Q & A With Roy Williams
Release: 10/12/2015

Opening Statement

“We have had six practices, today will be the seventh. Things have gone pretty well. We are still trying to work on our half court offense and our half court pressure defense and our fast break. Everybody has done a pretty good job. Kennedy [Meeks] missed last practice and will miss a couple more because he tweaked his knee a little bit. He feels so much better already. I like what the kids have done. They have had a great attitude practice has been fun. No coach is going to say they are satisfied where they are at this time but I like what our guys have done."

Question about team taking the next step and having to show improvement on individual level

“It's always good if you can add something. I think our guys have improved, it's too early to tell how much they have improved. Marcus is feeling better. Brice has done better things in practice. Joel Berry has done some really nice things shooting the ball in the basket and taking the ball to the basket. So I think we have seen some of that improvement but I don’t think we will know until we at least get in the expeditions and start playing other people and seeing and how they do out on the court because all we have seen now is what they can do against their other teammates."

Experience helping this team?

"I feel experience has helped every team. It’s a hard question to ask because you have been in those situations before. You know what it's like coming down the stretch, you know how you have to focus, you know how you have to concentrate, you know what results from certain mistakes. So hopefully, second time around you won’t make the same mistake again. That’s where the experience comes in."

 Justin Jackson?

“He's played better in practice, by 100 miles better than he did in preseason last year practice as a freshman. I think he is much more confident now but still I have seen some of the greatest players in the world in the practice area but I want to see how they are when the lights are on and you gotta play against somebody else."

On Freshman Kenny Williams

“His ability to shoot the ball is the first thing that caught my eye. What he has shown so far is that he is not just a shooter, he is a good basketball player and he can do a lot of things other than just shoot the ball.”

Various Quotes

“I feel a sense of urgency for this team, not what its going to be five or 10 years from now. I feel the sense of urgency for this team to reach their potential but I think that is close to what I feel for every team. Its lets do what we can do. If every player comes close to reaching their potential then we gotta chance for our team to reach theirs."

“This is going to be a good basketball team, we can throw a lot of things at them.”

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