The Best Of The UNC-Duke Videos
Release: 02/21/2014

Compiled by Adam Lucas

So, you ready to relive last night's 74-66 win over Duke yet? Of course you are. We've compiled the best videos from in and around the Smith Center, for virtually every perspective on the victory.

First, start with the game highlights, narrated by Jones Angell and Eric Montross:

Here's the scene pregame. Keep in mind that according to the game clock, this is more than THIRTY MINUTES before tipoff:

Don't even lie. You know if someone had filmed you last night, at some point you would've looked just like this:

Then, here's a variety of looks at the fans taking the court. The reaction to "Jump Around" at the 1:20 mark is great.

Now, let's look at some fan perspectives. This one from the upper deck really captures the insanity of the Smith Center as the final seconds ticked away.

Another one from the upper level, with a healthy dose of sheer joy:

The angle from the corner:

If you've never been to Franklin Street after a big Carolina win, this video captures what it's like to watch the game with fellow diehards and then sprint to Franklin Street:

Some footage of Franklin Street from above:

And for the overall story, the Daily Tar Heel did a great job on this video:

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