James Michael McAdoo led a 12-0 run in the second half to put the game away.
James Michael McAdoo led a 12-0 run in the second half to put the game away.
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UNC-Oakland Postgame Quotes
Release: 11/08/2013

Postgame Quotes • Nov. 8, 2013

North Carolina 84, Oakland 61



UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening statement

"In the first half we shot 74 percent with 17 or 18 assists; and I thought James Michael [McAdoo], J.P. [Tokoto], and Marcus [Paige] were really good in the first half.

"Our defense was good and helped us get the break going. We had some open court situations and I think that was the whole thing right there. You shoot 74 percent because you're getting a lot of great shots.

"They're a good basketball team, I think its just one of those days for them early and they couldn't make one and then all of the sudden we're making everything. I really have a great deal of respect for Greg [Kampe] and his club and they're got big time schedule that he's put in front of them because he knows that they're going to be pretty doggone good. As a coach it always scares you when the other team calls you, and that's what happened...Oakland called us. But I have a great deal of respect for Greg and his club, and again, we were really sharp and we were going up and down the court throwing the ball to the right colored shirts in the first half.

"I also thought our guys coming off the bench, I looked down there and our bench got 28 points. I think we need to have that kind of performance from our bench every night too, but the big guys did a nice job moving the ball. They played zone almost the whole game, and at times against them we had really good shots. But we have to play better and we have to hold your intensity level. I know it's hard with the scores what it was at halftime."

On if this game settled the uncertainty of season

"No, I mean that's the big picture thing, but like I said yesterday, I'm always the guy that thinks things are going to be really good. So I'm thinking we're going to go 75-0 in a 29- or 30-game schedule."

On J.P. Tokoto's work over the summer

"Well he was really good in the first half. He's played really well, the one thing he didn't show as much tonight is that he's been a great rebounder for us. And you know, he only had two offensive rebounds. He's been a great rebounder and a great defensive player. His shot is better, we need to understand that it's a work in progress and that it's going to get better and better and better. And we need to stop turning the ball over, four turnovers for him in the second half. Well for the whole team we had 12."

On Kennedy Meeks and Joel James at the five

"I thought they gave us solid play. You know, Kennedy-10 points, five rebounds. Joel got in foul trouble, he had two fouls in the first half that kept him out of there. Fourteen points from the two of them, and Joel had eight rebounds in 14 minutes. I got some good things from everybody really."


Oakland Head Coach Greg Kampe

General thoughts on the game

"Well, [we had a] freshman point guard at Carolina. I told Coach [Roy Williams] this afternoon, I said the worst thing...the worst thing that's happened to us is that those kids [P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald] aren't playing. Everybody said, 'Oh, they're not playing.' There are still McDonald's All-Americans out there and they came out with a chip on their shoulder because they've heard all this crap. And they played. They got it going and we couldn't stop it because we didn't run good offense. We were shell-shocked.

"They made tough shots, but they also got a lot of easy ones. Then we started taking bad shots, which was leading to run-outs and easy plays. We couldn't stop the snowball from going. We got in here, we got settled down and the freshman figured out that I wasn't going to yank him. We outscored them 40-26 in the second half and they didn't substitute until with a minute to go. Now, they weren't going to keep that momentum going. They weren't going to keep that...I mean that was unbelievable.

"What I'm proud of is that we started running our stuff, we took some time off the clock and we started guarding them a little bit. We think we're a pretty good rebounding team and in the first half we didn't even try to rebound. Of course when they make everything there aren't many rebounds to get, but we didn't rebound on the offensive end. I thought in the second half we got some misses -- we knew they had to miss some shots -- and we rebounded. We didn't give them put-backs. And we got the momentum going the way we needed it. Actually, I'm pretty pleased if you can get your butt kicked the way we got our butt kicked and walk away pretty pleased. I'm pretty pleased. I think the first 20 minutes was as good as they could be and as bad as we [could be], and that's what November basketball is."



UNC Player Quotes

James Michael McAdoo, Jr., F

On what part of his game he's most satisfied with

"Coming out in the second half, Marcus [Paige] was telling me keep it going and just keep taking my time. I feel like that's something that I've always struggled with is trying to rush and force things. I feel like that's the biggest thing, when I take my time, see the floor, but still try to use my explosiveness and stuff like that. I think that really just takes my game to another level."

On whether UNC exceeded expectations tonight

"Yeah, I mean, Oakland's a great team. Coming into this game, we definitely expected them to - not to take anything away from them today - but we definitely expected a much better team. I think, like Coach [Greg Kampe] said, they were a little shell-shocked, but they're going to be a great team. They've been a NCAA tournament team, I think, the past couple years they've got one of the best shooters in [Duke] Mondy. So definitely coming out, not having P.J. [Hairston] and Leslie [McDonald], we were really unsure what things were going to be like. But we've been practicing a lot, I think we were really excited and Coach [Roy Williams] was really excited about the results.

On this game being a confidence-booster

"It's really fun just getting out there. We're still trying to work things out and get our game legs back and really just get acclimated and get the season underway. [We're] 1-0, we've got a long way to go, still have a lot of room for improvement, but it's definitely a positive though."

On whether they were relieved to start playing

It's definitely relieving just to get back out there. I wouldn't say it was a relief because of the so-called drama, or anything. We're still excited when those guys get back, whenever that will be, but at the end of the day, the season's here and we're really excited to just finally put the jersey on and be able to go out there when it really counts.

Marcus Paige, So., G

On chemistry between him and Nate Britt at the one and two

"It's coming along. [Nate Britt]'s been doing such a great job that it's making it easier for me. This week especially, I got a lot of reps at the two in practice, whereas before I would play the one a lot, so that made me a little more comfortable. Now I know what I'm doing a little bit so I can be a little more comfortable. It was nice, Nate does a great job getting in the lane, putting pressure on the defense and that makes my job kind of easy."

On whether he's developing his shot

"Yeah, I mean, I've just got to stay aggressive, especially with that line-up we have, I'm one of the only perimeter shooters. I've got to keep looking for my shot, I can't get complacent and just chilling on the wing. I was able to find some opening seams in the zone today."

On his early three-pointers

"I was getting good looks, we were moving the ball well - we shot like 74-percent from the field. We were getting all kinds of looks: lay-ups, skip passes for threes. That was probably one of the best halves I've been a part of since I've been here, just in terms of everyone playing together, unselfish with the ball and knocking down shots."

On James Michael McAdoo's performance

"He was great because he was under control, he was making a lot of plays that last year he might've turned over. You could see his game matured a lot and it showed today. He was under control, knocking down little jump shots, attacking the rim, and that's what we really need him to do. We need him to be that guy consistently. It was good to see that."

J.P. Tokoto, So., F

On his confidence in his three point shots

"Oh definitely, with all the work I put in it this summer and just kind of getting in to practice and doing kind of the same thing I did in the game today. It's just like second nature now. "

On re-shaping his shots

"It was a combination of those. My elbow was up, so getting my elbow back in, that helped a lot. And just focusing on the rotation of the ball and getting it up and using my legs so much not as my arms."

On his making strides on his defensive potential

"Probably not as many as strides as I wanted to. I have been focusing on more on the offensive aspect of my game instead of defensive over the summer. But I mean a lot of its just getting into my defensive stance and making it in your mind that the guys not going to get past you or not going to let him go past you easily."

On James Michael McAdoo's game

"It opens up for us. Team's start to focus more on James Michael in the post and his turn and we can make cuts or you know, set screens for open guys, and it just opens up for everyone else and just makes it easier."


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