Roy Williams
Roy Williams
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UNC-NC State Postgame Quotes
Release: 02/23/2013

Head Coach Roy Williams Quotes

Opening Statement

"I'm really proud of my team.  They came out and played very well.  There were a couple of moments in the second half where we scored two baskets and we got a little fat and happy and started doing things we shouldn't be doing.  Reggie Bullock had 13 rebounds, four offensive rebounds and two of them were on free throws.  That's just a sense of urgency about how to play the game.  And I loved that.  Marcus Paige made some big baskets for us in the second half.  He had eight assists and zero turnovers.  I'm particularly happy since he played so poorly over in Raleigh.  He's a tough little nut and I think he is going to be a big time player for us.  There were a lot of guys who did some really great things.  Leslie (McDonald) came in and did stuff for us defensively.  Look at Reggie's 3:0 assist (to turnover) ratio, Dexter's (Strickland) 4:1, Marcus 8:0.  Those kind of things really helped us.  They're a tough team.  The rebounding part killed us early in the game and getting back on transition defense wasn't as good.  But, in the second half I thought we rebounded better and got back better and made some shots."

On subbing five players in at the same time

"I was just ticked off.  I thought we were getting casual with everything we did.  We turned it over two out of three possessions.  We were fortunate when we could collect the ball after a bad play.  Scott Wood had just made a three on Reggie and he got really hot.  Then he went and made two more on J.P. (Tokoto) and everybody is going to criticize J.P. but Scott Wood is pretty doggone good.  But I don't think that was a deciding factor in the game.  When those guys came back in they had a better sense of purpose."

On Marcus Paige's improvement from last game versus NC State

"Lorenzo (Brown) is fantastic.  He's hard to keep in front of you.  He's just really good, but I don't know that he's back to 100% from spraining his ankle.  My little freshman is a tough little nut.  He's getting better and better as we go along.  He didn't play particularly well at Georgia Tech, but other than that he's been playing very well recently."

On the team being more aggressive

"In the Georgia Tech game we didn't have a sense of urgency.  We are just more gifted than they are.  That's not a cut or anything towards Georgia Tech or the job that Brian (Gregory) is doing.   We didn't have that sense of urgency down there, but yet we had some poise and were able to get it done on the road.  For us 10 turnovers in the game, we've been taken better care of the basketball.  That hurt us more than anything in Raleigh.  Turnovers 40 ft from the basket that they turn into fast breaks.  I think tonight that we may have taken one or two shots that I didn't want to take.  I think the sense of urgency, the toughness and the shots bring all three together, were good for us."



North Carolina State Head Coach Mark Gottfried

Opening Statement

"Well, I thought it was a heck of a college basketball game, and we are disappointed. I thought my team competed hard and I thought theirs did, too. I thought North Carolina's players and NC State's players - I thought they just competed unbelievably hard. We just had a stretch there from the eight-minute mark in the second half to the four-minute mark where we had some empty possessions. They, in turn, took advantage of that and knocked down a couple key threes. That little stretch right there I thought was the difference in the game. Two basketball teams going at each other pretty hard."

On if he is concerned about his team's short bench

"No. If that was the case, we played Florida State the other day and it was the same group. Sometimes you just have that, where we got the ball right around the rim a couple times and missed some shots. Scott (Wood) hit two in a row, then he missed a good look. We had 12 turnovers in the first half and only five in the second, but collectively we had 17, which is way too many. A couple of those were during that stretch."

On Marcus Paige's performance

"Well, I thought he played really well. He was under control. I thought those couple threes and his drives to the basketball were really timely, more than anything. He's a freshman, a little more comfortable at home probably like all freshmen are. He really stepped up and did a nice job today and played well."

On where is team goes from here

"We just have to go back and work on the things we normally do. Again, I liked the way our guys competed. We were up four, and I think at about the eight-minute mark we were up three, and we had that four-minute stretch. We can beat ourselves up, which we probably will, but at the end up the day we correct some things and get better at some things and we could have had a different outcome today. But you've got to give those guys credit, we took the lead and had a great run there to take the lead - they responded. You've got to give them credit for that. They could have been a little bit shaky right there, too, and they weren't, so they did a nice job."



Postgame Player Quotes

Reggie Bullock

On the spark from coach Roy Williams' five substitutions

"He put five in. The five that were out there, including me, were staggering our offense and were taking bad shots. When he put the five in, we sat on the bench and saw the easy shots that the five went in and got. It was just moving, cutting and setting screens. Marcus (Paige) ended up with a three-point shot. He just wanted us to go out there and move the ball fluidly and make sharp cuts and change our cuts."

On the growth of Marcus Paige this season

"He's been growing. His confidence is sky high, and he feels like he can compete with anybody. We know that he can compete with anybody. He's just going to try to make the best play to help his teammates. When he gets his feet set, we always feels like his jumper's going in. He's a smart point guard."


James Michael McAdoo

On where team was a month ago when playing at NC State

"I knew things were going to get a lot better for our team. After we played N.C. State at their place, we just knew we had to show up and play for 40 minutes, and that's not what we did when we played them.  So coming into tonight's game, of course we knew we had to have a higher energy, and that doesn't mean we had to hit every shot or stop them every time on defense. We knew we just had to give the effort and when we did that, as you can see, the results were to our liking."

On preparing as a team

"I think the biggest thing is not worrying about the future. Not worrying about the tournaments, none of that. Just focusing on each and every day. Showing up ready to play and letting all that stuff take care of itself. When we do that, we're a pretty good team."


Marcus Paige

On tonight's win

"It was big for us. A lot of the reason was because of the way we played against them last time. It left a bad taste in our mouths to come out in that big of the game and not play the way we wanted to, so we really wanted to come and set the tone early and really compete the entire time. We did a good job of that. Whenever I look at the stat sheet and it has zero turnovers, that's big for me because that's important for our team, to take care of the ball and get shots. Also, to get eight assists was big for me, so I think I played pretty well."

On playing as a team

"I think we're starting to click a little bit. We're starting to play harder, which should never be a problem, but we are playing a lot harder. We getting on transition, everybody's contributing, we're having a balanced attack. I think we're just overall growing as a team game by game throughout the conference play."


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