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UNC-Shaw Postgame Quotes
Release: 10/26/2012

Postgame Quotes

Exhibition Game vs. Shaw  - Oct. 26, 2012

Opening Statement

"I thought it was really a good night for us. I even liked it when they took the lead there because those are the kinds of things that we're going to face all year, so I liked the way our guys responded. The first half they were 5-for-11 from the three-point line because we gave them such open shots, so I talked to them the second half about challenging the shot but also doing a better job guarding the dribble. I think we did that. We didn't shoot the ball very well. I said last year we were going to be a really good shooting team, and I think this is a team that's going to be even better than that.


What Williams learned about the freshmen in this game

"It was good for us to get in front of a crowd. We've been trying to do things in practice. We have station work. We have four-on-four group work, and now they've got to put it into game action and I think that's what they did. Brice in the first half only played four minutes, had four rebounds and six points. So I told him that was pretty good. If it was going to do it like that, I'll play him more. He gave us some good moments. Joel and Brice probably played better for their opening night than Marcus and J.P. did, but I liked what they did."


On Joel James' performance

"Joel's a big body. He gives us that big presence inside. He's going to mess it up sometimes, but I think that he does give us that inside. You look at his line - 6-for-7, seven rebounds, 13 points. You should take that every night, if you get that out of him, but that's going to be hard. You don't do those things every night. You look at it, Desmond played 15 minutes, Joel played 17 minutes, Brice played 13 minutes and James Michael, of course, played the most at 26 minutes, so we've got to get that kind of production."


On Brice Johnson

"He's a youngster who has the ability to score. He has the ability to get rebounds. He doesn't play as hard as we want him to play yet, and he understands that. He's got to do a little better job defensively, but I liked what he did."


On Dexter and Leslie's return

"I told him and Leslie I thought tonight was big for them because for Leslie it's been over a year since he's played in a game. It was good for Dexter too - what was that, eight months ago he had surgery - so I thought it was good. You know, you look at his line and say, 'well, I don't know how good that is.' But 21 minutes just to get back out there in action I thought was good for him and I think he is getting better everyday with his knee for sure."



Reggie Bullock

On pulling away from Shaw in the second half

"We just knew that our shots weren't falling, so we had to definitely do it on the defensive end. I believe that the defensive pressure started with Dexter (Strickland), P.J. (Hairston) and Leslie (McDonald) when they were in just to give us momentum on the defensive end. Once we started doing that, we knew that we just had to keep the momentum up for us to survive in the game."

On the freshman performance

"The freshman did well. Marcus (Paige), he played well for us. Brice (Johnson), he came off the bench and helped up on the boards. Joel (James) played with a lot of heart out there...J.P. (Tokoto) getting rebounds and put-backs. That's their game. That's what they do...they score."


On the effect of the first win on the team

"It was a great confidence booster for us. We can actually see that we can be great on the defensive end of the floor. We're long and athletic...we've just got to keep it up, and start with practice tomorrow. We just have to keep the defensive intensity up and make Coach (Williams) believe in us to put players out there and fight every battle and every play."


Leslie McDonald

On how it felt to be back on the court
"It felt great running up and down the court, defending guys on the other team"

"Coach Williams, Coach Davis, and Coach Robinson told us we need to put a little more pressure on the guards and they were getting easy shots that drop, easy shots in the lane.  Once we put pressure on the guards and played the passing lanes, we were able to get steals and deflections and it turned into a great first play for offense."

James Michael McAdoo

"It gave the crowd a fans a taste. Hopefully we're nothing [later in the season] like we were today. That (defense) has really been an emphasis in practice.  Going into the game just focusing on being a better defensive team than past Carolina teams and we have to make up for some offensive firepower that we aren't going to have."

Dexter Strickland

""I feel good, not back to normal but I feel like I'm ready to go.  I don't think (confidence is) an issue anymore.  That's what I've been working on the most.  Just running on it and trusting it more.  I'm getting there, I'm not 100% I'm probably 99% or 98%"

"We didn't do a good job on defense or transition defense."

"Our sense of urgency changed.  Everybody picked it up and everybody came to play."

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