Coach Fedora Press Conference
Release: 11/05/2012

Coach Larry Fedora

Press Conference - Nov. 5, 2012

Opening Statement

"We've got a big game coming off of an open week this week with Georgia Tech coming into the Tar Pit. They will be a tough team to defend with the triple option and everything they bring offensively so we've worked extensively against that this past week and this week to put together a great game plan and give our guys a chance to win a football game. We're excited about it."


Coming out of the bye week against Georgia Tech

"I haven't paid any attention to who else has. I typically don't like an off week this late in the season. I prefer it a little bit earlier in the year. You go 13 straight weeks of football and your guys get really worn down. But it came at a good time before Georgia Tech. It gives us a little bit of extra time to prepare for the triple option which is always nice."


Last time a Fedora team faced a triple option offense

"Last year against Navy."


On the key to preparing for the triple option

"It's assignment discipline. You've got to know your job, you've got to do your job and you don't worry about doing somebody else's job. You just do your job. It sounds easier than it is, I can assure you. It's hard for you to duplicate the speed of the game in practice. First of all your scout team guys aren't going to be good at running the triple option offense and they're not going be near as fast as doing it because they don't play that offense. You get into the game and usually there's a period early where your defense has to just adjust to the speed of the game in their defending."


On similarities to offenses Fedora teams have faced before

"The triple option offense, whether it was at Air Force or Navy last year, there's a lot of different versions of it and they lean different ways. But still you've got to dive at the quarterback and you've got a pitch in just about every single play. You really have to be disciplined to handle it."


On his approach to the bye week

"At this late in the season, for me the open week you have to look at it as it comes into your season. What's happening with your team at that time, where are you, etc. For us it was about getting some of the guys who have gotten the majority of the snaps, giving them a little bit of rest and getting them healed while going back to the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, all those things. But the majority of the work was done early in the week with the younger guys and then as the week went on, we started getting back into game-plan mode for Georgia Tech."


On getting the younger guys reps in practice

"That's something that we adjusted this year. On every Sunday and every Thursday we get about 20 snaps with those young guys either at the beginning or end of practice. So that way they get about 40 live snaps a week. We think we've more than made up for that."


On keeping motivation coming to the end of the season without a bowl game

"If anything now, to me, you're more motivated because you see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's coming quickly. It's going to be over with soon and you're going to be right back into winter conditioning and all those things. There's not a lot of fun to that. But we've got three more opportunities to have fun. You better enjoy and cherish every aspect of it."


On field position and time of possession

"Offensively we've got to do a great job of moving the chains. It's going to be very important that we don't have short possessions. And we've got to take care of the football so that we don't give them extra possessions. And we have to finish when we have the ball because it's going to be tough on the defense. We've got to keep them off the field as much as possible."


On potentially winning the Coastal Division

"Our goal is to win the Coastal Division and we think we're still within reach of our goal. I think they're excited about that and they know that we really control our own destiny if we take care of our business. I think the main focus has been for these two weeks has been Georgia Tech."


On the phone records release

"From my understanding, everything that is being released the NCAA had before they ruled on our case. There's nothing new in terms of that. There will be things that will come out that will be new to the public and there's nothing we can do about that, that's just the way it is. But for our football team and for me and the coaching staff, we said from the beginning we're not looking backwards. We're not looking at what happened, we're not worried about what happened, we're just going to worry about the future and that's what we're going to do. For us there's nothing new NCAA-wise so we don't have anything to worry about."


On Giovani Bernard and his final touchdown play versus NC State

"[I've been asked about it] quite a bit. Everybody wants to know what the thinking was, how he got back out there, what happened on the play. I've been asked quite a few times about it actually. When you make a big play like that and it happens like it did at the end of the football game and you win because of it, people are going to know who you are. You're going to make that 'Duh-nuh-nuh, duh-nuh-nuh' [of ESPN's SportsCenter]. You're going to be on there. You're going to be number one and everyone in the country is going to see it."


On Jonathan Cooper

"I'll have to say he is probably the best inside player...he is the most talented player I've ever coached inside. Jonathan is a pretty special talent. He's got unbelievable feet and can run for a big guy. He's aggressive, he's intelligent, and there are no character flaws. He's the total package."


On the offensive line without Brennan Williams

"You know really you're talking about Landon [Turner] and Travis [Bond]. I thought Travis did a nice job for popping out there and having to play the entire game. He gave up a sack one time but that's just because of lack of repetition out there. I thought he did a nice job. Landon really came through and did a really nice job throughout the game. We were pleased with both of them. Did both of them play flawlessly? No. But I didn't expect them to also. I thought overall the offensive line, we ran the ball very well, we took care of the quarterback the majority of the time. I think we've given up six sacks on the year so we've thrown the ball a few times. Not bad."


On the changing role of the secondary against a triple option team

"It changes, definitely, because you're involved now in the scheme of the running game on every play. They have to be very disciplined with their assignments because you can't just totally commit to the run because the next thing you know after doing that they play action you and they throw it over your head. Those guys have to do a great job with their eyes and they have to again be very, very disciplined. That's what this offense does to you. It makes teams be a little more simple and also definitely more disciplined."

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