UNC volleyball took its second European tour in 2009.
UNC volleyball took its second European tour in 2009.
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Tar Heels Plan Third European Exhibition Tour
Release: 03/24/2014

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.  -  North Carolina volleyball head coach Joe Sagula is excited to announce that the program will embark on its third foreign exhibition tour this May, traveling to Italy and Turkey May 13-25.

The team will spend 12 days abroad, having the opportunity to compete against some of the top teams in Europe as well as have a great educational and cultural experience. The Tar Heels will tour and play matches in the following cities:

• Istanbul, Turkey
• Izmir, Turkey
• Milan, Italy
• Bolgna, Italy
• Florence, Italy
• Venice, Italy

"I am very excited for this great opportunity we are getting to take a trip like this with our team this May," head coach Joe Sagula said. "We will play against some outstanding competition in both Turkey and Italy.  Our trip will be highlighted by playing the Italian Junior National team while we are in Milan as well as some very strong professional teams in Istanbul, Izmir, and in Bologna and Florence.  Playing these teams will without question help our players step up competitively and prepare us to compete at the national level this next season."

"In addition, this trip will also have an educational component. I look forward to so many of our players seeing two incredible and significant countries of Europe. Many of our players have never traveled abroad, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to discover all of the historic and cultural sights a trip like this can provide."

"The travel for 12 days in and out of various cities with both educational and competitive experiences will also provide an incredible bonding experience as well," Sagula said. "Our players will be in situations where they will be compelled to work together and discover more about themselves, each other and where our new leadership is going to come from as we prepare for the 2014 season. With 14 players returning from last season where we moved up the national rankings, we want to build upon that success with the challenges that a trip like this can provide."

The trip is being supported from donations raised by the volleyball program largely through the generosity of gifts from loyal Tar Heel supporters as well as the athletic department special funds. Every donation to Carolina volleyball is tax deductible and will be used exclusively by the volleyball program for the sole purpose of this foreign trip.

To make a tax-deductible donation towards the trip, visit http://giving.unc.edu/. Click the green "Give Now" tab on the left, then click the blue "Search Funds" tab and enter 515191.

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