Stephanie Peacock set the Virginia pool record in the 1000-yard freestyle.
Stephanie Peacock set the Virginia pool record in the 1000-yard freestyle.
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UNC Swept By Cavaliers In Dual Meets
Release: 01/19/2013

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. -  In a battle of nationally-ranked teams, the Virginia swimming and diving squads defeated North Carolina Saturday afternoon at the Aquatic and Fitness Center.  The 15th-ranked Cavalier men's team defeated 22nd-ranked Carolina 194-106 while the 10th-ranked Virginia women pulled away at the end to beat UNC 169-131.

The Tar Heels started out strong in the women's meet and through 12 events the decision was still in doubt with each team having won six events out of 12 contested at that point.  But Virginia pulled away by winning the last four events to triumph 169-131.  The Cavalier women remain undefeated on the season at 6-0 while UNC is now 3-2 in dual meets.

Junior Stephanie Peacock excelled for Carolina with a pair of dominant wins in the distance freestyle events.  She won the 1000-yard freestyle in 9:37.14, more than seven seconds ahead of Virginia's Rachel Naurath.  The time marked a Virginia pool record standard for Peacock and was her fastest time ever in a dual meet for the junior from Cape Coral, Fla.  Peacock followed that up by winning the 500-yard freestyle in a time of 4:43.74.

Other individual winners for UNC were junior Danielle Jansen in the 100-yard breaststroke, junior Cari Blalock in the 200-yard butterfly and junior Katie Rechsteiner in the 200-yard breaststroke.  Carolina also won the 200-yard medley relay to start the meet strong with Katie Nolan, Danielle Jansen, Cari Blalock, Danielle Siverling clocking a winning time of 1:42.60.

"We had a great meet on the women's side.  We were much more competitive today against Virginia than we have been in a while. In many of the events today our women had opportunities to be in scoring positions.  We had a chance to win the meet late in the schedule of events.  UVA was able to come out with some wins in the last few events and pull away so credit goes to them," said UNC head coach Rich DeSelm.

"We had two great medley relays to start the meet off.  It's very nice to get Danielle Jansen back to form.  She had a nice split in the breaststroke and later went on to win the 100-yard breaststroke for us," said DeSelm.

"We are very fortunate to have someone like Stephanie Peacock to count on in every meet," said DeSelm.  "In the 1000-yard freestyle she had her best dual meet time of her career and broke the Virginia pool record in the event as well.  We got some fine performances by Katie Nolan, Carly Smith, Katie Rechsteiner, Cari Blalock and Danielle Siverling.  We were solid throughout our lineup.  I feel good about our day with the women.  We were competitive.  We will keep our eyes focused on the next couple of weeks and get ready for the conference meet."

It was the first dual-meet loss of the season for the Tar Heel men who ran into a fired up Virginia team seeking to avenge last year's dual-meet loss to Carolina in Chapel Hill.  The Wahoos won the first five events of the meet before UNC clawed its way back into the team race with wins in three of the next four events.  Virginia then won six of the last seven events to pull away for the victory.  UNC got individual wins from senior Tom Luchsinger in the 200-yard butterfly (1:47.11) while three freshmen also turned in individual event wins for Coach Rich DeSelm's team.  Sean Sullivan won the 50-yard freestyle (20.52), Logan Heck captured the 100-yard freestyle (45.03) and Ben Colley snared the 100-yard butterfly (49.55).

 "The men's meet was very simple.  We were outswum and outdived," said UNC head coach Rich DeSelm.  "It is difficult to win a meet when we are not getting very many first places and the UVA depth seemed to shine more than our depth today.  I think both teams are coming off hard training from the holidays but UVA was able to step up better than our men today."

"We had some bright spots with a few wins," DeSelm continued.  "Tom Luchsinger swam a nice race and posted his best dual meet time of the season in the 200 butterfly.  It's nice to have Tom get a win followed up by Sean Sullivan's win in the 50 free and Logan Heck's win in the 100 free.  To compete against a team like UVA in their home pool we need to win more events and our depth needs to come through.  We will learn from it and try to do better in the next two weeks against Duke and NC State."

Final Men's Team Score

#15 Virginia 194, #22 North Carolina 106

Final Women's Team Score

#10 Virginia 169, #16 North Carolina 131

Men's Events Winners

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  Virginia (Jack Murfee, Taylor Grey, David Ingraham, Tom Barrett), 1:30.32

1000-Yd. Freestyle:  Jon Daniec (UVA), 9:07.13

200-Yd. Freestyle:  Parker Camp (UVA), 1:37.10

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Luke Papendick (UVA), 48.92

100-Yd. Breaststroke:  Taylor Grey (UVA), 55.65

200-Yd. Butterfly:  Tom Luchsinger (UNC), 1:47.11

50-Yd. Freestyle:  Sean Sullivan (UNC), 20.52

One-Meter Diving:  J.B. Kolod (UVA), 348.53

100-Yd. Freestyle:  Logan Heck (UNC), 45.03

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Luke Papendick (UVA), 1:45.98

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  Taylor Grey (UVA), 2:00.72

500-Yd. Freestyle:  Bradley Phillips (UVA), 4:24.81

100-Yd. Butterfly:  Ben Colley (UNC), 49.55

Three-Meter Diving:  J.B. Kolod (UVA), 392.17

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Nick Montes de Oca (UVA), 1:50.51

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay:  Virginia (Parker Camp, Tom Barrett, Nick Alexiou, Jonathan Buerger, 3:01.99

Top UNC Finishers (If Not Event Winner)

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  Nic Graesser, Alex Gianino, Sam Lewis, Kyle Ficker, 2nd, 1:30.92

1000-Yd. Freestyle:  Mitch DeForest, 4th, 9:21.10

200-Yd. Freestyle:  J.T. Stilley, 2nd, 1:38.49

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Nic Graesser, 4th, 49.42

100-Yd. Breaststroke:  David Speese, 3rd, 56.53

One-Meter Diving:  Ryland Jones, 2nd, 322.43

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Matt Kwatyra, 2nd, 1:47.40

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  Brian Bollerman, 3rd, 2:04.12

500-Yd. Freestyle:  Mitch DeForest, 4th, 4:33.05

Three-Meter Diving:  Jake Kinzbach, 3rd, 309.23

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Alex Gianino (UNC), 1:51.52

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay:  North Carolina (Logan Heck, Nic Graesser, Kyle Ficker, J.T. Stilley), 2nd, 3:02.39

Records:  Virginia 5-1, ACC 1-0;  North Carolina 4-1, ACC 1-1

Women's Events Winners

200-Yd. Medley Relay:  North Carolina (Katie Nolan, Danielle Jansen, Cari Blalock, Danielle Siverling), 1:42.60

1000-Yd. Freestyle:  Stephanie Peacock (UNC), 9:37.14

200-Yd. Freestyle:  Lauren Perdue (UVA), 1:46.23

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Courtney Bartholomew (UVA), 53.94

100-Yd. Breaststroke:  Danielle Jansen (UNC), 1:04.21

200-Yd. Butterfly:  Cari Blalock (UNC), 1:58.45

50-Yd. Freestyle:  Lauren Perdue (UVA), 22.99

One-Meter Diving:  Katie Warburg (UVA), 286.05

100-Yd. Freestyle:  Lauren Perdue (UVA), 49.44

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Courtney Bartholomew (UVA), 1:57.88

200-Yd. Breaststroke:  Katie Rechsteiner (UNC), 2:18.60

500-Yd. Freestyle:  Stephanie Peacock (UNC), 4:43.74

100-Yd. Butterfly:  Ellen Williamson (UVA), 54.44

Three-Meter Diving:  Becca Corbett (UVA), 307.73

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Ellen Williamson (UVA), 2:00.74

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay:  Virginia (Rachel Naurath, Emily Lloyd, Rachel Moore, Lauren Perdue), 3:20.60

Top UNC Finishers (If Not Event Winner)

200-Yd. Freestyle:  Danielle Siverling, 2nd, 1:47.96

100-Yd. Backstroke:  Carly Smith, 3rd, 55.24

50-Yd. Freestyle:  Ally Hardesty, 3rd, 23.59

One-Meter Diving:  Emily Schmidt, 3rd, 265.30

100-Yd. Freestyle:  Danielle Siverling, 2nd, 50.59

200-Yd. Backstroke:  Carly Smith, 3rd, 2:00.28

100-Yd. Butterfly:  Hannah Lincoln, 2nd, 54.80

Three-Meter Diving:  Emily Schmidt, 2nd, 277.50

200-Yd. Individual Medley:  Cari Blalock, 3rd, 2:01.53

400-Yd. Freestyle Relay:  North Carolina (Lauren Earp, Danielle Siverling, Ally Hardesty, Nikki Barczak), 2nd, 3:23.46

Records:  Virginia 6-0, ACC 1-0;  North Carolina 3-2, ACC 1-1
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