Student-Athlete Development
Release: 10/01/2003



The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program is an integral program at the University of North Carolina. This NCAA-sponsored program's goal is to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the university setting. UNC achieves this by supporting efforts toward intellectual development and graduation, through the use of athletics as preparation for success in life, by promoting respect for diversity, enhancing interpersonal relationship, building positive self-esteem, enabling student-athletes to make meaningful contributions to their communities and developing leadership skills.

The following programs assist UNC student-athletes by focusing on the whole person and addressing the needs of student-athletes throughout their time in Chapel Hill as well as after graduation.

  • Personal Development
  • Carolina CREED
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Council
  • Carolina Outreach
  • Career Development
  • Leadership Academy
  • CREED Mentors
  • SWAG (Something We Athletes Got)



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