Reggie Bullock
Reggie Bullock
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UNC-Maryland Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/19/2013

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement

"Well, we feel good.  We don't feel good about the way we played in the second half, but the first half we were pretty doggone good.  We were so active defensively.  We were unselfish and moved it, and did all the things we like to do on the offensive end.  We missed some fast break opportunities: 3 on 1, 3 on 2, we had three of those that we didn't score.  I was so pleased with what we had done defensively.  Second half we got away from being quite as active defensively, and we really got away from what had gotten us a lead on the offensive end.  We had some shots that good shooters were taking and didn't make them.  That makes it always look ugly.   Just like it looked pretty in the first half when Reggie (Bullock) was 6 of 9 in the first half.  We started going too much 1 on 1 down the middle and we lost the ball three times on the dribble down the middle.  We should never do that because if it's that crowded you shouldn't try to dribble it in there.  We didn't do a good job in stopping their penetration to the basket.  We were really good in the second half, and I want to show them on tape the second half and learn from it."


On Reggie Bullock and James Michael McAdoo having strong performances

"Reggie has been fairly consistent.  Reggie made one basket in the second half, and I don't know how many James Michael made.  James Michael made two just on great, great passes from Marcus (Paige).  In the first half Reggie and James Michael both carried us.  They should.  They're the most experienced players and guys that we ask to do more."


On whether the team has finally understood what the coaches have taught

"Evidently not.  Florida State, we had more of a sense of urgency and took better care of the basketball, and we never got selfish.  Today I think that the first half was really, really pretty and the second half was really, really ugly.  Young guys do that.  Also when you're younger you see a 22 point lead and you think everything is going to be rosey, but this is the ACC and no one in this league is going to stop.  Especially a Mark Turgeon-coached team is not going to roll over and play dead.  I saw it last weekend, and I saw it in the first half today.  I'm one of those guys that wants to see it all the time and no; I haven't seen it all the time."


On James Michael McAdoo's poor second-half performance

"He didn't get good shots in the second half.  He rushed them.  When you look at his stats he made three and everyone of them was a dunk or one inch from the basket.  The jump shots he missed.  He is just rushing his jump shot.  He made a tough jump shot in the first half over Alex Len, but he didn't rush it.  In the second half without those three dunks he was 0-6."


Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon


Opening Statement

"I thought Carolina was great. We let (Reggie) Bullock get going early, acted like we didn't even know he was out there a couple of times. And then, (James Michael) McAdoo too, we let them get going, their two best players. Everybody else fed off of it. I thought Carolina was great, and I thought their crowd was great.  I thought their crowd was much better today than it was on senior night when we played here last year. It was a hungry team and a hungry crowd. It was a team that needed a win and they played like it."


On Maryland's offensive poise

"Yeah, we weren't very good. It's pretty obvious. We threw the ball to them a lot more than sometimes we threw it to us. But give the crowd credit, give North Carolina credit. It's disappointing but, 15 in one half is too many. But great environment, tough, we just kept fumbling balls, and fumbling passes. It's just one of those days."


On how Maryland felt before the game

"I thought we were going to play great, I really did. I thought we were confident. I thought we were going to play pretty well. But, you have to give them credit. They were so good out of the chute, and we just didn't respond to it. We weren't mature enough to respond to the way they came out and played, and made shots, and pressured. It just kind of steamrolled."


On Carolina's defensive intensity

"I thought the Florida State game was the best that they played. I think they took it to another level here. We kind of fed into it a little bit and we helped them. I thought they were terrific. If you watch their first two league games you get a lot of confidence. Get to watch the Florida State game, they were much better, and then today. They have speed that we just don't see in practice. They have a lot of speed and a lot of length. McAdoo's speed, Bullock's speed. And I thought (Desmond Hubert) was really good defensively for them. I don't know if he scored at all, but those 14 minutes he was really good defensively, and that's what that team needs."




Reggie Bullock

On how his teammates were helping him succeed:

"They were setting great screens, and I was setting my man up.  That's one thing Coach always tells us: 'If you've got a great shooter, go screen for him.' I really thank my teammates a lot. They really tried to get me the ball and set great screens for me, and that's just Carolina basketball."

On coming out with a sense of urgency:

"We see how good we are as a team, and if we can do that against teams like UNLV we should be able to do that against all the teams in our conference. Just playing with that same sense of urgency, and once we play with that same type of game that we played against UNLV and the Florida State game, we're one of the best teams in the country."

On playing well with James Michael McAdoo:

"We have a lot of young guys but me and Mac played a lot of minutes for Coach Williams last year, so we know how he wants thing to be run," Bullock said. "So we just try to tell the younger guys, and it's up to them to believe us and believe in the talent that they have and go out and do the things that Coach Williams wants them to do."


James Michael McAdoo

On coming out with a sense of urgency:

"It all comes from Coach Roy, but there's carryover where we actually have to go out there and do it," McAdoo said. "Some of the games this year we haven't done that at all, but as you can see when we do do it like in the first half, we're a great basketball team. We can play phenomenal. Other times like in the second half when we let down, you can see glimpses of how we used to be and how we still can be. I feel like that's just coming with us maturing and continuing to buy into what Coach Roy is telling us."

On Reggie Bullock's day:

"Reggie probably had his best game in a Carolina jersey, or at least best half," McAdoo said. "(He played) bananas. The crowd's just like 'Go for 40.' That's what I kept telling him: 'Drop 40 on them, Reg.' He just played great and none of it was selfish. It was all in our system, and that's Carolina basketball."


Marcus Paige

On the first half:

"We just came out with a lot of intensity. The first half was probably the best half of basketball we've played all year. Right away from the beginning, just pressuring, they did have some turnovers but we caused some of those. We weren't able to maintain it. They came out aggressive in the second half. But in the first half, we played some great basketball."



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