Women's Lacrosse Road To One
Release: 05/29/2013

Follow the Tar Heels on their journey to the top with full comprehensive videos documenting the entire weekend with behind the scenes features, highlights, and interviews.


National Championship All-Access: http://bit.ly/Zf2ZoH

Fans Welcome Home NCAA Champs: http://bit.ly/19mlLi0

Coach Levy's Thoughts After the Title Match: http://bit.ly/15aXFn3

Post National Championship Game Press Conference: http://bit.ly/15aP7gd

Championship Game Promo: http://bit.ly/112eFsp

Q&A With Aly Messinger: http://bit.ly/112ckxL

Highlights vs. Northwestern: http://bit.ly/129Na6F

Post Final Four Press Conference: http://bit.ly/18gIblQ

Coach Levy Pre Semi Final Q&A: http://bit.ly/18an19a

Zoe Skinner wins Yeardley Love Award: http://bit.ly/12j24YB

Paige Hanson wins Elite 89: http://bit.ly/18ahG1n

Tar Heels Arrive in Philly: http://bit.ly/ZeYX1U

Final Four Preview: http://bit.ly/10N5Jdy



UNC North Carolina Women's Lacrosse

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