Desmond Hubert
Desmond Hubert
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Lucas: Rapid Reactions
Release: 01/26/2014

By Adam Lucas

1. That might be the most consistent 40 minutes (OK, 31 minutes of actual game action) of going hard to the rim that James Michael McAdoo has had in his Tar Heel career. McAdoo finished a strong 9-of-13 and earned ten trips to the free throw line, pairing that offensive production with seven rebounds. The fact that he did it against a Clemson team that had been extremely stingy defensively makes it even more impressive.

2. That was the best team defense Carolina has played in the calendar year 2014. Everything just seemed to work better together, from on the ball defense to help defense (the Tar Heels swatted five shots) to diving on the floor for loose balls. Every player who played minutes in the game contributed, which is exactly how this particular team has to win. Everyone from McAdoo to Desmond Hubert (two rebounds and a block in four minutes) did something to help Carolina win that game.

3. That's a much better example of the role Leslie McDonald needs to play in the Tar Heel offense. The senior took seven shots, five of them three-pointers, in his 29 minutes. That was just the fourth-most shots on the team (behind McAdoo, Paige and Kennedy Meeks), which is about right for McDonald. At times this year, it's looked like he has been hunting his shots. Tonight, he took the shots that came to him, and the Tar Heel offense ran more efficiently because of it. 

4. It's a little unusual for Roy Williams to be deep into January and still be searching for a starting lineup that he likes. But the primary reason is because no one who has been given an opportunity has taken advantage of it. It is starting to look like Meeks is becoming that player. The freshman had 11 points and eight rebounds in 26 minutes.

5. There's going to be a lot of talk about the continuation of the streak. But this win was more important for this particular season than for any historical reason. Carolina simply had to have this game. The fact that it happens to continue a notable streak is a nice bonus.



Adam Lucas is the editor of CAROLINA.

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