Roy Williams
Roy Williams
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UNC-UAB Quotes
Release: 12/01/2012

Postgame Quotes


Roy Williams

Opening Statement:

"That was a weird game. In fact, going to shoot around and finding out that I'm not going to have Marcus [Paige] was a shock to say the least. And when you go to shoot around and you find out you don't have Marcus and Dexter [Strickland] was not at shoot around because he had a class assignment today... But to do that and Dexter have about a six hour class thing today and come over and find out that Marcus is hurt and he's going to be the starting point guard is a little bit of a shock to him.  Their lineup was hard for Brice and Joel to get out on the floor and guard. They're freshmen. They're going to get better. I told them they came here at 18. They'll probably be here until they're 55, and sometime between now and then they'll be able to guard guys out on the floor. But that's what made us go small. We did that in the Butler game and it helped us. We didn't have P.J. [Hairston] against Indiana, and it probably would have helped us there with some other things. Offensively, we did some nice things. We have guys who can shoot the ball. James Michael [McAdoo] is making baskets inside. We're stretching the defense, get Dexter a couple of drives for a layup, get P.J. a couple of drives for a layup and a bunch of three point shots. Defensively, we weren't very good. But we've got to continue working on it. Everything looks pretty when the ball goes in the basket, except when the other team's got it and we keep giving up good shots for them.

On UAB coach Jerod Haase:

"Jerod [Haase] did a great job. His team was ready to play. One kid, 44 [Jordan Swing], we were trying to guard him like crazy, he was five for five from the three-point line. That team worked their tails off, and it really doesn't surprise me. I knew that was the way Jerod would coach them.

On UNC's offense:

"For us looking down and having six guys in double figures. Brice [Johnson] kept us in the offense in the first half. He was our offense in the first half, and then the three-point shooters started making shots in the second half.  To shoot 72-percent basically, to shoot 11 three-point shots, that's pretty impressive on the offense. But got to get a lot better."

On using a small lineup:

"When teams went small against us in the past, we had John [Henson] or somebody who was experienced and could slide his feet or going all the way back to Tyler Hansbrough because Tyler had the best feet of big man I've ever coached. Right now it's more difficult for Joel [James], Brice, those guys to get out there. They'll get better at it. I hope we won't have to go small out of necessity like we did against Butler, but today we went small because I thought it would help us. We'll play that lineup. It's hard to guard, but we've got to do a better job on defense protecting the goal."


UAB Head Coach Jerod Haase
Opening Statement

“Obviously, anybody that knows me knows I’m disappointed. There aren’t moral victories. At the same time, I was proud of our guys, I thought we played with some grit. Carolina did make some shots and part of that, I think we need to guard better and defend better. Our depth isn’t where we need it to be and I think we wore down in the second half. But again, I think we did some good things and I think we can learn from this tape both good and bad and hopefully we can implement them as time goes on. To say that it was strange and awkward playing against North Carolina is an understatement. I never knew what it would be like to feel that way but once the game got going, I was very into the game trying to get our kids to play the best they possibly could.”
On what it was like returning to North Carolina
“The weird thing is, I had been the head coach of the JV team for five years, so being out on the Smith Center and coaching and calling plays was not foreign to me, but being on the other bench certainly was. The whole evening and afternoon, it was just a little bit odd.”
On North Carolina’s second half shooting
“I told those guys afterwards I thought they liked me better than that. They shot the heck out of the basketball and it’s going to be fun cheering for North Carolina when they do those kind of games and hopefully from here on out it’ll be against somebody else.”


UNC Players

Brice Johnson

On being confident

"I feel myself getting more confident every game.  It's still a learning process for me now.  I've got to keep learning as the games go on."

On the competition between him, Joel James, and Desmond Hubert for a starting position.

"It's pretty intense.  It's just us going at each other and at the end of the day it's Coach's decision to put in whoever he wants to start.  We just have to do whatever he says to do."

On the difference between his abilities and Joel James' and Desmond Hubert's.

"Joel (James) and Desmond (Hubert) are a little bigger than me, so they bring a little more size, but I bring a little more quickness."

Dexter Strickland

On what he was doing well

"Finding guys in their comfort zone.  I work out with those guys all the time and I see where they like to shoot.  I think it was very important for me to get the ball to that area, so they can get their shot off."

On both coaches running similar plays

"It was kind of frustrating because they knew what we were going to do.  We were trying to do something different.  It was frustrating but we got through it."

On poor defense for the team

"I can't make any excuses.  We just have to do better and work as a team.  All five guys have to get back and play good team basketball."

On when the team found their rhythm

"We just stayed focused, we didn't panic.  We kept our composure as a team and we had a great outcome." 

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