Richard A. Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy
Release: 07/15/2012
Richard A. Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy:
Student-Athlete Leadership Development

Leadership Academy Headlines

Developing World-Class Leaders for a Lifetime of Service and Success




As the nation's premier leadership development program in collegiate athletics, the Richard A. Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy develops, challenges and supports student-athletes, coaches and staff in their continual quest to become world class leaders in athletics, academics and life. The Leadership Academy provides comprehensive and cutting edge leadership development programming through interactive workshops, 360 degree feedback, one on one coaching, peer mentoring and educational resources.

Leadership training begins in the freshman year. All leadership begins with personal leadership, therefore freshmen are taught skills to effectively lead themselves. Training consists of monthly meetings featuring keynote speakers and small group discussion. Upperclass student-athletes serve as peer mentors and discussion leaders. Special focus is on responsibility, accountability, making good choices, ethics and character building.

Program Objectives for CREED:

  • Teach freshmen how to lead themselves effectively
  • Ease the transition of freshman student-athletes
  • Create social connections between freshmen
  • Provide freshmen with upperclass peer mentors
  • Teach freshmen the importance of respecting leadership
  • Develop upperclass student-athlete leaders to mentor the freshmen

    Designed for a select group of "high potential" sophomores and juniors, the program provides future leaders with insights, strategies and skills necessary to become effective leaders. The program includes monthly meetings, interactive exercises and action learning experiences.

    Program Objectives for Rising Stars:

  • Identify and develop high potential leaders in their sophomore or junior years
  • Create solid leaders by example and set the stage for developing vocal leaders
  • Build a strong peer support network for aspiring leaders
  • Develop leaders who support and learn from current team captains/leaders
  • Succession planning




    This level of involvement is slotted between Rising Star and possible Veteran Leader participation. It is an opportunity for continued leadership reflection and application. Leadership reflection entails case study or leadership articles, and leadership application involves an authentic project.

    Program Objectives for GAP Year:

    • Provide continued leadership development through an authentic project, mentorship and instruction
    • Identify and address an authentic need as demonstrated by one's team, the department, campus or local community
    • Establish a solid, cooperative and ongoing partnership with coaches
    • Build a strong peer support network for aspiring leaders


    This program is designed for team captains and veteran student-athletes. It provides advanced leadership training and support, teaches the critical skills and insights necessary to be effective vocal leaders and provides a strong peer network. Student-athletes meet regularly to learn and reinforce leadership principles and share successes, frustrations and lessons.

    Program Objectives for Veteran Leaders:

  • Encourage experienced leaders to step up and be vocal leaders
  • Establish a solid, cooperative, and ongoing partnership with the coaching staff
  • Review and extend the insights and skills necessary to be a responsible and respected leader
  • Provide veteran leaders with ongoing coaching as they tackle the tough issues of team leadership
  • Provide leaders with a solid peer network for guidance and support

    UNC coaches engage in continuous learning via monthly professional development workshops covering a wide range of leadership, motivation and team building topics. The interactive workshops allow coaches to reflect on their coaching philosophies as they refine and adapt new leadership skills. The workshops provide coaches with a chance to interact with and learn from their experienced and highly respected colleagues on a regular basis. Separate workshops are conducted for head coaches and assistant coaches to target each group's specific needs. Select head coaches occasionally assist in facilitating the workshops with assistant coaches to take advantage of their experiences.

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