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Photo by Camilla Powierza
Photo by Camilla Powierza
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Tar Heels In Action At Vassar
Release: 12/01/2012

The UNC men's and women's fencing squads faced a slate of competitive teams on Saturday at Vassar in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The Tar Heels' day of fencing included matchups with Harvard, Princeton, Penn State, Penn., NYU, Sacred Heart and Temple, in addition to the host Brewers.

Results, Dec. 1, 2012

North Carolina Men

Round 1: UNC d. NYU, 14-13

Round 2: Penn d. UNC, 21-6

Round 3: UNC d. Sacred Heart, 14-13

Round 4: Harvard d. UNC , 19-8

Round 5:  --

Round 6: UNC d. Vassar 23-4

Round 7: TBA

North Carolina Women

Round 1: UNC d. NYU, 18-9

Round 2: Penn d. UNC, 19-8

Round 3: Sacred Heart d. UNC, 14-13

Round 4: Harvard d. UNC, 23-4

Round 5: --

Round 6: UNC d Vassar 18-9

Round 7: TBA

UNC North Carolina Fencing

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