Postgame Quotes
Release: 12/21/2013

Postgame Quotes • December 21, 2013
North Carolina 97, Davidson 85

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement
"I would like to congratulate Davidson. I thought they did some really great things. Brian Sullivan was a load for us. Jordan Barham I think was a load for us. Steve [Kirschner] and I were talking coming in here, [and] halfway through the second half Marcus [Paige] and Brice [Johnson] hadn't scored. Those are two of our three leading scorers, so we had played about the way I feel. I feel like a train ran over me and then backed up and got me a second time, but it's what it is. [I'm] proud of our team's toughness. We went to the free-throw line and we made some free throws down the stretch. We shot them better under pressure than we did even earlier in the game. We went to a press two or three possessions and it got us some turnovers when it was a five or six-point game. [It] got us back in it. I'm just trying things, guys. It was a hard game. Just congratulate Davidson for doing such a good job against us, too."

On what led him to try different things like the press
"Well, I think it was a five-point game. It either five or six [points] when we went to it the first time. [We had] to try something. We tried that and it got a couple turnovers for us. When they had the ball with 20-some seconds to play I didn't want them to just have the last shot, so we ran a trap. They had to call a timeout and then we ran another trap and they still ended up getting a three that could have won it. I think it was over Nate [Britt's] hand at that point. We just didn't want them to hold out for the last shot freely, so I was pleased with our defense at that point. It was a frustrating game in so many different ways, but it's my team. [You] got to understand that."

On if Marcus Paige deferred more because he was playing a lot of point guard
"I don't know. It could be, but I think early in the game he hardly played any at the point. He more at the ‘2.' They were just good defensively, they really are. I think [you have to] give the credit to their defense.

He [Paige] steps up to the line and makes big free throws. J.P. [Tokoto] was five for six. James Michael [McAdoo] was nine for 14. We shot 200 of them on Thursday. One [player] shot 65 [percent], one shot 67, another shot 67 and another one shot 69. Everyone else was above 70, so we just have to do it in the game."

UNC Player Quotes

J.P. Tokoto, So., F

On his personal feelings on this game
"My goal is to just come out and be aggressive, crash the boards, and help my teammates out. But shots were there tonight and I took them, just like any other game and they fell."

On the effect of 5 a.m. practice, losing P.J. Hairston, and gaining back Leslie McDonald
"It hasn't been too rough at all, we have tough guys on the team emotionally and physically. The thing with P.J. [Hairston], we waiting to hear about and once we got the news everyone was really sad. We talked to P.J., just us as players, and we figured some things out. We're kind of using him as our fuel right now. Aside from the 5 a.m. practice, it's just something we have to do. We have to be tough and keep playing hard. It's not so much of running us to death that scares us, it's disappointing him. We just have to keep playing hard. "

On the mood of the conversation with P.J. Hairston
"People are different and not everybody is the same. So some guys were quite and some guys were more talkative than others. The overall mood was just we felt for P.J. not being able to play college basketball anymore, it's tough. For a guy that lives and dies by the ball, ball is life for him and for all us. But we know P.J. is going to be fine, he's tough."

On the effect of P.J. Hairston's absence on his game
"My roll has been the same: attack the boards, be an offensive threat when needed, be a defensive stopper for coach and the team, and whatever we need. Just be that person. I had it in my mind that I was going to be with P.J. or without him, so you just have to keep playing as a team and playing how we know to play. "

Marcus Paige, So., G

On if Davidson guarded him differently than other teams
"They played a little ‘box and one' and ‘triangle and two' on me and Leslie [McDonald]. We've seen it before. I was just exhausted. It was kind of a long week. We had a couple tough practices. We had a physical game against Texas. It took me awhile to get into the game. I didn't feel like myself for 30 minutes. It was tough, but we had huge a performance from J.P. [Tokoto]. Kennedy [Meeks] came in and gave us a big lift. It was a fun, all-together team win."

On his team's pressure defense
"We've practiced that every day. We have one where it's off the dribble whichever way the ball handler goes off the dribble. That's the one we went to at the end. Then we have one where we trap the first pass, and we practice that a lot. Coach hates the fact that other teams might have a chance for the last shot of the game, so in some situations you think we will have solid, straight man-to-man, but he wants the ball back. He's selfish like that. We tried to speed them up, and they turned it over a couple times."

Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop

Opening statement
"I thought it was a great college basketball game and I'm very, very proud of the effort our guys gave."

On their shot at the end of regulation
"I think we were a little bit late in getting the screen for Brian [Sullivan], and Brian had very little options there. He was forced to take a shot about 4-6 feet outside of what we hoped."

On their defense during the game
"I think Jim Fox put together a defensive game plan that was superb. We mixed up defenses pretty well. We went from man to zone to junk to man to zone to junk. I think it is a credit to our guys that they have the mental capacity to adjust as much as they did on the fly. So I thought our defense was pretty darn good."

On the team in overtime
"I think the fatigue factor settled in for us. I also believe that we had so many guys playing different positions and we just never had the rhythm defensively in the overtime we had, and I think we got a little deflated when we didn't put the game away in regulation."

On Brian Sullivan's performance
"I think this is what Brian is capable of doing, this is why we're excited about him playing for us. This is why we run things and give him shots. I think he's going to be a superb performer for us."

On De'Mon Brooks' performance
"I think that on the four, it's great to have him back on the court. I'm just certain that he's feeling probably pretty sore right now. It's interesting how both he and Jake Belford, they're just rusty from having as much off as they had."

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