Leadership Academy Celebrates 2008-09
Release: 04/24/2009

April 24, 2009


The Carolina Leadership Academy celebrated UNC's outstanding student-athlete leaders at its 2008-09 annual banquet, held April 13 at UNC's Friday Center. In addition to honoring graduates of the Veteran Leaders and Rising Stars programs, the CLA recognized 33 recipients of the Tar Heel Leader of Distinction Award, the organization's highest honor.

The Carolina Leadership Academy, the flagship program in collegiate leadership development, is now in its fifth year.

2008-09 Tar Heel Leaders of Distinction are Christina Abruzzini (Women's Fencing); Whitney Allen (Softball); Yael Averbuch (Women's Soccer); Brock Baker (Men's Cross Country and Track & Field); Colin Bates (Baseball); Caroline Boneparth (Women's Soccer); Addie Bracy (Women's Cross Country); Katie Brooks (Women's Lacrosse); Michael Callahan (Men's Soccer); Alexandra Coppadge (Women's Track & Field); Sydney Crane (Women's Golf); Amber Falcone (Women's Lacrosse); Brie Felnagle (Women's Cross Country); Trimane Goddard (Football); Ali Hawkins (Women's Soccer); Kristina Jacob (Gymnastics); Chase Jones (Baseball); Keegan Mueller (Wrestling); Donte Nall (Men's Track & Field); Christine Nguyen (Gymnastics); Mark Paschal (Football); Sam Pompei (Men's Track & Field); Callie Pottinger (Women's Track & Field); Garrett Reynolds (Football); Anna Rodenbough (Women's Soccer); Jenn Russell (Women's Lacrosse); Rachel Schneider (Gymnastics); Adam Smith (Men's Track & Field); Morgan Stengel (Women's Track & Field); Katrina Tsang (Women's Tennis); Adam Warren (Baseball); Katie Wood (Rowing); and Kara Wright (Gymnastics).

Brooks is the first four-time honoree, earning the honor twice for women's soccer and twice for women's lacrosse. Baker was honored for both men's cross country and men's track & field for 2008-09.

The evening began with remarks from Dick Baddour, UNC's Director of Athletes and the driving force behind the program's creation.

Freshman gymnast Zoya Johnson delivered the CREED leadership reflection, representing first-year student-athletes, all of whom take part in the CLA's leadership foundation program.

Joe Kinderwater, a sophomore on the men's swimming and diving team, spoke on behalf of the Rising Stars, a select group of sophomores and juniors that provides future leaders with insights, strategies and skills to help them as they seek to become effective leaders.

Caroline Boneparth, a junior on the women's soccer team, spoke on behalf of the Veteran Leaders, the program for team captains and leaders at the highest level.

John Blanchard, Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Co-Director of the CLA, served as the evening's emcee and introduced Tar Heel Leader of Distinction winners.

Jeff Janssen, Co-Director of the CLA, delivered the keynote address, entitled "We Believe in You ..." In addressing the attendees, Janssen said, "We offer this Leadership Academy because we believe in you. We believe the world needs you and especially your leadership. Every day in every way, the world is looking for strong, solid, and ethical leaders like yourselves. To whom much has been given, much is expected. We invite and implore you to step up to the challenge on your teams, on your campus, in your community, and around the world."

As the nation's premier leadership development program in collegiate athletics, the Carolina Leadership Academy develops, challenges and supports student-athletes, coaches and staff in their continual quest to become world-class leaders in athletics, academics and life.

Christina Abruzzini (Fencing)
Ryan Adeleye (Soccer)
Whitney Allen (Softball)
Yael Averbuch (Soccer)
Brock Baker (Cross Country/Track)
Brian Barrett (Track & Field)
Lindley Barrow (Rowing)
Colin Bates (Baseball)
Aubrette Biegel (Swimming & Diving)
Caroline Boneparth (Soccer)
Ryan Booker (Track & Field)
Megan Bosica (Lacrosse)
Addie Bracy (Cross Country)
Ian Bracy (Cross Country)
Austin Bradyhouse (Swimming & Diving)
Jocelyn Brault (Lacrosse)
Michael Callahan (Soccer)
Kristen Carr (Lacrosse)
May-Lynne Chen-Contino (Fencing)
Heather Claytor (Basketball)
Alison Clemens (Swimming & Diving)
Alexandra Coppadge (Track & Field)
Sydney Crane (Golf)
Kimmy Davis (Swimming & Diving)
Eugenia Delbono (Rowing)
Theresa Diamond (Gymnastics)
Andi Drabot (Rowing)
Carly Dressler (Rowing)
Brianna Eskola (Volleyball)
Kristi Eveland (Soccer)
Amber Falcone (Lacrosse)
Brie Felnagle (Cross Country)
Ben Fiacco (Wrestling)
Alyssa Francona (Softball)
Benjamin Gellis (Fencing)
Trimane Goddard (Football)
Alex Grigorenko (Fencing)
Ali Hawkins (Soccer)
Whitney Hileman (Rowing)
Ashley Howard (Swimming & Diving)
Ben Hunt (Lacrosse)
Vanneisha Ivy (Track & Field)
Kristina Jacob (Gymnastics)
Jeff James (Swimming & Diving)
Stephanie Jansma (Volleyball)
Ryan Johnson (Soccer)
Chase Jones (Baseball)
Daniel Keller (Track & Field)
Alex Kenley (Swimming & Diving)
Garry Lewis (Soccer)
Linzee Mabrey (Tennis)
Chase MacFarland (Golf)
Sanaz Marand (Tennis)
Dana McCreary (Lacrosse)
Lindsay McIlvain (Swimming & Diving)
Megan McMullin (Rowing)
Brad Mitchell (Swimming & Diving)
Brian Moran (Baseball)
Keegan Mueller (Wrestling)
Donte Nall (Track & Field)
Christine Nguyen (Gymnastics)
Anna Noguchi (Rowing)
Megan Owens (Volleyball)
Chelsea Parks (Lacrosse)
Emory Parsons (Track & Field)
Mark Paschal (Football)
Sam Pompei (Track & Field)
Callie Pottinger (Track & Field)
Lauren Prussing (Volleyball)
Garrett Reynolds (Football)
Chase Rice (Football)
Anna Roberts (Softball)
Anna Rodenbough (Soccer)
JoAnne Rogers (Rowing)
Jenn Russell (Lacrosse)
Jack Ryan (Lacrosse)
Yi-Khy Saw (Swimming & Diving)
Jennifer Sawicki (Fencing)
Rachel Schneider (Gymnastics)
Kate Scholl (Field Hockey)
Jeremy Shaw (Wrestling)
Adam Smith (Cross Country/Track)
Chandler Sours (Rowing)
Whitney Sprague (Swimming & Diving)
Megan Steeves (Swimming & Diving)
Morgan Stengel (Cross Country/Track)
Kelly Taylor (Lacrosse)
Kate Thomas (Golf)
Kenton Thornton (Football)
Katrina Tsang (Tennis)
Britt van Beek (Field Hockey)
Matthew Villemain (Track & Field)
Jessica Wacker (Fencing)
Adam Warren (Baseball)
Shannon Wilson (Rowing)
Katie Wood (Rowing)
Kara Wright (Gymnastics)
Caitlin Young (Lacrosse)
Bobby Ziechmann (Fencing)
Grant Zimmerman (Lacrosse)


Jordan Allyne (Golf)
Kyle Baker (Tennis)
Allison Barnes (Swimming & Diving)
Andy Brake (Swimming & Diving)
Leslie Briggs (Soccer)
Melanie Brill (Field Hockey)
Ben Bunting (Baseball)
Taylor Chumney (Lacrosse)
Cait Clendenin (Rowing)
Patience Coleman (Track & Field)
Charles Cox (Track & Field)
Andrew Crone (Tennis)
Adam Cunningham (Cross Country/ Track)
John Curtiss (Cross Country/ Track)
Illse Davids (Field Hockey)
Matt Davie (Lacrosse)
Austin Davis (Track & Field)
Zack Dawson (Cross Country/ Track)
Corey Donohoe (Lacrosse)
Brian Doran (Track & Field)
Elizabeth Drazdowski (Field Hockey)
Jelena Durisic (Tennis)
Katelyn Falgowski (Field Hockey)
Callan Fike (Track & Field)
Ryan Flanagan (Lacrosse)
Gabby Gioia (Track & Field)
Rachel Givan (Soccer)
Kyle Goodman (Track & Field)
Kelsey Grich (Rowing)
Kelvin Hardesty (Track & Field)
Tyler Harris (Swimming & Diving)
Caroline Hartmann (Swimming & Diving)
Katura Harvey (Swimming & Diving)
Suzanne Haydel (Volleyball)
Lauren Holesh (Cross Country/Track)
Greg Holt (Baseball)
Eric Hsieh (Fencing)
Chris Hunt (Lacrosse)
Brittany Iacouzze (Swimming & Diving)
Dominique Jackson (Track & Field)
LaToya James (Track & Field)
Krista Jasper (Gymnastics)
Becky Johnson (Cross Country/ Track)
Christine Johnson (Track & Field)
Courtney Johnston (Volleyball)
Kyle Jolly (Football)
Karli Jones (Gymnastics)
Flynn Jones (Swimming & Diving)
Rebecca Kane (Swimming & Diving)
Abby Kimball (Track & Field)
Joe Kinderwater (Swimming & Diving)
Meghan Klingenberg (Soccer)
Christine Knauer (Softball)
Courtlin LaReau (Cross Country/ Track)
Desmond Layne (Track & Field)
Melissa Litschi (Fencing)
Kristy Longman (Cross Country/ Track)
Katie Lutz (Soccer)
Milton Lyles (Lacrosse)
Katie Marsh (Swimming & Diving)
Jason McLaughlin (Swimming & Diving)
Louise McNutt (Field Hockey)
Matt Merletti (Football)
Erin Mikula (Soccer)
Ashley Miller (Swimming & Diving)
Stephanie Murad (Softball)
Meredith Newton (Lacrosse)
Sarah Nolan (Rowing)
Norjai Palma (Track & Field)
Lindsay Paterniti (Rowing)
Margaret Pentrack (Golf)
Zack Pianalto (Football)
Kevin Piegare (Lacrosse)
Morgan Randall (Football)
Matt Raudenbush (Golf)
Caroline Rekuc (Rowing)
Brittany Robinson (Softball)
Kristi Roblin (Rowing)
Jarrett Rodrigues (Fencing)
Jen Slocum (Field Hockey)
David Solarz (Swimming & Diving)
Kristen Taylor (Lacrosse)
Brett Thomas (Baseball)
Brittany Walsh (Rowing)
Audrey Whitmeyer-Weathers (Rowing)
Kaitlin Williamson (Fencing)
Katherine Williamson (Rowing)
Michael Wilson (Swimming & Diving)
David Winer (Fencing)
Paige Wolf (Rowing)
Henry Zaytoun III (Golf)
David Zolno (Swimming & Diving)

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