North Carolina 50, Georgia Tech 68 Postgame Quotes
Release: 11/10/2012

Postgame Quotes • Nov. 10, 2012
North Carolina 50, Georgia Tech 68

Coach Larry Fedora

Opening Statement

"It didn't feel near the same as it did last time we came off that field. It was pretty poor feeling, actually. We played poorly in all three phases of the game - offense, defense and special teams. Give Georgia Tech credit for what they accomplished today because they were the better team today."

On what happened with the defensive effort

"I don't have the answer for you right now. We'll have to go back and look at the film and see what was actually happening out there. We used two different fronts throughout the game, and I'm not sure either one of them had much success. We went with the 3-4 and a 4-3 and mixed it up throughout the game and whether they ran it or threw it, we didn't have much success or any consistency."

On giving up opportunities for Georgia Tech

"You don't want to give up seven completions for 208 yards, I know that, against a team that traditionally has trouble throwing the football. When you get guys, when they get their eyes where they're not supposed to be and you don't play with assignment discipline, you give them the opportunity to make some big plays."

On practice leading up to this game

"Practices were good. If I saw that coming, I probably wouldn't have shown up today. I didn't see that coming. We had really good practices. We had a lot of energy at practice. I had no idea."

On the third quarter

"We had a pick-two, and they turned around and scored on the very next play. Thirty points in the third quarter is what happened there. We just fell apart. We basically gave them the game and then had a chance to get back into the game down a score and we just couldn't get it going."


Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson

On the kicker, Chris Tanner

"I'll tell you who I'm really proud of, Chris Tanner, a guy who hadn't kicked, hadn't done that in a pressure situation. He did a great job for us."

On a crucial play in the game

"I don't know about any one play that sticks out. I think anytime we got a stop it was big. I know that. And to get a turnover and the stop...I was frustrated because we had the ball on the kickoff, and Chris Milton rolled around on his back, and to their (Carolina's) credit, they took it away from him. But he had the ball. I saw it happen right in front of me. But when they get in a pile, that stuff goes on. You can't get flipped over...they got him on his back, and they did a good job of getting it out.

On setting ACC scoring and points records

"Too bad we missed that two-point conversion. The kids played their butts off. They played hard, and they made plays. They made a lot of plays...Vad (Lee) with the throw to Robby (Godhigh). It was a good throw, and Robby made a play. Third down over on our side...it was third and eight that we ran a play into too many people and Orwin (Smith) made a play. He made the guy miss and got the first down. And when guys are doing that you stay on the field. You have a chance to be successful."

On the defense giving up 50 points

"It's like I said after the game, 68 is more than 50. Sometimes you win like that, sometimes you win 6-3. I thought they did enough in the second half to enable us to win. They kept playing, and that's what you've got to do."


UNC Player Quotes

LB Kevin Reddick

On Georgia Tech's offense

"I've played against it for three years, four years now. I think last year we did okay with it, the other years it kind of gassed us. You just have to be disciplined and that's it. The coaches were telling us all week 'do your job, do your job,' and guys didn't come out and do that today."

On the extra week to prepare

"Practices were going great. Everybody was hitting their man, whoever they had. I mean, that's practice. You have your look team, they give you the look, trying to get as close as the can to the real team. You get out there on the field, and it's just a game. Sometime it may deal with lack of experience."


WR Quinshad Davis

On his first 100-yard game

"It feels good to get it out of the way, but it came in a loss, so it kind of takes that feeling back a little bit."

On the Georgia Tech secondary

"They were playing a lot of cover two, and they started to press a little bit at the end. Other than that they were playing a lot of cover two and we took advantage of it."

On the offense's performance

"I felt like we did good, except towards the end we started struggling a little bit. Other than that I thought we did good."


CB Tim Scott

On his interception and touchdown

"We were just in cover two, but we disguised it a little bit, so on the snap of the ball I just took two shovel steps to make it seem like man on them, and then I just stopped and read the quarterback and that's when who threw the ball and I just jumped it."

On Georgia Tech's success through the air

"They're know as a running team, but when they're running, running, running, they're going to give you a couple play-action passes. When they did do so we were unprepared for it and it really hurt us."



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