North Carolina 66, Idaho 0 - Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/29/2012

Carolina Football Sept. 29, 2012
UNC 66, Idaho 0 at Kenan Stadium (Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Postgame Quotes

Coach Larry Fedora

Opening Statement:

"I was really pleased with the way our team played tonight - from the very beginning it was a point of emphasis this week because everybody said we were a second half team and that we couldn't start fast. So we spent a lot of time talking about starting fast, making things happen from the beginning and we did that from the second or third play of the game going downtown for the touchdown and then coming back and blocking a punt and just everybody was excited about getting something started early in the game. We had great energy level all week in practice, and it paid off for us."

On setting school records for most points in a game and biggest point margin:

"It says this team is very capable of doing some special things. If we keep preparing the way we're preparing the last couple weeks and we keep playing with a lot of energy then we can do some really, really good things. It's a lot of fun playing out here. It's a lot of fun playing in front of our crowd. Our kids really enjoy it."

On underclassmen performances:

"It's great to get as many reps as we've gotten with them because that's only going to pay off down the road for us when those guys have to play for us because it's going to happen. They're going to have to play. Kiaro Holts started the game at left tackle today and did a great job the entire game, but we've got a lot of guys getting reps. You're seeing some really good things. Quinshad Davis had a really nice game and he's coming into his own. He's starting to feel more and more comfortable, so every rep that those guys get, the better we're going to be as a football team."

On not giving up a touchdown since the second quarter against Louisville:

"First of all, they're playing with good energy level, and after that we've got a lot of guys flying to the football. We've got a lot of guys running the ball, so you're going to have less missed tackles, you're going to have less bad things happening. When you've got a lot of guys running to the football, good things usually happen."

UNC Player Quotes

TB Giovani Bernard

When was the last time you only had two carries in a game when you were healthy?

"Little League football. Sometimes when you get the ball in your hand you just feel that you have something special going on that night and today was one of those days. We were able to not just run the ball but passing as well. The offensive line, all credit goes to them, they did a great job today - no sacks allowed."

How important was it to come out strong in the first quarter?

"I think a lot of people have been saying that they're Tar Heels in the second half; they can't do much in the first half. For us, we wanted to show everybody that we could do it in the first half. With a game like Virginia Tech coming up, we have to be able to start fast, smart and physical and not just wait until the second half to come back."

You only had two carries but each of them was a touchdown.

"I didn't realize I only had two carries. It's something that I pride myself on - whenever I touch the ball, I've got to do something special. Nowadays, there are players out there who one time and they're going 90 yards. I want to pride myself on being able to make something special out of every touch.

What did the accomplishments of setting the records today mean?

"This team right now, I think we are able to come up with a lot. The first game we came up with a lot of points. There is a whole new feeling around, this whole new Fedora era. I think with that there is something more about this team than just putting up points.

QB Bryn Renner

On the receivers:

All of our receivers have great hands. They have my full confidence that they will catch the ball and get the job done. Even in pregame they were doing a great job.

On expanding the playbook:

We've actually just kind of refined what we've been doing. We're doing the things that we're good at and leaving the stuff that we're not behind. Every game plan is different. We came out and played the way we're capable of. We had a great week of practice and it showed up today. You have to stay mentally focused and locked in.

On coming out of the game at halftime?

It always feels good when you come out (of the game) and already have it in hand. I was really happy for the other guys to get in. Caleb Pressley has been here for three years and has done a great job learning the playbook. Guys like Kenny Owens, a fifth year senior, it's really special because they're your brothers and your friends and you want to see them succeed.

QB Marquise Williams

On the win:

It felt great. When your time is called you need to be ready. Bryn told me your time is coming and I just felt so good about the day. It felt like I was back in high school.

Idaho Head Coach Robb Akey

Opening Statement:

"The positive thing is the game's over. We didn't start well. We didn't play well. Carolina played a hell of a game, and we didn't. "

On confidence going into the game:

"It was. I thought our guys, I thought we'd come out and play. I know my players expect to come out and play. You know, we didn't survive the early onslaught. We had some things happen to us that haven't happened to us. We had a breakdown in punt protection twice. That hasn't happened with us, and it did today...were our guys ready to play? Yeah...they went out there and played, and they feel the same way that I do. We all feel not real good right now. Nobody tries to go do what just took place. It didn't execute well. It didn't happen well. We got this game over with. I'm looking forward to going and playing New Mexico State, finally get to play a conference game."

On fixing mistakes:

"My point coming into this game, our attitude as a team, as a family, was that we were one play away from being where it is that we need to be. This is not what any of us had anticipated was going to take place today. We'll put ourselves right back onto the positive focus and make sure that we get some of these things cleaned up. It was an ugly afternoon, but I do believe we can bounce back."

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