The Tar Heels in front of the Duomo di Milano before a team dinner on Saturday.
The Tar Heels in front of the Duomo di Milano before a team dinner on Saturday.
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European Exhibition Tour Blog: Day 5
Release: 05/17/2014

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European Tour Day 5 - Saturday, May 17

The team spent its second full day in Milan, taking the morning to explore the city some more before playing a second match against the Italian junior national team. The Tar Heels' won Friday's match 3-1 but were swept 3-0 today. On Sunday, Carolina will bus to Bologna with a stop in Verona planned along the way. 

MILAN, Italy - My second day in Milan consisted of some adventures and two lessons learned. Sleeping in this morning was great, but I couldn't even force myself to sleep any longer because I knew there was so much to see. I was a little nervous to take the tram into town without Tim (our tour guide) there to say "here is our stop," so I sat there staring out of the window anxiously waiting for our stop. Chaniel, Victoria and I went to the Duomo di Milano, which was one experience I will always remember. The biggest thing that stood out to me was the stained glass that was on each wall. It had to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. Also, I never knew they preserved the archbishops, and we were able to view the body of three. I took a step back to observe the many people who walked in front of me and paid their respect by either praying or lighting a candle.

After viewing the Duomo, we were on a mission to find, GELATO!! Yes, I have fallen in love with the Italian ice cream (sorry Coach!).  The girls and I pushed our way through the crowd to find the cheapest gelato possible, and man, was it worth it!  After my day was made with some wonderful lemon and strawberry gelato, we made our way back to the hotel to rest up for the game.  Here is where I think we all learned two valuable lessons. We didn't win today, and dropping all three sets to a team we beat 3-1 yesterday was a bit heartbreaking. 

Lesson number one, don't take beating a team once for granted because they will just want to beat you 10 times more. And lesson number two,  no matter how tired you are or how bad your body hurts, it's never an excuse. Just like Coach Eve tells us during our regular season, every team is tired in October, but the team that is willing to fight through the pain and grind will succeed in the end. Today we faced some adversity, but I think during the season we will all look back at this game and never let it happen again.

Go Heels!! 

- Hayley McCorkle

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