The Tar Heels spent their last day of their Italy tour in Venice.
The Tar Heels spent their last day of their Italy tour in Venice.
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European Exhibition Tour Blog: Day 8
Release: 05/20/2014

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Europe Trip Day 8 - Tuesday, May 20

The Tar Heels spent their last day of the Italy leg of this trip in Venice on Tuesday. The team will fly out to Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday evening and spend two days there before leaving for Izmir.

VENICE, Italy - Today we started off by taking a train two hours to Venice. During the ride we could see the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, which we climbed 504 stairs to get to yesterday afternoon. The view was just as beautiful from the train as it was 504 steps up! 

When we got to Venice, we had about three hours to get explore the city before we met on the water to take a few team pictures. My group, Hayley, Chaniel, Tatiana, Abbey, Shelia, and Heather, took that time to shop for ourselves and our friends and families. We saw so many cute hole-in-the-wall shops with trinkets and glass jewlery - it was hard not to stop every few seconds to explore what was inside. Masks are big in Venice, and we saw plenty of them in almost every store along the way (team masquerade ball soon?!). 

I knew I'd want to get some pictures today, so I brought out my good camera and decided to be the photographer of the group. Two thousand pictures and a lot of "Vic! Get this!" later, and I think today was a success.

After shopping, I got a fish pedicure. Yes, fish. They're called Garra Rufa fish, and they waited for me in a tub of cool water to basically make my feet smoother. They tickled me a little bit, but it was actually really relaxing and yes, my feet are, in fact, smoother. I would say it was a well spent 10€. I highly recommend it! 

Overall, Italy was good to us. I'm officially done shopping for gifts. On the other hand, the rest of my money has gone toward gelato. I'm coming in at a grand total of five so far. Or maybe six! 


- Victoria McPherson

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