The Tar Heels enjoying their last full day in Turkey with a dinner hosted by the Taner family.
The Tar Heels enjoying their last full day in Turkey with a dinner hosted by the Taner family.
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European Exhibition Tour Blog: Day 12
Release: 05/24/2014

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European Tour Day 12 - Saturday, May 24

After a very busy 11 days of travel, playing and sightseeing, the Tar Heels had a day to relax at the beach and explore Cesme before the Taner family hosted the team for a wonderful and delicious farewell dinner at their beach home in Cesme.

CESME, Turkey - Today, for the most part, we spent the day relaxing on the beach in the back of our hotel. It was also our first day on our trip to sleep in, which made everyone very happy.  We had perfect weather today with not a cloud in the sky. The hotel was perfect for us. There was a beautiful pool and sandy beach with chairs looking over the Aegean Sea. Some of us also took a walk down the shore, where there were cafes, shops, and other hotels. Some people decided to go into downtown Cesme to eat lunch and shop around for couple hours and others decided to stay on the beach and relax. After such a long trip of site seeing and walking, this day was much needed! We all really enjoyed ourselves today as a team. We took many pictures, went swimming, and sun tanned, listened to the techno music playing from the hotel and Abby and Kayla rode jet skies, which looked like a blast.  It was great team bonding time for us.

Some of us who decided not to go into Cesme for lunch walked down Yildiz Burnu and had kumru (a special sandwich that has excellent sesame bread. The bread originated from Cesme, which makes it so special).  The sandwich has meat that tastes somewhat like a hot dog, tomato, and fried cheese. With our sandwiches we had fresh lemonade (the waiters told us we had to have it), and it was some of the best lemonade I have ever tasted. We had a beautiful view at lunch looking over the Aegean Sea. Cesme is awesome - wherever you go the scenery is always breathtaking, and you cannot help but to take a picture every time.

To finish up a great day, we all went to Ece's beach house for a barbeque. Her house is beautiful! It looks over the sea with mountains and other houses in the background. Ece and her family have been so kind and welcoming to us, and I would like to say thank you so much from all of us! They have made our Turkish experience more than we could ask for. Her mom has had each one of us practically in food comas every time we ate. Tonight for dinner, Ece's dad wanted to surprise us with some American food so he made hamburgers.  Before the hamburgers we had traditional Turkish appetizers and stuffed mussels, which everyone LOVED! And of course for dessert, we had Mrs. Taner's famous lemon cheesecake and baklava. Today was truly the best way to end such an extraordinary trip! 

- Leigh Andrew

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