Senior Profile: Heather Henry
Release: 11/12/2012

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - UNC volleyball will hold its senior day on Nov. 17, and leading up to the match against Virginia, will profile each of the four Tar Heel seniors. This profile gives an inside look on Heather Henry, an outside hitter from Eden, N.Y.

Henry has played in 11 of Carolina's 27 matches this season, tallying four kills, seven digs, seven blocks so far. She's recorded 259 kills, 61 digs and 56 blocks in 75 matches over her career.  

"Heather is a great all-around player who has worked hard both on and off the court to be a dependable performer," UNC head coach Joe Sagula said. "She has played different roles over her career while contributing to the team's success."      

Q&A with Heather Henry: When and how did you begin playing volleyball?

Heather Henry: My two older sisters, Kristen and Tracy, played volleyball for our local club team, and it was watching their games that inspired me to join the team during my sixth grade year.

GH: What has been the most memorable match of your career at Carolina, and why?

HH: Throughout my four years here, one of my most memorable matches was when we knocked out Cal-Berkley in the first round of the NCAA tournament in 2011.  They were the favored team by far seeing as though they were in the national championship game the previous year.  The other match that stands out to me the most during the last four years was in 2009, right before Late Night With Roy, when we crushed Duke in three games, at home, in front of a crowd of 20,000 people.  That is an experience I will never forget.

GH: What would you like to accomplish in these final two months of your senior season?

HH: During these next two months, every person on this team has a chance to earn what we have been working for since we started playing the game of volleyball 10 or so years ago.  We have a chance to go farther in the NCAA tournament than Carolina has ever done so in the past, and to do so, we must start by winning out the rest of our ACC matches.  This is what I want to accomplish during the last two months of my career here at Carolina.

GH: What would you like to accomplish in these final two months of your senior season?

HH: During the past few years, several alumni have come back to campus to reunite with each other and to remind themselves what a huge thing they were and still are a part of.  The advice that I have gotten from several of these past players is to enjoy your time here because it is something you will never experience again.   We all talk about our lives after college, which is good so we can set ourselves in the right direction. But don't spend too much time thinking about life after college, because as Kenny Chesney says, "Life goes faster than you think". 

One day we will be the alumni sitting in the stands reminiscing about our four years and the crazy things we did but also all that we accomplished.  Remember that college is not real life, and you most likely will never live next door to all of your best friends, be able to wear sweatpants every day of your life, and when you do something stupid that your boss is unhappy with, you'll wish the worst thing that could happen is running stadiums and cleaning the weight room.  Appreciate where you are and who you're with, because what we have is something special and not many people have the same opportunities we do here. 

GH: Where do you see yourself next year, and how has UNC prepared you for that?

HH: I am and always have been a very indecisive person, which is why it is hard for me to think of one place I might be next year.  I have thought about traveling, getting an internship somewhere I've never been, or attending grad school at home, but I'm not sure which one it will be.  Whatever is meant to be will happen.

GH: Name three things left on your "bucket list" of things to do before you graduate.

  1. Climb the Bell Tower
  2. Attend the Carolina Cup
  3. Make it farther in the NCAA tournament than any Carolina team has done before

GH: In one word, describe your four seasons at North Carolina.

HH: Rollercoaster.

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