University of North Carolina Tar Heels Official Athletic Site Staff Directory
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Shipping Addresses

Name, PositionPhoneEmail
Athletic Director's Office   Return To Top
Bubba Cunningham, Athletic Director 919-962-6000
Molly Norton, Executive Assistant to Bubba Cunningham 919-962-8200
Larry Gallo, Exec. Associate Athletic Director 919-962-6000
Vince Ille, Senior Associate A.D. 919-962-6000
Nicki Moore, Senior Associate A.D. & Senior Woman Administrator 919-962-6000
Paul Pogge, Associate Athletic Director 919-962-6000
Brandy Battisto, Administrative Assistant 919-843-5834
Angie King, Receptionist, Cheerleading Administrative Assistant 919-962-6000
Jody Lutz, Athletic Department Fellow 919-962-6000
Mike Chapman, Courier 919-962-5411  
Clark Smith, Courier 919-962-6000
Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes (Provost's Office)   Return To Top
Michelle Brown, Director, Academic Support 919-962-9533
Greg Beatty, Academic Counselor 919-843-5669
Leslie Brown, Learning Specialist 919-962-2237
Jennifer Bryant, Academic Counselor 919-843-6566
Marcus Donie, Office Manager 919-962-9534
Mike Greene, Academic Counselor 919-843-8635
Susan Maloy, Academic Counselor/Tutor Coordinator 919-962-9892
Scott Maxwell, Associate Director Academic Support Program 919-966-1384
Kym Orr, Academic Counselor 919-843-2425
Ben Sheu, Assistant Tutor Coordinator 919-843-2328
Jenn Townsend, Associate Director Academic Support Program 919-962-9538
Shayla Yon, Academic Counselor 919-428-1588
Kathy Zambrana, Academic Counselor 919-962-9537
Athletic Communications   Return To Top
Steve Kirschner, Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director/Strategic Communications (Men's Basketball, Men's Golf) 919-962-7258
Kevin Best, Asst. Athletic Director/Communications (Football, Gymnastics) 919-962-8916
Matt Bowers, Associate Director (Men's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse, 919-962-7259
Jeffrey Camarati, Director of Photography 919-962-9177
Dana Gelin, Associate Director (Field Hockey, Rowing, Fencing, Men's Tennis) 919-962-0083
Marla Glasser, Assistant Director (Volleyball, Softball) 919-962-0199
Bobby Hundley, Assistant Director (Football, Baseball, Wrestling) 919-843-5678
Mark Kimmel, Assistant Director (Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer, Women's Tennis) 919-962-0084
Dave Lohse, Associate Director (Women's Soccer, Men's Lacrosse, Swimming) 919-962-7257
Dana Reynolds, Director of Social & Digital Media 919-962-2123
Antonio Tucker II, Director of Graphic Design 919-962-6000
Kathy Griggs, Administrative Assistant 919-962-8095
Business Office   Return To Top
Martina Ballen, Senior Associate Athletic Director & Chief Financial Officer 919-962-2715
Mike Perkins, Asst. Athletic Director/Business & Finance 919-962-5155
Cindi Atwater, Anthony Travel 919-843-5076
Stephen Boyd, Assistant Director of Business Operations 919-962-5225
Margaret Laws, Assistant Director of Business Operations
Alison McGee, Anthony Travel 919-843-5580
Karen Sneed, Business Services Coordinator 919-843-9270
Aaron York, Assistant Director of Business Operations 919-962-5196
Chad Zwierlein, Assistant Director of Business Operations 919-843-6450
Josh Isom, Graduate Intern 919-962-0011
Compliance   Return To Top
Vince Ille, Senior Associate A.D. 919-962-6000
Marielle vanGelder, Associate A.D./NCAA Compliance 919-962-6000
Rachel Strassner, Director of Compliance 919-962-6000
Tom Timmermans, Associate Director of Compliance 919-962-6000
Kevin Westerman, Assistant Director of Compliance 919-843-7259
Computer Services   Return To Top
Tom Livers, Director of IT Services 919-962-7620
Christy Suits, Associate Director of IT Services 919-843-5296
Andrew Gibson, Support Tech 919-966-2575
Willie C. Nelson, Support Tech 919-525-5445
Clara Perry, Support Tech 919-843-9921
Equipment   Return To Top
Steve Miller, Equipment Manager - Olympic Sports 919-962-2125
Kevin Carnago, Assistant Equipment Manager - Olympic Sports 919-962-2125
Shane Parrish, Equipment Manager - Men's Basketball 919-962-0256
Facilities   Return To Top
Mike Bunting, Associate Athletic Director/Facility Planning & Management 919-219-6556
Angie Bitting, Director of Smith Center 919-962-6000
Casey Carrick, Director of Athletic Grounds & Turf Management 336-250-1300
A.J. Congelli, Associate Sports Turf Manager 252-903-1210
Connie Conway, Administrative Manager 919-962-5314
Kathy Duffy, Office Assistant 919-962-0640
Jaci Field, Director of Eddie Smith Field House 919-612-7239
Bobby Gales, Director of Facility Maintenance 919-218-8611
Thomas Geer, Boshamer Stadium Grounds Supervisor 919-428-6610
Richie Grimsley, Assistant Director of Athletic Facility Planning and Management 919-452-9472
Nate Hilton, Carmichael Arena Facility Manager 919-593-7422
Matthew Holliday, Carmichael Arena Maintenance Technician 919-625-3248
Tomas Jaimes, Kenan Stadium Maintenance Technician 919-360-7615
Sammy Jermane, Fetzer Field Supervisor 336-225-4515
Trey Parnell, Bus. Operations Manager/Fleet Management Coordinator 919-360-6488
Michael Patten, Loudermilk Center Facility Manager 770-401-1361
Jarrett Rice, Assistant Director of the Smith Center Complex 919-962-1540
Randy Young, Smith Center Maintenance Director 919-966-5389
Event Management/Games Operations   Return To Top
Clint Gwaltney, Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director/Smith Center Operations 919-962-6000
Rick Steinbacher, Senior Associate A.D. for Marketing and Football/Olympic Sports Operations 919-962-5191
Ellen Culler, Asst. Athletic Director/Football & Olympic Sports Operations 919-962-7855
Brett Botta, Assistant Director of Athletic Event Management 919-843-9209
Stephen Iannotta, Assistant Director of Athletic Event Management 919-843-9209
Robert Stewart, Assistant Director of Athletic Event Management 919-843-8627
Jason Whitman, Aramark Concessions 919-962-1396
Finley Golf Course   Return To Top
Tyler Churchill, Administrative Associate 919-962-2349
Robert Costa, First Assistant Professional 919-962-2349
Frank Maynard III, PGA Senior Assistant Golf Professional 919-962-2349
Mark Nusbaum, Maintenance Mechanic 919-962-0586
Carl Oliveira, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent 919-962-0586
Mark Steffer, Golf Course Superintendent 919-962-0586
Brittany Clements, Administrative Assistant 919-962-0586
Ross Fowler, Director of Golf Course Maintenance 919-962-0586
Mike Wilkinson, Head Golf Professional, A-1 PGA Member 919-962-2349
GoHeels Productions   Return To Top
Ken Cleary, Asst. Athletic Director/New Media 919-843-2076
Jones Angell, Assistant Director 919-932-7418
Bob Ellis, Assistant Director  919-672-6027
Dylan Field, Assistant Director (Live Broadcasts) 919-962-6000
Nelson Hurst, Assistant Director (Game Day) 919-962-6000
Jon Leggette, Assistant Director 919-962-6000
Josh Reavis, Assistant Director (Game Day) 919-962-6000
Human Resources   Return To Top
Joyce Dalgleish, Director-Athletics HR Services 919-962-7850
Kathy Dutton, Associate Director-Athletics HR Services 919-962-1030
Tracy Harris, Assistant Director-Athletics HR Services 919-962-7852
Marketing & Promotions   Return To Top
Rick Steinbacher, Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director/Marketing & Football/Olympic Sports Operations 919-962-5191
Michael Beale, Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing 919-962-5193
Alexis Barlow, Director of Marketing 919-962-5218
Neal Franzer, Marketing Coordinator 919-962-8816
Scott Palanjian, Director of Marketing 919-962-5499
Drew Read, Intern 919-962-5675
Brown Walters, Director of Spirit Programs (cheerleading, dance, mascots) 919-225-3025
The Rams Club   Return To Top
John Montgomery, Executive Director 919-843-6402
Diane Aldridge, Chief Financial Officer/General Counsel 919-843-6408
Archer Bane IV, Development Associate 919-962-9004
Jayne Barnwell, Major & Scholarship Gifts Coordinator 919-843-2000
Brian Bersticker, Director of Member Services 919-843-2000
Will Bokhoven, Regional Annual Fund Director 919-843-6404
Jordan Buck, Campaign Coordinator 919-843-0428
Gary Burns, Major Gifts Director 919-843-6405
Velvet Catoe, Gift Processing Administrator 919-843-6440
Brian Chacos, Director of Scholarship Donor Development and Student-Athlete Relations 919-843-2000
Emily Coble, Controller 919-843-2000
Ginny French, Director of Carolina Athletic Hospitality 919-843-3058
Nick Fulton, Director of Annual Fund 919-843-5782
Kelsey Hargens, Assistant Director for Communications 919-843-2124
Janine Holland, Administrative Coordinator 919-843-6431
Kim Jones, Director of Special Events 919-843-6433
Grant Leiendecker, Major Gifts Director 919-843-2000
Mary Brooke Leonard, Accountant 919-843-2000
Ken Mack, Associate Executive Director of Lead Gifts 919-843-6410
Don McCauley, Director of Scholarship Donor Relations 919-843-6403
Dawn McPherson, Director of Campaign Operations 919-843-6411
Eric Montross, Major Gifts Director 919-843-6406
Gabi Moreno, Assistant Director of Carolina Athletic Hospitality 919-843-7837
Katie O'Shaughnessy, Gift Processing & Programs Coordinator 919-843-5392
Alex Rankin, Development Associate 919-962-9006
Seth Reeves, Major Gifts Director 919-843-6422
Diane Sherrard, Development Associate, Scholarship & Legacy Gifts 919-843-2000
Karlie B. Smith, Regional Annual Fund Director 919-843-3856
Tim Smith, Associate Executive Director of Major Gifts 919-843-6448
Matt Terrell, Associate Executive Director of Strategy & Communications 919-843-6412
Lizzie Touloupas, Member Services Coordinator 919-962-9163
Carrie Truax, Assistant Director of Member Services 919-843-2000
Robin Ungano, Human Resources Administrator 919-843-5771
Kaitlyn Vincek, Regional Annual Fund Director 919-843-5614
Sue Walsh, Associate Executive Director of Scholarship & Legacy Gifts 919-843-6413
Dawn Williams, Administrative Support Associate 919-843-2000
Allie Macaione, Intern 919-843-2000  
Lea Zagorin, Intern 919-843-2000  
Carly York, Carolina Athletics Hospitality Intern 919-962-1063
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Dr. Mario Ciocca, Director of Sports Medicine 919-966-3655
Alain Aguilar, Lecturer-EXSS, Staff Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer) 919-843-2033
Nicole Alexander, Staff Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball, Men's Tennis) 919-962-2067
Manny Andreoulakis, Staff Athletic Trainer (Football, Cheerleading) 919-843-5391
Dr. Troy Blackburn, Assoc. Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 919-843-2021
Kenny Boyd, Head Athletic Trainer for Football 919-962-0102
Dr. Tom Brickner, Team Physician, Coordinator of CHS Sports Medicine 919-966-3655
Dr. Alex Creighton, Team Orthopedic Physician 919-966-9066
Kelsee Gomes, Director of Sports Nutrition 919-966-3462
Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz, Kenan Distinguished Professor 919-962-2022
Dr. Bradley Hack, Sports Psychologist 919-966-3655  
Doug Halverson, Head Athletic Trainer - Men's Basketball 919-962-2602
Chris Hirth, Coordinator of Rehabilitation, Staff Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist (Women's Lacrosse) 919-962-7129
Dr. Dan Hooker, Staff Physical Therapist 919-966-6548
Yuri Jean-Baptiste, Staff Athletic Trainer (Olympic Sports, Women's Soccer, Rowing) 919-962-8519
Dr. Ganesh Kamath, Team Orthopedic Physician 919-966-3655
Sally Mays, Staff Athletic Trainer (Volleyball, Wrestling) 919-962-2067
Dr. Jason Mihalik, Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 919-962-2573
Scott Oliaro, Associate Director of Sports Medicine (Field Hockey, Golf) 919-962-2067
Dr. Darin Padua, Chair of Exercise & Sport Science Dept. 919-843-5117
Dr. Meredith Petschauer, Lecturer-EXSS, Staff Athletic Trainer (Gymnastics) 919-962-1110
Dr. Brian Pietrosimone, Asst. Professor Exer. & Sport Science 919-962-3617
Dr. Bill Prentice, Graduate Curriculum Director 919-962-5174
Luke Ross, Staff Athletic Trainer (Football, Fencing) 919-962-8519
Carrie Rubertino Shearer, Staff Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist (Track & Field, Women's Tennis) 919-962-2067
Terri Jo Rucinski, Staff Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist and Coordinator of Physical Therapy Services (Baseball) 919-962-2067
Dr. Jeni Shannon, Clinical Sport Psychologist 919-234-6144
Dr. Jeff Spang, Team Orthopedic Physician 919-966-9066
Dr. Harry Stafford, Team Physician 919-966-3655
Geoff Staton,  Staff Athletic Trainer (Softball, Swimming & Diving) 919-962-6000
Rachel Stratton, Sports Nutritionist 919-966-3462
Tim Taft, Team Orthopedic Physician 919-966-3655
Dr. Kelly Waicus, Team Physician 919-966-3655
Nina Walker, Staff Athletic Trainer (Cross Country, Men's Lacrosse) 919-962-2067
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Greg Gatz, Director of S&C for Olympic Sports 919-962-1402
Lou Hernandez, Head S&C Coach for Football 919-962-8524
Jonas Sahratian, Head S&C Coach - Men's Basketball 919-843-7193
Jason Beaulieu, S&C Coach - Women's Basketball 919-962-6000
Simon Haake, Assistant Coach (football) 919-966-2575
Erik Hernandez, Assistant Director of S&C for Olympic Sports 919-962-4290
Molly Caffelle, Assistant Coach 919-962-6000
Chad Workman, Assistant Coach 919-962-6000
Student-Athlete Development   Return To Top
Cricket Lane, Asst. Athletic Director/Student - Athlete Development 919-843-2040
Dana Gelin, Coord. Career Development Program 919-962-0083
Shelley Johnson, Director of the Richard A. Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy 919-843-7335
Korie Sawyer, Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Development 919-843-2306
Erin Hegarty, Graduate Intern 919-962-6241  
Rachel Leeke, Graduate Intern 919-962-6241  
Ticket Operations   Return To Top
Gerry Lajoie, Senior Assistant A.D./Ticket Operations  919-962-2296
Chris Ford, Assistant 919-962-2296
Ryan Miller, Director of Ticketing, Communications and Customer Service 919-962-2296
Ron Reeves, Director of Ticketing, Compliance and Donor Relations 919-962-2296
Desmond Smith, Assistant 919-962-2296
Ashley Usera, Assistant Director 919-962-2296
Ticket Sales   Return To Top
Brendan Jones, General Manager 919-962-0382
Matt McCourtie, Senior Account Executive 919-962-0386
Nathan Driscoll, Account Executive 919-962-0383  
Robin Kline, Account Executive 919-962-0384
Trevor Taylor, Account Executive 919-962-0385
Dan Torf, Account Executive 919-445-2081
Baseball   Return To Top
Mike Fox, Head Coach 919-962-2351  
Scott Forbes, Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach 919-962-5451
Dave Arendas, Director of Baseball Operations 919-962-6999
Greg Gatz, Dir. of Strength & Cond./Olympic Sports 919-962-1402
Joan Holt, Administrative Assistant 919-962-2351
Tyler Puryear, Clubhouse/Equipment Manager 919-962-2351
Terri Jo Rucinski, Head Athletic Trainer 919-962-2067
Jesse Wierzbicki, Assistant Coach 919-962-2351
Robert Woodard, Assistant Coach 919-962-2351
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Roy Williams, Head Coach 919-962-1154  
Kaye Chase, Business Operations/Special Events Manager 919-962-1154
Hubert Davis, Assistant Coach 919-962-1154
Cynthia Friend, Administrative Assistant 919-962-6000
Doug Halverson, Head Athletic Trainer 919-962-2602
Nadia Lynch, Executive Assistant to Roy Williams 919-962-1154
Sean May, Director of Player Personnel & Assistant to the Head Coach 919-962-1154
C.B. McGrath, Assistant Coach 919-962-1154
Steve Robinson, Assistant Coach 919-962-1154
Jonas Sahratian, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator 919-843-7193
Brad Frederick, Director of Basketball Operations 919-962-1154
Eric Hoots, Assistant to the Athletic Director & Director of Player Development 919-962-1154
JV Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Hubert Davis, Head Coach 919-962-1154
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Sylvia Hatchell, Head Coach 919-962-5187
Andrew Calder, Associate Head Coach 919-962-5187
Tracey Williams-Johnson, Assistant Coach/Director of Recruiting 919-962-5187
Sylvia Crawley, Assistant Coach 919-962-5187
Greg Law, Director of Basketball Operations 919-962-5187
Billy Lee, Special Assistant to the Head Coach/Director of Video Services/Scouting 919-962-5187  
Jane High, Executive Assistant To Sylvia Hatchell 919-962-5187
Clarissa Adams, Director of Student-Athlete Development/Recruiting Assistant 919-962-5187
Kathleen Goolsby, Administrative Assistant 919-962-2902
Cross Country   Return To Top
Mark VanAlstyne, Head Coach 919-962-5215
Logan Roberts, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-962-5234
Fencing   Return To Top
Ron Miller, Head Coach 919-962-5221
Josh Webb, Primary Assistant Coach 919-962-5778
Will Randolph, Assistant Coach 919-962-5411  
Liz Morey, Armorer 919-962-5221  
Field Hockey   Return To Top
Karen Shelton, Head Coach 919-962-5230
Grant Fulton, Associate Head Coach 919-962-5219
Laree Beans, Assistant Coach  919-962-4407
Football   Return To Top
Larry Fedora, Head Coach 919-966-2575  
Gunter Brewer, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers 919-966-2575
Gene Chizik, Defensive Coordinator 919-966-2575  
Keith Heckendorf, Quarterbacks Coach 919-966-2575  
Lou Hernandez, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football 919-962-8524
Chris Kapilovic, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line 919-966-2575
John Papuchis, Defensive Assistant Coach 919-966-2575  
Larry Porter, Running Backs Coach 919-966-2575  
Chad Scott, Tight Ends/Hybrids 919-966-2575  
Tray Scott, Defensive Line Coach 919-966-2575  
Charlton Warren, Defensive Backs Coach 919-966-2575  
Corey Holliday, Associate Athletic Director 919-966-2575
Melinda Anderson, Executive Assistant for Larry Fedora 919-962-9141
Clay Browning, Player Development 919-966-2575
Jason Freeman, Equipment Manager 919-962-8636
Tony Gilbert, Defensive Quality Control 919-966-2575  
Annie Hanson, Director of On-Campus Recruiting 919-966-2576
Zach Hanson, Special Teams/TEs Graduate Asst. 919-966-2575
Joe Haydon, Director of Football Operations 919-843-2572
Travis Hipps, Assistant Equipment Manager 919-962-2125
Jarrod James, Offensive Graduate Assistant 919-966-2575
Ochuko Jenije, Director of Student-Athlete Development for Football 919-962-2170
Christopher Luke, Director of Video Operations 919-966-4490
Ryan Mills, Administrative Assistant/Recruiting 919-962-9147
Dominic Morelli, Director of Business Operations 919-843-1387
Rod Ojong, Defensive Graduate Assistant 919-966-2575
Rory Pommerening, Director of Player Personnel 919-966-2575
Tricia Preyer, Receptionist (p.m.) 919-966-2575  
Jordan Sain, Operations Assistant 919-966-2575
James Spurling, Director of Kenan Stadium 919-962-7873
Andrew Steele, Operations Assistant 919-966-2575
Jason Tudryn, Director of High School Relations 919-966-2575
Leslie Tye, Receptionist (a.m.) 919-966-2575  
Teresa Vanderford, Administrative Assistant 919-962-9144
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Andrew Sapp, Head Coach 919-962-0753
Andrew DiBitetto, Associate Head Coach 919-843-4061
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Jan Mann, Head Coach 919-962-4273
Leah Buchmann, Associate Head Coach 919-843-4063
Gymnastics   Return To Top
Derek Galvin, Head Coach 919-962-5213
Amy Smith, Assistant Coach/Choreographer/Recruiting Coordinator 919-962-5213
Men's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Joe Breschi, Head Coach 919-962-5216
David Metzbower, Offensive Coordinator 919-962-2890
Joe Martin, Assistant Coach 919-843-4324
Matt Hudson, Director of Operations 919-962-5226
Bruce Frady, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-843-9672
Women's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Jenny Levy, Head Coach 919-962-0740
Phil Barnes, Assistant Coach 919-962-5284
Josh Dionne, Assistant Coach 919-962-5411
Taylor Chumney Scotton, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-962-5411
Rowing   Return To Top
Sarah Haney, Head Coach 919-962-8278
Anthony Brock, Assistant Coach 919-962-8277
Allison Foster, Assistant Coach 919-843-7970
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Carlos Somoano, Head Coach 919-962-5739
Cristian Neagu, Assistant Coach 919-962-5411
Grant Porter, Assistant Coach 919-843-8657
Joe Scachetti, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-962-0466
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Anson Dorrance, Head Coach 919-962-5491
Chris Ducar, Assistant Coach 919-843-8655
Bill Palladino, Assistant Coach 919-843-8654
Damon Nahas, Assistant Coach 919-962-6000  
Tom Sander, Director of Women's Soccer Operations 919-962-4100
Softball   Return To Top
Donna J. Papa, Head Coach 919-475-3264
Mary Jo Firnbach, Associate Head Coach 979-450-6100
Chelsey Barclay, Assistant Coach/Pitching 408-712-8874
Aquilla Mateen, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-962-6000  
Elly Wagner, Director of Operations 412-841-5650  
Swimming & Diving   Return To Top
Rich DeSelm, Head Swimming Coach 919-966-5340
Abel Sanchez, Diving Coach 919-962-7261
Duncan Sherrard, Assistant Swimming Coach 919-962-8916
Christy Garth, Assistant Swimming Coach 919-962-7262
Chip Peterson, Assistant Swimming Coach 919-962-6000
Sean Quinn, Assistant Swimming Coach 919-962-1604
Michael Baric, Administrative Assistant 919-962-5294
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Sam Paul, Head Men's Tennis Coach 919-962-6060
Tripp Phillips, Associate Head Coach 919-962-6161
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Brian Kalbas, Head Coach 919-962-6262
Courtney Nagle, Assistant Coach 919-962-6161
Shinann Featherston, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-962-6464  
Track & Field   Return To Top
Harlis Meaders, Head Coach, Director of Track & Field/Cross Country (Throws) 919-962-5199
Nicole Hudson, Assistant Coach (High Jump and Women's Sprints/Hurdles/Relays) 919-962-5195
Josh Langley, Assistant Head Coach (Multis/Pole Vault/Javelin) 919-962-5222
Steve Rubin, Assistant Coach (Sprints/Hurdles/Relays/Jumps) 919-962-5210
Mark VanAlstyne, Head XC Coach, Asst. Coach Track & Field (Distance) 919-962-5215
Logan Roberts, Assistant Coach (Distance) 919-962-5324
Shannon Ennis, Director of Operations 919-962-5221
Volleyball   Return To Top
Joe Sagula, Head Coach 919-962-5228
Eve Rackham, Assistant Head Coach 919-962-5233
Tyler Adams, Assistant Coach 919-843-2041
Scott Hartley, Volunteer Assistant Coach 919-843-2041
Aylene Ilkson, Director of Operations 919-843-2041
Wrestling   Return To Top
Coleman Scott, Head Coach 919-962-5214
Neil Erisman, Assistant Coach 919-962-5212
Bryce Hasseman, Assistant Coach 919-962-5171
Administrative Assistants   Return To Top
Michael Baric, Swimming & Diving 919-962-5294
Julie Domina, Business Services Coordinator; WLAX, MGolf, WGolf 919-962-0463
Sara Koenig, Wrestling, FH, MLAX, VB, Gym, Rowing 919-962-5231
Kim Murray, Carmichael Arena Front Desk, Fencing 919-962-5411
Dana Rea, Receptionist (p.m.) 919-962-5411
Shelly Streett, MSoc, WSoc, MTennis, WTennis, Softball 919-962-5220

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