Tar Heels Win Varsity Four, Novice Eight
Release: 03/31/2013

North Carolina won the varsity four and novice eight races on Saturday in a morning of competition against Georgetown in Washington, D.C. Racing on the Potomac River, the Tar Heels fell to the Hoyas in the varsity eight, which determined the owner of the Class of 2006 Cup.


Varsity 8:

Georgetown 6:22.8

UNC 6:27.2

Georgetown LW 6:32.4

UNC lineup: Allie Davis (coxswain), Kathryn McCormick, Sarah Priest, Alex McClelland, Morgan Koder, Katie Burger, Jasmine Dennis, Emily Leidolf, Maria Santoyo

Second Varsity 8:

Georgetown 6:31.5

UNC 6:37.0

UNC lineup: Carie Mastrianni (coxswain), Amanda Truesdell, Katherine Summerton, Lucie Kloak, Lindsay Newman, Tianna Williams, SB Ritch, Claire Wardius, Julie Peterson

Varsity 4:

UNC 7:15.6

Georgetown LW 7:23.4

Georgetown 7:38.8

UNC lineup: Elizabeth Ayers (coxswain), Sarah Giles, Ali Margherio, Amanda Stewart, Steph Henrich

Novice 8:

UNC 6:38.9

Georgetown 7:06.4

UNC 2N8 7:08.2

UNC lineups:

Novice 8: Kylee Wooten (coxswain), Lauren Colberg, Addie Schoenberger, Victoria McGee, Chelsea Gustafson, Bridget Taylor, Jessica Cooper, Elise Widman, Emmy Johnson

Second novice 8: Jessie L'Amoreaux (coxswain), Emory Byrd, Ashley Long, Simone Biggers, Tatianna Blount, Jaisah Harrison, Danielle Joe, Liz Marshall, Reghan Horman

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