Wednesday was the first day of swimming competition at the World University.  Check out Stephanie Peacok's on-line diary for details.
Wednesday was the first day of swimming competition at the World University. Check out Stephanie Peacok's on-line diary for...
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Stephanie Peacock Checks In From WUG
Release: 07/10/2013

University of North Carolina senior swimmer Stephanie Peacock (Cape Coral, Fla.) is representing the United States this week in the 2013 World University Games which are being held July 6-17 in Kazan, Russia.

Stephanie will be providing diaries for during the course of the week.  Here is her third diary.  If you want to send Stephanie good luck wishes for her races this week her email is:

Today, July 10th:

Last night before we left for our second practice we had a meeting where a couple coaches spoke and then showed us a few motivational videos. One of the videos was to show what we would see as outsiders from the Olympics with people winning their medals and everything.

The second video showed us highlights from previous Olympics, pictures of the Army, then the swimmers and Army combined. The third video showed us what we as outsiders don't see from what happens during the Olympics. This video was everyone's favorite because it showed teammates playing baseball with a kick board and playing underwater rock, paper, scissors and a bunch of other funny things.

Jack Roach (National Junior Team Director for U.S. Swimming) told us that this is the kind of stuff you remember when you take these big trips.  Then he proceeded to talk about how WUG is his all time favorite trip to take because there's such a great team atmosphere.

So, speaking of that third video and things we would "remember" the most, today after prelims our van broke down in the middle of the highway. It was insane. Right after we left the pool the van was going so slow that bikers were even passing us and we were laughing so hard because we thought the driver was pulling a fast one on us. The van would start to go faster, then it would go slower again until it finally stopped. It was scary because if you looked out the back window all these cars were basically coming for us! So we pulled the curtains over the back window so we wouldn't have to see it.

We opened up the sunroof and the side door because it had gotten so hot. It was so ironic because myself and a couple teammates rushed to make this first van and now we were going to be the last people to arrive back at the village. We called Jack and messaged some of the coaches until finally another van came and got us. It was the funniest thing because we had ended up wishing that the driver had been joking around with us.

Today was the first day of competition and we ended up doing great. Everyone that swam today ended up making a final or semifinal today, and a good amount of people went best times this morning. We cheered for every person and were definitely the loudest team there. In our meeting last night, Matt Kredich (the Tennessee coach) told us we needed to establish our presence with authority, and we definitely did that this morning.  It was a fun first session and finals tonight should be awesome! It's also neat because they announce everything first in Russian, then in English, so you understand what's going on before your race behind the blocks. The team was super awesome this morning and so supportive and we've all gotten to know each other pretty well. 

Check back later in the week on for further diaries from Stephanie Peacock during her time at the 2013 World University Games as she continues her pursuit for medals for the U.S. team in this biannual competition.

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