UNC Fares Well At Head Of The Hooch
Release: 11/05/2012
The North Carolina rowing team closed out its fall schedule over the weekend by competing against a large and talented field at the Head of the Hooch Regatta in Chattanooga, Tenn.

"All in all, it was a great weekend for us, wrapping up the fall season," UNC coach Sarah Haney said. "We have a lot of depth and a lot of competiveness within our squad, and we feel really good about that."

Saturday in the Women's Championship 8+, UNC's varsity eight finished 12th (17:03.3) and the second varsity eight finished 23rd (17:49.7) in a field of 30 boats.

The varsity eight lineup was Carie Mastrianni (coxswain), Sarah Priest, Caroline Campbell, Jasmine Dennis, Morgan Koder, Lindsay Newman, Tianna Williams, Emily Leidolf and Claire Wardius.

The second varsity eight was Allie Davis (coxswain), Katie Burger, Sarah Giles, Alex McClelland, Lucie Kloak, Carolyn Dalrymple, Sarabeth Ritch, Julie Peterson and Katherine Summerton.

"We were excited to see the big boats come off the water having really good races," Haney said. "This is an incredibly fast race, a bunch of very talented and fast crews, so we felt proud of what those boats did."

In the Women's Championship 4+. UNC took 16th (19:02.6) and 18th (19:06.5) in the field of 36.

Lineups were:

Elizabeth Ayers (coxswain), Sarah Priest, Caroline Campbell, Lindsay Newman and Claire Wardius

Sarah Eastley (coxswain), Jasmine Dennis, Tianna Williams, Morgan Koder and Emily Leidolf.

"We did not have an A four and B four because we have a lot of depth on the team and no matter what combination we put in the boats, they're really close," Haney said. "So we pushed them off the dock and said, 'You show us which one is faster.'

"We feel like right now we might be taking a hit on race results in fours because we're not in any set line-up - we have so many people who can go into the lineups and make things happen. But it's only going to be that much more beneficial for us in the spring to have that much depth.

"I do believe wholeheartedly that the reason our first eight is moving so well together is that those two fours are so close, so we feel good about that."

On Sunday, UNC raced three pairs, which took 29th (21:43.8), 35th (22:20.7) and 36th (22:23.8) in a field of 44.  Racing for UNC were Morgan Koder and Emily Leidolf, Katie Burger and Sarah Giles, and Caroline Campbell and Sarah Priest.

"We have not rowed in pairs often and Morgan and Emily had not gone out in a pair ever until we pushed them off the dock," Haney said. "We just wanted them to have fun and go down the race course again. They enjoyed being out there and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone."

UNC also raced two novice eights, with the A boat finishing ninth (18:44.8) and the B boat 31st (20:40.5) in a 50-boat field.

Lineups were:

UNC A (Novice Eight): Jessie L'amoreaux (coswain), Emmy Johnson, Hallie Weiters, Victoria McGee, Chelsea Gustafson, Jessica Cooper, Addie Schoenberger, Bridget Taylor and Lauren Colberg

UNC B (Second Novice Eight): Laure James (coxswain), Mary Herfurth, Elise Widman, Kate Griffin, Ashley Long, Daria Grissom, Chelsea Townsend, Emory Byrd and Liz Marshall

"I was very impressed with what these student-athletes accomplished with six weeks of rowing experience," UNC novice coach Chelsea Pemberton said. "It's tough to know what to expect going into your first novice race, and the novices handled it very well against some crews that included experienced rowers and coxswains."

UNC now moves into its winter training, preparing for the start of spring racing season next March.

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