked about it. We have played games like this before, where the team wants to slow it down and we had low scoring games, so for the program it wasn't anything new. For some of us it was a little bit harder to adjust to the changes of the pace, but it was definitely different."

On what happened after the first four minutes
"We just broke down on defense. We didn't do a great job of communicating and rotating, so they were getting a lot of open dunks and layups. It was just tough, when you play good defense. For a certain amount of time and then break down when we get an easy play."

Miami Head Coach Jim Larrañaga

General thoughts on the game
"We just kind of grinded it out and did the things we needed to do defensively. We know how good Carolina is, and we knew what we had to do. The only question was, ‘Could we do it?' And we found out we could. This is a major step forward for us."

On if he is confident that his team can close out games going forward
"Well, I just told the team we have won some close games. We've lost some close games. Some of it is, quite frankly, just inexperience and not having been there before. Early in the season it was tougher, but we've grown a little bit now primarily because the defense is so much better. So that gives us a chance to get stops. Earlier in the year we gave up so many easy baskets, and we were having a hard time scoring points. So now we're still getting 60, but we're holding our opponents to far less."

On the reasons for Erik Swoope's increased playing time and players earning experience
"Well, a number of things. One, he's experienced and knows what I want done. Against a team like Carolina you have to be very efficient. James Kelly, who starts, this is a whole new environment for him. So I could see early in the game that he was not as calm as I would have liked for him to be. Donnavan Kirk was the same way. Anybody who hasn't played here, it's quite a new experience."

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