Carolina is the No. 6 seed in the ACC Tournament
Carolina is the No. 6 seed in the ACC Tournament
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Andrew Calder Teleconference Transcript
Release: 03/03/2014
Calder opening statement: We're excited about playing in the tournament. The Greensboro Coliseum, the city of Greensboro and the ACC do a tremendous job with the tournament. We're excited about the opportunity to play again. Our team played very well yesterday against Duke. Our team has been up-and-down a little bit. I feel like we had some losses that we should not have had, which i accept responsibility for, but we played very, very well yesterday against Duke and we're looking forward to taking that into the tournament.

Question: You're ranked in the top 15 in the country but the six seed in the ACC Tournament. What does that say about the strength of the conference?

Calder: The conference is obviously very strong and with the new additions like Notre Dame it's even stronger. We're just trying to get better everyday. Like I said we've been up-and-down and I take responsibility for the down parts. We're talented and we feel like we have a chance to beat anyone anywhere. We're looking forward to getting into the tournament and showcasing our skills.

Question: How important has the play of your freshmen been to the overall success of your team this year?

Calder: Obviously they're very talented. As we know, as coaches, in the end players win games. They're playing very well together. We never considered them freshmen as players and never gave them a bail out that we're young. They came in with a lot of AAU and USA Basketball experience, playing at a high level.

Question: You've beaten some really great teams. What have you not done well in those losses that you have to guard against this week?

Calder: We did not shoot the ball well in some of those games. We had some good looks that didn't go. Also, we didn't defend as well as we could and didn't have a good balance of outside, inside shots. We settled for more jump shots and we are continuing to work on those things.

Question: How is Coach Hatchell doing?

Calder: She is doing very well. She is supposed to have her last treatment tomorrow and that will take five days. She is hoping to return for the NCAA Tournament. That is her goal.

Question: When you look for leadership sometimes its tough to get that from freshman, but your freshman have been able to do that. Do you think that's a function of their personalities that they have been able to step forward and be able to be leaders for your team?

Calder: Yes and the fact that, in the case of Diamond DeShields and really all the freshmen, she has a very high basketball IQ. She has taken ownership in the team. If their not defending correctly or not doing some correctly on spacing for example on offense she has taken ownership by taking the time and pulling a teammate to the side and correcting them and that comes from her tremendous basketball IQ.

Question: How has this season been for you personally to have all these added responsibilities?

Calder: It's been difficult because I've known Coach Hatchell so long and she has a serious disease in cancer. That stress right there has been the most difficult stress that I've gone through. I feel like the team is prepared so I feel confident when we go out on the court. As far as coaching basketball, I feel very comfortable with that. Coach Hatchell does a good job of preparing her assistant coaches to be head coaches one day.

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