Postgame Quotes
Release: 12/18/2013
Postgame Quotes • December 18, 2013
Texas 86, North Carolina 83

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening statement
"[Southern Illinois head coach] Barry Hinson is a great friend of mine, so I'm not going to copy what he did. But I'm not very pleased with our intensity, with our effort, or with our concentration. I thought it was just ridiculous in the first half; [in the] second half we tried harder. But you have to be tough enough to step up and make shots. I'm tired of talking about free throws; you have to be tough enough to step up and make the dag'on thing or go play soccer. Tell Anson [Dorrance] I'm not trying to bag on his sport, but God almighty."

On if Leslie McDonald's return hindered the team
"No, that's a bunch of garbage. The guys have to get out there and box out and go after the dag'on basketball, still letting people run right by you and get the dag on rebound every time. We had eight turnovers they turned into 12 points. It didn't have anything to do with Leslie [McDonald] being a negative - he was a positive."

On hearing the news of Leslie McDonald's reinstatement
"We had an inkling of it the last 36 to 48 hours and I found out for sure this afternoon."

On the possibility of hearing about both Leslie McDonald and P.J. Hairston from the NCAA
"I have no idea guys, I mean come on. I have been sitting here since June. When they tell me something I'm going to play the people."

On the flagrant call
"I thought the young man [Isaiah Taylor] from Texas threw an elbow and that was the only contact. But they looked at it on tape and in their opinion we fouled and there was a dead ball technical against them. It would have been nice if it was just the dead ball technical that's no question since he made both free throws, but it would have also been nice if we had boxed out the shooter on the free throw at the end, which we work on everyday."North Carolina Player Quotes

North Carolina Player Quotes

Marcus Paige, So. G

On what was lacking and why
"I don't know. They played harder than us. They outran us, they out-rebounded us and that's why we lost."

On if he liked the final shot he had
"Yeah, [I] got a clean look. It was a little further out than we would have liked it, but I got a clean look at the basket and it just rimmed out. That was designed. We ran that exactly how it was designed."

On persistent free throw issues
"They are free opportunities to get points. The clock stops. You have to take advantage of them. I know we miss a lot of them, and it hurts when you're trying to make runs. We shouldn't have been in a position where free throws determined this game in the first place. Our first half was probably the worst first half of basketball we could have possibly played. I mean, it doesn't help when...if you miss two free throws it's basically like turning the ball over or giving the ball right back to them. It's frustrating to not take advantage of those opportunities."

Leslie McDonald, Sr., G

On the ovation he got from the crowd when he was subbed in
"It felt good. My hat goes out to the people that have supported me: fans, my family and everybody that was behind me. My hat goes out to them because it's truly an honor to be out here and play in front of those fans and be able to do the things that we do. Just for them to go out there and show their appreciation, I really tip my hat."

On if he felt rusty
"Of course, this was my first game back. I had to get a couple of kinks out. I was a little disappointed in my free throws. I know I'm better than that. I'm known for shooting a high percentage from the free-throw line. [It's] something that I just got to work on."

Kennedy Meeks, Fr., F

On rebounding issues
"Honestly I can't even tell you. It's just effort, man."

On fixing free throw issues
"I can't even tell you man, it's just a bad feeling right now in our locker room. Like I said we just have to get ready for practice and the next game." 

Texas Head Coach Rick Barnes

Opening Statement
"It's been plays like that. It looks like we're going to give one away, and somehow come up and just to play like that. I'm really proud of our guys because one, we came out with the attitude we wanted from the beginning. I thought Demarcus Holland did a great job of setting that, especially for us offensively. Really a great win for us. Serious foul trouble we had to work through, and I couldn't have imagined that we would do some of the things we had to do to just piecemeal some things together. I think our guys showed a lot of grit, different guys at different times. Again, Demarcus Holland early, late. Javan [Felix] went through a stretch, I think he had eight straight points. I actually told him, ‘Just go get it, and let's play.' Isaiah [Taylor] had gotten tired. He played a lot of minutes. Jon [Holmes] worked through the cramps, but really just these guys have found a way."

On the final play
"I was kidding with my coaches because I was wanting to foul the last play. We knew they were going to throw to half court, and we didn't handle that very well. I wanted to actually foul before they threw the ball in, but my assistants talked me out of it. I told them, ‘You guys better be glad that he didn't make that shot.' I didn't obviously want to get into overtime with this. It's just a great win for us. Where we are right now, it's a great win."

On preparing for the game
"I told them coming in here that this is a great week for us. What I actually said to them was after the game against Texas State, and you go back and look at our schedule... some of the teams we played early were teams that had great success. We talked about winning in your DNA, and some of the teams we played early were teams coming off 24, 27 wins with a lot of guys back. We'd get up, lose leads, and all that. The other night I showed them. I had one of my assistants- and I really don't look at rankings, I really don't- but I said to our coaches, ‘I bet we don't even have a vote.' And I actually showed them. I had one of the guys get it, and sure enough we didn't even have a vote. So I said we're not going to be taken seriously until we do something that we're not supposed to do, and I said you've got a chance this week and it starts here. We prepared and came in. We're tough. We've got a tough group of guys. I actually told them after the game this is the where this program has been. We've always in the past had a group of guys who would go in hard arenas to play and expect to win, and we haven't had that the past couple of years. For this group to do this, it's going to be something that they should feel really good about."



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