Larry Fedora and the Tar Heels will travel to N.C. State Saturday.
Larry Fedora and the Tar Heels will travel to N.C. State Saturday.
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Larry Fedora Wednesday Quotes
Release: 10/30/2013

Larry Fedora addressed the media on Wednesday’s ACC Football Coaches Teleconference.

“We are looking forward to getting back out on the field Saturday and playing our next game and continue to build off of the momentum that we have created in the last few games, just as far as playing good solid football. I hope that continues as we go, and we get much better as a football team.”

On potentially defending two N.C. State quarterbacks:

“It makes it much more difficult when you’re trying to prepare for two different quarterbacks, when you’re preparing for multiple things offensively. It just makes it much more difficult. Your defense has to prepare for quite a bit and it waters things down for them, so hopefully our guys will do a great job in preparation this week and we will be ready to go on Saturday.”

On differences in Wolfpack QBs Mitchell and Thomas:

“Well, it looks like they feel more comfortable running one more than the other. They like to throw the ball with the other kid. There’s a lot of different things. You see different things formation-wise, you see things motion-wise. A lot of it is just the unknown of what all they can do with these kids because it’s been rotating pretty thoroughly throughout the year.”

On building from win over Boston College:

“I hope so. Each week we’re trying to build off of the positive things and get the negative things corrected. As we’ve gone, I can say that each week we’re making fewer mistakes. We haven’t cut them all out but we’re making fewer mistakes, and the mistakes that we’re making lately, we’ve been able to overcome, and so that’s a big part of it also. When you do mistake, it’s how you attack it. I do feel like our guys are starting to get a little bit better feel for taking care of the football, playing smarter, playing faster and being more physical.”

On success defense had against BC:

“We continue to get guys that they’re playing better each week. We really are. They’re starting to feel comfortable, they’re relaxing and just playing, having fun not worrying about making mistakes. And that results, we’re playing better defense. Our mental errors have cut way back. We’re probably a little bit more simpler than we’ve been and we just let them play and our guys have come through. They’re making tackles. On the one long run we had a missed assignment inside and we had a tackle go the wrong way and it created a gap that we weren’t prepared to defend, so that hurt us. They took advantage of it. But other than that I thought our guys played very well throughout the game.”

On if there is a different mentality heading into rivalry game:

“Well, preparation-wise, there is no difference. The difference is when you get out on the field on Saturday. That’s when all of that emotion and all of that excitement comes through, and then it boils down to how do you handle it. Do you go out there and lose your mind or do you focus and do your job and you’re able to make decisions under duress. That’s when your mental toughness shows up. To me it’s just the fun part about college football, is having those regional rivalries and everything that goes with it.”

On Eric Ebron’s progress from 2012 to 2013:

“Eric’s become more of a complete tight end, just more of a complete player. Now, you know he’s going to handle himself at the point of attack, whether he’s attached or unattached. His football IQ has gone up tremendously. He understands what we’re trying to do with the package, and he feels very comfortable doing it and so he’s just able to turn loose and make plays. I think that’s what you’re seeing him do. He’s just out there playing and he’s having fun playing the game and he’s making plays in return.”

On talking to players about social media:

“We do talk about that quite a bit actually. It’s just something that you can’t ignore nowadays, because it’s a part of their world. It’s a part of all of our worlds and it’s a world that I didn’t have to grow up in, but these guys do. So, we constantly are talking to them about making good decisions and being smart about what they say and how they say it, and just understand that sometimes it’s going to be perceived differently, and no matter what you put out there, you’ve got to live with it.”

On defending the NC State running game:

“They’ve been pretty efficient running the football. I think they’re averaging 180, 185 yards a game rushing, which is good. They’re going to spread you out, they’re going to get into a lot of different formations, motions, shifting all the different things that they can do to try to throw some eye candy at you and get your eyes where they shouldn’t be and get you out of a gap, mis-aligned, all of those things. But they till want to be about run the football, there’s no doubt about it. Offensive line-wise they’re going to come off the ball, they’re going to try to create some gaps for you and the running backs do a really nice job of running and so do those quarterbacks.”

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